Reviews For Bedtime
Reviewer: Blossomlily
Date: 04/25/06 6:26
Chapter: A Story

Ah, this is a great story! Well, well. Snape telling bedtime stories. That is quite interesting. I was a bit dubious in the beginning, but you pulled it off quite magnificently! Hm, I liked the exploration of each and everything Draco says. This is such an unusual and interesting story, that I have to add it to my favourites!

Author's Response: Wow -- I just peeked at your other favourites and am totally utterly flattered by the company. This was one of those little 'surprise' stories. I started wondering what sort of relationship Severus and Draco really had, detoured into someone's recently-posted desire for second-person storytelling, and suddenly there was a new idea in my head. Thank you for reviewing! And favouring!

Reviewer: Briar_Rose
Date: 03/28/06 12:56
Chapter: A Story

Very, very good. More, please :) Could you write a story about me, hmmmm, hmmm?

Author's Response: Well, as you're the one who provoked the obsession in the first place... *ponders*

Reviewer: ProfPosky
Date: 03/17/06 21:40
Chapter: A Story

LOved this - Snape being as close to sweet as Snape is ever going to get...and interesting to see that there are some things to which even Draco Malfoy's company is to why he makes you think of religion - I really think the poor child needs it! ProfPosky

Author's Response: "As close to sweet..." *coughchokedie* as the local saying goes. The religion suggestion you offer is one possibility. Another is that one of my Draco models is an ex-roommate who was also a fundamentalist. Utter, total Slytherin. (Look out, friends! Any of you can end up in a fic at any time!!!) Thanks for reviewing! You have now challenged me to catch Severus being sweet without being utterly OOC. You have been warned.

Reviewer: Kerian
Date: 03/13/06 20:56
Chapter: A Story

I have to remember to check your author page daily! Im soo glad that we got a chance to see this story and see Snape's view of the way the young Draco was raised. I also really like the idea that they had a relationship of godchild- godfather and that Draco was actually fond of Severus as a child. Well done, Im soo glad your still publishing little bits! I adore them!

Author's Response: Weekly would probably suffice -- but thanks! "Fond" in a sense, anyway. Draco can get all sorts of interesting things from Severus that he cannot get anywhere else (such as recitations of Poe, apparently.) I recently learned that certain traditional British families believe a child should have two godfathers and one godmother if male, the other way 'round if female. Draco had good odds on needing a replacement godfather at some point, as the first and perhaps the second probably were swept into Azkaban when he was tiny. I had Severus marked as a third, or perhaps fourth, choice -- but Draco didn't need to know that.

Reviewer: Blackpenny
Date: 03/11/06 13:37
Chapter: A Story

Oh, hooray! I was hoping you'd publish again soon. Well-written, compelling and psychologically true, as always. I hope you'll have time to do some more one-shots beween thesis writing.

Author's Response: Thanks! There's still a few more notebook-scribbles to type, and more keep happening. My worry at this point is that as soon as the thesis is no longer looming all the stories will vanish again. I'm never so prolific as when I'm far too busy to write. I'm glad you liked this little invention!

Reviewer: MithrilQuill
Date: 03/09/06 21:19
Chapter: A Story

I also stumbled on this quite by accident, and I'm very glad I did. I never would have associated Draco with religion in any way, but why not. I like Draco as a kid and I like your protrayal of Snape, though I don't like the idea of him taking orders from Lucius...grrr...anyways nice story. And I also like the "you might" style by the way. It adds a nice effect to the fic. Anyways, great fic, thanks for a good read...=)

Author's Response: Draco as a kid seems so easy to imagine -- bright, cute, and enough of a brat to know exactly how bright and cute he is. I suspect anyone who does not take orders from Lucius is not welcome in the Malfoy Mansion, don't you? With the possible exception of Narcissa. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: expecto_patronum_this
Date: 03/09/06 19:28
Chapter: A Story

I really enjoyed this. It was a breath of fresh air in a room full of stuffy fanfics, to say the least. Your style is amusing and intruiging, with nice flow and good imagery. It took me a bit to figure out who's perspective it was in - but then my idiocy faded and I realized it was Snape. I like how you added in the fact that Dobby lived under the bed - don't ask me why, I suppose it was just a nice touch. Anyways, enough babbling. I thought this was very nice, 10/10.

Author's Response: And here I worried that this was a particularly stuffy fic! But worth a try. Severus seemed to lend himself well to this standoffish perspective -- scan for "I" in his sentences sometime. Thank you for reviewing!

Reviewer: Spaced Out
Date: 03/08/06 22:18
Chapter: A Story

I like it! Discovered it completley on accident, but I really really like it--good ending. Poor Draco. Interesting to imagine him as a child... Snape as his godfather, well that explains the extreme favoritism later on. Severus is walking a fine line, telling stories about his parents... Amusing references to the Marauders; all in all, entirely captivating. I love your stuff. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! This just popped into my head the other day and wouldn't leave, so I caught it and wrote it down. Draco had to have gotten those stories about the Forbidden Forest from somewhere, didn't he? Chuckle. Someday I will figure out why writing about Draco leads to writing about religion in strange tangential ways.

Author's Response: Thanks! This just popped into my head the other day and wouldn't leave, so I caught it and wrote it down. Draco had to have gotten those stories about the Forbidden Forest from somewhere, didn't he? Chuckle. Someday I will figure out why writing about Draco leads to writing about religion in strange tangential ways.

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