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Name: Sly Severus (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 16:53 · For: Consequences
Oh, poor Bella. Sorry, I do have a soft spot for her. Anyway, how on earth did Lucius became the Dark Lord's favorite? I figured he'd be more likely to kill him.

Anyway, I really love this fic. I love reading about Severus, and with a side order of Bella, who could complain?

Author's Response: I guess in my mind Lucius has found a way to regain the Dark Lords favor. He probably should have been killed already, but Lucius is very sly. I am glad that you like the story. I am having a little trouble with my current chapter as well as RL interfering. But Chapter 8 should be coming soon. ~woomama

Name: Sly Severus (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 13:59 · For: Confessions
Very entertaining. But how come Hermione can get healing potions when Severus can't?

Author's Response: Severus was unable to get healing potions because the house, being sentient, didn't think that he needed them. The house didn't think of it in terms of him needing them to help Hermione, she had to ask for her own, and then the house knew what she needed. The house is supposed to give them just the bare minimum of their needs. Nothing that will allow them to escape or use magic of their own. ~woomama

Name: Sly Severus (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 1:05 · For: Wounds
He started calling her Bella, how cute. I absolutly loved the Muggle First Aid kit. As if Severus would have any idea what to do with that. This story is really great. I'm totally hooked now.

Author's Response: The First Aid kit was great joke, in my opinion. Because, as you said, Severus has no idea what to do with it. He is astounded when the wounds don't heal immediately. muuhahahaha another fish on the line.. ~woomama

Name: Sly Severus (Signed) · Date: 07/30/06 22:16 · For: Surprise
Hehe. Poor Severus, it must be a little unnerving to have half dead former students appear in your bed. I really love the way you write him. Well done!

Author's Response: I know, can you just imagine the shock. OH CRAP!!! hahahaha ~woomama

Name: Sly Severus (Signed) · Date: 07/30/06 21:08 · For: Redemption
Hey, my two favorite characters Bella and Severus. This was really entertaining. I loved the interaction between the two. Their squabbling is adorable. I know this is a Severus/Hermione pairing, but I hope Bella is around some more. Very good first chapter!

Author's Response: Yes, I have a different outlook as to Bella's attitude. I tend to see her as more of an opportunist. She will snuggle up to anyone that #1 she can advance from #2 she can antagonize. In my view I think that she sees Snape as a superior that has lost his dominance, and she loves being able to lord it over him. Glad you are enjoying. ~woomama

Name: rita_skeeter (Signed) · Date: 07/20/06 16:26 · For: Surprise
Ooh! Wow! A very intriguing, albeit short, chapter. You managed to pack a lot of interesting description in there and built the chapter up well for the cliffhanger ending! I really thought you were going to make him discover Hermione while he was naked, but it seems not, hehe. Very well done!

Author's Response: While lemons are a constant nuisance of my higher brain function, I wasn’t quite ready for them in this chapter. No, I wanted to show his utter complacency with his life in the cottage, nothing ever changes. Until, Hermione shows up. I am glad you are enjoying the story; it really does get better the longer you go on. I find looking back on the first few chapters really lets me know I am learning something and getting better. Keep reading. Oh and thanks for the review. ~woomama

Name: TangleWood (Signed) · Date: 07/12/06 0:54 · For: Entrapment
OOOHHHHHH I LOVE it!!! Please write the next chapter fast, This story is My fav!!!!! Please Write it quick!!!! I cant Wait!!!!! AWESOME job!

Author's Response: I am sooooooooooo glad you are enjoying it. I am working feverishly on Chapter 8 as I write this. It shouldn't be too long. ~woomama

Name: Accio_Brain (Signed) · Date: 07/11/06 0:48 · For: Entrapment
It is my mission in life to make people sympathetic to Snape. My medium is fanfiction. Together, Tina, we can take over the world! Mwa har har! Ahem...BTW I just realized what the hair was for. *facepalm* It's late and I was apparently having a blond moment. *blushes*

Author's Response: Our maniacal plan is in motion, Sara. We will not be defeated! BTW tell your muse to quit pouring her whiskey in your coffee cup. Love ya, Tina

