Reviews For Regrets
Reviewer: MrsLovett
Date: 12/05/06 0:31
Chapter: Frustration

i love your story and i'm patiently waiting for the next update!

Author's Response: Why thank you, MrsL, I am glad you are enjoying the story. Chapter 11 is going to the beta's as soon as I finish typing this . Shouldn't be long. ~woomama

Reviewer: Rowena_is_my_hero
Date: 12/03/06 1:15
Chapter: Frustration

wonderful! Fabulous! I love your story and your style of writing. It's fabulous! Update soon, I await the next chapter with great anticipation!

Author's Response: Thank you so much RimH, I am so glad you are enjoying it. Lucky you, I just finished Chapter 11 and will be sending it to my beta's forthwith. YAY!!!! ~woomama

Reviewer: Tialangela
Date: 11/20/06 21:33
Chapter: Frustration

Ooohhhh, please, post sooooon! Another cliffhanger, ugh!
Loved the kiss!

Author's Response: I am so sorry about the cliffhangers, they just won't leave me alone. I am trying really hard not to leave Chapter 11 on a cliffy, but I can make no promises. It is almost done however. I have been inspired as of late. ~woomama

Reviewer: snufflesrules
Date: 11/17/06 1:13
Chapter: Frustration

just finished reading your story. It was amazing, loved it. please update soon!! Can't wait!

Author's Response: hmmm, I wonder if I did that or you did that.. Oh well. Ditto.

Reviewer: snufflesrules
Date: 11/17/06 1:06
Chapter: Redemption


just finished reading your story. Loved it! PLease write more soon!!! Can't wait!!

Author's Response: Welcome aboard, snufflesrules. I am glad you are enjoying the story. I am working feverishly on Chapter 11 now, but with the holidays coming up, I can make no promises. I am, however, going back to the country for the holidays and may be relaxed enough to let the bunnies run wild on the laptop. Wish me luck. ~woomama

Reviewer: winhild
Date: 11/14/06 13:04
Chapter: Frustration

It's a wonderful chapter! It was worth waiting for so long. And this pretended love scene - your Snape is a real James Bond here! Go on, keep your style!

Author's Response: 8-) Snape's the name, Severus Snape. I think Severus was doing a little more than pretending, I think Hermione blew in his ear just a tad too much for proprieties sake, and he went with it. That it happened to coincide with what he needed to do, well, when has Severus ever passed up an opportunity when it is presented packaged so nicely. Thanks for reading and for the review. ~woomama

Reviewer: NoxSomnium
Date: 11/13/06 15:21
Chapter: Frustration

How very convenient, thinks me, then, THUMP. Bwahahaha. Here we go again. I know, we haven't had these befuddleing conflicts that often it just seems like it because I'm not reading it all at once.

Author's Response: Ok Nox, you got me. I have no idea what you are talking about. Which befuddling conflicts would you be concerned about? Not that I am doubting you, because I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that I have somehow blurred the lines of continuity. Just let me know so I can decide how best to deal with it. Thanks, ~woomama

Reviewer: Starmom
Date: 11/13/06 12:10
Chapter: Frustration

I've just stumbled across this story and am delighted to have found my way here!

SS/HG is NOT an easy pairing to write and harder yet to find a scenario that hasn't been overdone. I think you are on the right track with both! He isn't 'succumbing' to he proximity too quickly and you have managed to hold onto your plot at the same time.

I look forward to more!

Author's Response: Starmom, it is always a pleasure to have a fresh view on my work. I truly am my own worst critic, and this is what I am most critical about. So to have someone come in that hasn't been following the story and validate ten chapters of work is very gratifying. Thank you for taking the time to not only read it, but to review it as well. I will look forward to more of your reviews to come. Thank you. ~woomama

Reviewer: freds pet
Date: 11/10/06 9:05
Chapter: Healing

Okay so this was a flash back chapter. I liked it. I always thought Something was going on between those two. I will be holding my breath untill this next chapter. Be quick...PLEASE!!
so curious.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, Pet of Fred. I am glad you are enjoying it. You and me seem to be in the minority as far as Albus and Minerva go, but that is ok, because we know we are right. I will tell you that I am putting in the HTML code for the next chapter now and submitting it to the moderators as soon as I am done. Oh, and step over the dead cat, that was there from the earlier curious readers. ~woomama

Reviewer: TangleWood
Date: 10/26/06 17:10
Chapter: Healing

Plz Hurry Witht The next chapter:) I love this story, and i can hardly wait!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks Tangle, chapter 10 is with my beta, you shouldn't have to wait long. Chapter 11 I am still working on. I have decided upon the path of the rest of the story and trying to stay the path and not get distracted is more difficult that I would have thought. :) But fear not! ~woomama

Reviewer: Morwen Riddle
Date: 10/25/06 19:02
Chapter: Healing

wow. I just read all 9 chapters in one go, and I was entranced. Hope chapter 10 is coming soon. you've got me addicted!

