Reviewer: EpicFail
Date: 06/23/12 22:38
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

I really enjoyed reading this:)

Reviewer: Britt15
Date: 01/15/11 4:48
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

This is the most hilarious thing ever!!!!! I love it! I laughed out loud.

Reviewer: Britt15
Date: 01/14/11 19:12
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

This is the most hilarious thing ever!!!!! I love it! I laughed out loud.

Reviewer: Secret shadows
Date: 10/07/09 15:34
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

I adore the way you only used dialogue. (:
Very cute. Sounds just like Moony and Padfoot!

Reviewer: minnabird
Date: 02/09/09 3:14
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

So, I'm not usually a slash person, but I ran across this somehow, was curious and...well, it's really good. Remus and Sirius are hilarious, I found myself laughing my way through it. Sirius is just so...well, very Sirius. And poor, put-upon Remus! I loved the dialogue--I actually like, in a story, when something happens and you only figure out what it is by what the characters say about it. Also, with the dialogue, you draw your own conclusions about some things. However, I also loved the prose, because it gave me insight into what's really going on in their heads--and what tone of voice they're using, which I admit disagreed sometimes with my original impressions. I guess I could compare it with reading poetry myself, then having it explained by my English teacher. And the line about the "figment of someone else's imagination" was my favorite--a very weird picture and also the funniest line, in my opinion.

Reviewer: binkybye102
Date: 08/12/08 3:01
Chapter: ...and prose

i have to admit, i loved the dialogue better but the prose was pretty good as well. Nice job!

Reviewer: Emily_Anne
Date: 07/29/08 19:03
Chapter: ...and prose

lol omg, this is exactly what happens with my sister and I (well, minus the romance stuff, but...) she bugs the crap out of me. You see, she's scared off thunder and I have an enormous bed, so we both sleep there. lol. Sirius sounds just like her!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: ilovetom
Date: 07/28/08 0:13
Chapter: ...and prose

I am going to be completely honest with you. I used to absolutely hate slash fics, especially Remus and Sirius ones because, well, I''m not really sure why. But I did. The point is that your writing style has me seeking them out. So thankyou for expanding my horizons. Good work! I liked this one a lot.

Reviewer: make-me-forget
Date: 06/17/08 3:11
Chapter: ...and prose

awww its so cute. you are a brilliant writer. but i like the first version better, its best to avoid unnessisary words in short stories.

Reviewer: RJL lover
Date: 05/31/08 18:42
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!

Reviewer: Rhi for HP
Date: 04/07/08 4:31
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

YAY!! Right on the favourites list. Great job! Interestingly done! I think I liked the plain dialogue best, because it leaves it up for the imagination, but the prose afterwards explained a bit. YAY!!

Reviewer: WeasleyisMYKing12
Date: 02/09/08 16:47
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

I forgot if I already left a review for this fic so, If I'm being repetitive, don't sue me...

Amazing. I've written a few of the diologue type fics, a remus/ Sirius and a Draco/ Harry, both completely horrible and under five hundred words. I've tried adding to them, but they're currently crap. I greatly admire how you can write a diologue like this. Words - actions has always been my favorite.
lots of love,

Reviewer: e_b_rose
Date: 12/31/07 1:49
Chapter: ...and prose

very cool, especialy the two parts

Reviewer: pandafan81
Date: 10/01/07 19:54
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

So I started reading the section with just the dialouge. And at first I considered leaving it at that. I rather liked the idea of just reading the dialouge. Sirius' playfulness in combination with Remus' esasperation was quite amusing. It left a lot to the imagination, wich is a fun alternative.

However, I clicked the "next link" And was pleased to find some addes treasures.

Remus screams as the hand of death touches him.
Of course the first version is quite clear about what happens here, but the title of "hand of death" is just too amusing.

“Oh, you say that,” Sirius starts again, his voice
grinning, “but you don’t really mean—”

I love the idea of his voice grinning, it's so much forceful than saying "Sirius said with a grin". It shows the reader what's happening instead of telling.

“Exactly; that’s what makes it so much worse. What do I
need a figment of someone else’s imagination crying on me for?”

This is a hilarious line. But profound in a way too, for a figment of someone else's imagination to do something physical like crying. Paradoxical in a way, but I llike it.

Other than the fact that I would rather be in the bed with Remus, rather than Sirius, I liked this story a lot. I think I associate Remus/Sirius with agnsty, overly emotional fics, but yours was balanced well. It dealt with the "flirting" in a whimsical way, without being utterly rediculous.

The characterization was well written and the dialouge felt natural- not forced. Thank you, I very much enjoyed this!

Author's Response:
Well, I've always found the whole 'show, don't tell' method to be an unfair rule; some stories need to be conveyed in different ways--even certain moments within a story need to be conveyed differently. And I thought that the dialogue-only version was a nice way of straddling that line; not quite showing or telling because there's no narrative

I should probably edit in something about a specter, no? Just to exaggerate it a little bit more....

If eyes can be sad and touches hesitant, why shouldn't a voice be able to grin, was my thought

A bit paradoxical, yes. Thank you for being the first person to note the 'profoundness' of it (though I wouldn't have used that word myself)

Well, they're both gay as anything, so I can't imagine that it would be fun for me (or any woman) to be in bed with either of them. And I believe that their being gay makes them a large part of who they are so this next part is kind of pointless as they wouldnt' be the same people if they weren't gay BUT, if they weren't gay--while a romp with Sirius might be more...exciting, I would rather a long-term relationship with Remus. Mind you, that's THIS Remus, NOT the Remus we see in DH. Like, at ALL

I'm glad to hear it!

Reviewer: KneazleWeazl
Date: 09/25/07 20:08
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue


Author's Response: *smishes you*

Reviewer: Everlasting
Date: 09/05/07 22:07
Chapter: ...and prose

awww! this was so sweet it nearly had me in tears. you're a great writer, never stop :] i love how you characterize them. this was one of the best SSP stories ive read :] and thats a lot.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story.

Reviewer: Sarah Lupin
Date: 08/03/07 16:23
Chapter: ...and prose

That was funny but the kiss was unexpected but good. I really liked both versions but I think I liked the dialog better. I could totally see Sirius and Remus going back and forth like that.

Author's Response: Hee! Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: dracoluvr525
Date: 07/15/07 9:41
Chapter: ...and prose

Ha-ha!! That was funny! And the kissing was unexpected. A really good fanfic. Please write more!

Author's Response: I''m glad you enjoyed it! You can check out my author's page for other stuff that I've written. May I suggest The Wolfstar Epic?

Reviewer: xginny_weasleyx
Date: 03/04/07 12:47
Chapter: ...and prose

That was just incredible writing. The wit and romance and ingenious mannerisms of both characters just make this one of the best things I've read in a while!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! *is touched*

Reviewer: Tate
Date: 01/09/07 3:47
Chapter: Something to Keep You Warm-dialogue

Haha, that was great, and very sweet, and nicely paced. Now I'm off to read the other half!

Author's Response: YAY!

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