Name: Accio_Brain (Signed) · Date: 07/11/06 0:25 · For: Entrapment
This certainly was worth waiting for. This is just so well written. You are really descriptive and write great angst. The part where Hermione remembers her friends and worries about them is very sad. And I feel so bad for Severus, being imprisoned and tortured day after day. Now I'm intrigued by this imposter and scared for Hermione if he's going back to her. I'm also wondering what the hair cutting was all about. Somehow, it doesn't look good for Severus. Wonderful chapter. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for waiting, and I appreciate your compliments. I have never thought of myself at writing good angst, but it seems I am doing something right. I feel for Severus too, he is just getting so beaten up.. but let's see who else we can make feel sorry for him, hmmm. *insert evil smirk here* Thanks again. ~woomama

Name: MaraudersAffair (Signed) · Date: 07/10/06 21:46 · For: Surprise
WHAT? Whoa! WHAT? Oh - she must be the one they tracked down . . . I really liked how you explained the progress of the house and the house elves. So Voldemort knows that Snape was on Dumbledore's side, but he is still allowing him to live in this house-prison-thing? Hmm - damn Wormtail.

Author's Response: MA, Yes I think a lot of people are having trouble understanding the house, I am glad that you seem to have gotten it. To explain a bit more for anyone reading this, the cottage is actually sentient to an extent. There is no Death Eaters monitoring it, or providing the food, or making it habitable. It is magical in its own right and capable of sustaining life on it's own. However it does need someone to remove refuse and other items that are left, such as: dishes, trash, and other items brought in magically. Hence the house elves. Yes Snapes spying was brought to an end by Wormtail. He is certainly a sneaky little rat. ~woomama

Name: MaraudersAffair (Signed) · Date: 07/10/06 21:35 · For: Redemption
Wow, the first paragraph really struck me and it reeled me in. I read it over three times before reading the rest of the fic - I liked it that much. The dialogue in this first chapter is perfect, exactly what I thought Snape would say. I was thrown off by Snape being naked infront of Bellatrix - unless there is something different in their relationship than in the books, I really doubt Snape would do such a thing. I understand he has nothing to hide from Bellatrix, but he at least would want to salvage some sort of dignity.

I really enjoyed this story - I'm excited about going onto the next chapters.

Great work!

Author's Response: MA, I am so happy you are enjoying the story. I believe that the first line of a story should captivate you and make you curious to continue. I really liked the way the first paragraph of this story came out. I know that the scene with Snape naked in front of Bellatrix concerned you, and I wanted to let you know that it wasn't a case of him knowing she was there and just walking out of the bathroom naked. It was more of a "well she has already seen me in this towel, and I am not going to grab my clothes and go running back into the bathroom like a virgin on her wedding night." Snape could care less what Bellatrix thinks of him and I think he was hoping to unnerve her more than she was. At this point he has been in the cottage long enough to not care anymore. Certainly his conversation with Bella following that scene proved that he didn't care if the Dark Lord himself heard his blasphemous utterings of disdain. I truly hope you stick with the story, there is certainly more to come. Thanks again for the wonderful review. ~woomama

Name: tazzmissionkid85 (Signed) · Date: 07/10/06 11:53 · For: Entrapment
Wonderful. With each new chapter I feel a range of emotions for your characters. I love the interaction and the plot you have going. I'm looking forward to the next.

Author's Response: tazz - That is such an awesome compliment. I really appreciate your review. If I were unable to make you feel anything for these characters it would totally be my own fault. Chapter Eight is in the works. ~woomama

Name: NoxSomnium (Signed) · Date: 07/10/06 10:49 · For: Entrapment
Ooh, Sneaky! Ginny and Hermione's conversation felt a little stilted at times because there weren't any contractions. Everyone I know speaks with contractions, not all the time but they do, so it felt a bit odd. And I don't think your Snape is too squishy. He's been alone for a year and half, he isn't going to be precisely how he was in the books. I am soooo looking forward to more. Make me happy and write more :)

Author's Response: Nox - I think you are right about Ginny and Hermione's conversation. I will probably be going back and fixing that very soon. I was under the impression that the use of contractions would show a less British effect, since the British are much more careful about the degradation of the english language. I am American and I know that my use of the English language is abominable at best. I have it on authority that you are indeed correct. I will therefore take your suggestion and use more contractions. Thanks for not thinking my Snape is squishy, I took great pains to make sure he wasn't. I like that you have caught on to what I usually tell people in reviews and that is that "He has been in there for over a year and a half, how the heck do you expect him to be?" hahahah More is coming, have no fear. ~woomama

Name: the_phoenix_song (Signed) · Date: 07/10/06 10:39 · For: Entrapment
This was an awesome chapter!! I can't wait for the next one! PLease post soon!