Author's Response: Welcome to my little slice of heaven. Chapter 10 - is with my beta as I write this. Shouldn't be long now. Thanks for reading and reviewing. ~woomama

Reviewer: irishhippie
Date: 10/20/06 14:21
Chapter: Healing

holy sh*t this was long. And about time, too!! Really awesome!

Author's Response: Is that bad? Because I just finished Chapter 10 last night and I think it is just as long. Thanks for reading and reviewing. ~woomama

Reviewer: its_all_good
Date: 10/14/06 20:46
Chapter: Healing

Oh please write more this is such a great story

Author's Response: Thank you. Chapter 10 is 1/2 done. More on the way. ~woomama

Reviewer: Sly Severus
Date: 10/13/06 22:38
Chapter: Healing

Hmmm...some interesting pairings in here. I always like Severus/Lily, but Minerva/Dumbledore somehow freaks me out.

This was a very interesting chapter. You gave a good reason for Dumbledore's trust, but I never saw him as the type of person who would ask anyone to take an Unbreakable Vow. But he's also not one of my favorite characters so I may not be the best judge.

Anyway, I really enjoyed chapter. Good work! Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

Author's Response: I also liked the idea of Severus/Lily, but well, Lily is dead. Much the same way you won't see me writing a "Sirius jumps back through the curtain" story, I won't be writing a Severus/Lily pairing unless it is set in their teens. I think it is very interesting that Albus/Minerva squicks you out, I have always thought it was a give in, even in canon. That also might just be my perception, but hey, to each his own. Now as for the Unbreakable Vow, there is no indication that Dumbledore *made* him take an Unbreakable Vow, I left that open on purpose so that readers that see it in two different ways can draw their own conclusions. My personal thought was that Severus insisted on it, being as distraught as he was. Kind of like shaking his fist at God and vowing to do everything he can to get even or die trying. Magic just makes sure you can't renege. Thanks for reading, Chapter 10 is almost finished. ~woomama

Reviewer: Orm Irian
Date: 10/13/06 10:01
Chapter: Wounds

Oooh. That was a good one--some action and the plot thickens...

Author's Response: Yes, the plot is thickening up nicely. I need to turn the fire up a little and boil off some of the water, and add a bit of corn starch. But it is thickening up well. ~woomama

Reviewer: chitra
Date: 10/05/06 18:34
Chapter: Redemption

Yours is probably the best Snape/Hermione fic I have ever read. Please keep up the good work. Sometimes I log on to the internet just to see if you have updated.

Author's Response: *Blushes furiously and hides face in hands* OMG chitra, you have made me smile tonight. I love my story, but when others praise it so highly it just makes me giddy. I know the feeling of logging on to see if an update is out, I do that alot with my favorite authors. If I can point you to more good Snape/Hermione I would say read Subversa's stuff and LariLee's Cloak of Courage <<<----favorite. I want to let you know that I have just completed an outline of the rest of Regrets, I don't know how many chapters it is going to take to finsih this story, but, it could be awhile. Thanks for reading and Chapter 9 is in queue and 10 is 1/2 written now. xoxoxo ~woomama

Reviewer: draco_lover147
Date: 10/01/06 15:25
Chapter: Deception

please finish

Author's Response: Ditto. ~woomama

Reviewer: draco_lover147
Date: 10/01/06 15:25
Chapter: Deception

please finish

Author's Response: You don't really want the story to end, do you? Is it that bad? But if you are just asking that I contine writing, well then you are in luck. Chapter Nine is in queue and Chapter 10 1/2 written. ~woomama

Reviewer: ManicObsessor
Date: 10/01/06 7:56
Chapter: Deception

I can't wait until the next chapter comes out, I think you've done a very good job with the characters and you've kept it believable.
It's a great idea too, really original. Keep writing! :D

Author's Response: Well I am happy to hear you are an avid reader. This is my first fanfic and I can see myself getting better and better. When I am all done I want to go back and spruce up the beginning again. I have just finished writing my outline for the rest of the story, I have no idea how many chapters it is going to end up being though. So stay tuned. ~woomama

Reviewer: TangleWood
Date: 09/21/06 20:35
Chapter: Deception

AHHH MAN I hate cliffhangers.....Plz hurry with the next chapter.....Ill be sad if i have to wait much longer:(

Author's Response: I am sorry for the wait. But hopefully it will be worth it in the end. Lucky you, I sent Chapter Nine to my beta's just today. I have been internet-less for last couple of days. Hang in there, it is coming. ~woomama

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