Author's Response: TPS - Glad you are enjoying the story. More is coming. Sorry it takes me so long to post, but I am writing it a chapter at a time. I had only written 4 (word) pages (of Chapter Eight) when Chapter Seven was validated. But I am working on it. ~woomama

Name: LastSummersRomance (Signed) · Date: 07/10/06 8:42 · For: Entrapment
Just: wow!
I haven't ventured onto the mugglenet fanfiction for many months now.. but this story has made me eternally grateful that I did!
You have a beautiful narrative style and an amazing vocabulary (am currently sat beside a dictionary and making mental notes of the words that I can't wait to use myself!) and you have captured the characters of Hermione and Snape perfectly.
I was a little dubious at first about how "bitter" your Hermione can be - a little sharp with her words, perhaps - but then I realised that with the wizarding world in the state that HBP left it, I don't blame her! You've managed to caputure Snape perfectly, too. Too many stories reform Snape into a caring, perfect lover, but I adore the confrontation you've created within the man, of his growing care for hermione, fighting the painful, hurting and malicious side of his personality, that his lifestyle had germinated.
Thankyou again for curing the boredom of an afternoon home alone!

Author's Response: LSR - I had written out this beautiful response to your review only to have the computer eat it when I submitted. So here goes again. I am so glad that you did venture onto MuggleNet fanfiction and have stumbled upon my story. Thank you very much for the compliments to my narrative style and vocabulary. I do in fact love words. It is sad to see what the english language has become and fun to try and put some of the flair back into it. Yes Hermione is quite bitter in the beginning, my reason is this: IMO, Hermione had a bit of a crush on her Potions teacher and therefore when he appeared to have betrayed everyone by murdering Dumbledore, it was so much more hurtful for her. You are right on with his struggle between his old self and what he is starting to feel now. I think it will get worse before it gets better. I also hate those stories that show Snape being the perfect gentleman, caring, perfect lover. However I stick by my assumption that his body could very well be perfect under those robes, and until someone can bring me an authority to prove me wrong I will remain of that opinion. haha! ~woomama

Name: joanna (Signed) · Date: 07/10/06 4:20 · For: Entrapment
This was just wonderful! I really am begging for more.

Both characters were right on spot and their thoughts were so easy to relate to (even if I've never been in such a situation, thank God).

I found Bellatrix' interest in the state of Snape's hair intriguing and thought and thought why she would want it clean.

Bellatrix emphasized the last and then smirked as if she had an amusing secret that she was dying to tell someone but could not.

This sentence made me then realize what they were planning. And it's so Bellatrix!

And what a cliffhanger again! Poor-poor Hermione, will she realize that it's only a substitute?

Although I really pity Hermione, somehow I feel more commpassion for our Severus. (The Snape-fan in me, I'm sure :).

Author's Response: joanna, I am so glad that you are enjoying my story, and feel that my characterisation is good as I always worry about that. I can't wait for you to read the first part of Chapter Eight, you are going to love it, love it I say. Ok now that I have really messed with your head. I will go. But don't worry, I am a Snape fanatic too. muuuhahahaha

Name: septentrion (Signed) · Date: 07/10/06 2:08 · For: Entrapment
I sure hope next update will come sooner that this one. Last chapter ended with a cliffie but it was nothing compared to this.

Author's Response: I sure hope so too. *kicking the couch that the drunk muse is on* I am working on Chapter 8.

Name: NoxSomnium (Signed) · Date: 07/05/06 21:23 · For: Consequences
Oh, that's fun. Hurry with more! I'm fond of way to many works-in-progress.

Author's Response: eeeeekkkk triplicate!

Name: NoxSomnium (Signed) · Date: 07/05/06 21:23 · For: Consequences
Oh, that's fun. Hurry with more! I'm fond of way to many works-in-progress.

Author's Response: eeeek duplicate!

Name: NoxSomnium (Signed) · Date: 07/05/06 21:23 · For: Consequences
Oh, that's fun. Hurry with more! I'm fond of way to many works-in-progress.

Author's Response: I know what you mean. If I wasn't such a review junkie I would probably have waited to post until it was finished, alas I need my fix. Chapter 7 is waiting to be validated, so it shouldn't be long. Oh btw, I don't know why but you ended up with 3 reviews exactly alike, could you go ahead and delete the other 2 for me. Thankx.

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