Reviewer: Prof McGonagall
Date: 01/19/05 19:46
Chapter: The Infirmary

Oh my...That was gooooooooooooood. Hurry up need to read more:)

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm working on the second part now.

Reviewer: Sunny June
Date: 01/19/05 12:42
Chapter: The Infirmary

Well done, as usual!

Reviewer: Sunny June
Date: 01/16/05 21:32
Chapter: Something Begins

Ooh, those last two lines were awfully powerful . . . I like how you incorporate the faceless voices of the students . . . Makes me pity Draco even more when you bring light to the obvious rumors and gossip.

Reviewer: Cutiepie
Date: 01/15/05 22:45
Chapter: Something Begins

This is the hotness!!!!!! I am hooked on this story!! PLEASE ADD MORE SOON!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. :) I'm adding the next chapter in a day or soon as I have it fixed up. I'm glad you like it.

Reviewer: Sunny June
Date: 01/12/05 0:34
Chapter: Bella and Narcissa

I always feel like there's too much talk between murderer and victim . . . Happens all the time in movies . . . But it's inevitable . . . At least the conversation between your characters was believable and I'm very happy that Narcissa didn't ask 'why' . . . So you get a thumbs up.

Author's Response: I think Narcissa knew why...she knew her sister...maybe in a way, she knew what was going to happen. I never thought about that, actually. If Bellatrix had just come in and killed her sister, it would have been a pretty short chap, LOL. Thanks for reading!!

Reviewer: Moca
Date: 01/11/05 16:33
Chapter: Bella and Narcissa

Bella is a biotch. I'm so sure she had to kill Narcissa. Narcissa didn't even get a chance to decide what side she was going to pick. Bella just killed her. And it was too bad that Narcissa couldn't tell Draco she loved him. Now he is going to think she didn't and he will never know how much she actually did. Keep writing, and e-mail me the next time you are updated.

Author's Response: I will try to is a pain in my butt lately and has left me unable to check e-mail at my usual frequency. ;) How dare they? I don't think Narcissa would ever have betrayed her husband, but neither he or her sister allowed her to have enough time to decide and explain herself. It sucks. :/

Reviewer: Hmeschooler
Date: 01/10/05 0:52
Chapter: The Visitors

Wow. I really like it! It explains all about Draco's...I don't know how to put it...troubles? That's the closest word I could come up with. Awesome chapter. I have to agree with the previous reveiwer about Lucius. He's a jerk to say the least. Keep u[ the good work and hurry with the next chap!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm working on the next chap now, and will be submitting it later.

Reviewer: Moca
Date: 01/04/05 14:32
Chapter: The Visitors

Very suspensful at the end. Is Bellatrix gonna kill her? And Lucius is a real MOFO. Why does he want Draco exposed to all that crap? Keep writing! Oh yeah, talk to Hagrids_Ho. She's pretty miffed about her rejection.

Reviewer: Moca
Date: 01/01/05 16:28
Chapter: A Chance Meeting

Really cute. I liked the interaction between the two of them. It's about time for them to have a scene like that together. I was waiting for that. But I don't really like how she thinks she's in love with him. In general, I hate those kinds of people. Keep writing!! :)

Author's Response: Oops...didn't mean to make it seem that way. It's the first time she's actually noticing the fact that she might be attracted to him. Oh, and thanks for pointing out that HUGE mistake of mine. ;) Glad you're reading.

Reviewer: Hagrids_Ho
Date: 01/01/05 14:30
Chapter: The Morning After the Dream

I sorta can't read your story this second because Monica is playing Josh Groban music but I'm sure it's great....I'll read it later.

Author's Response: LOL, well I love Josh Groban. Hope you enjoy it when you DO read it. :D

Reviewer: Sunny June
Date: 12/31/04 16:13
Chapter: A Chance Meeting

My heart is whispering 'great story!' . . . There was definitely some sort of electrical pull between those two in the library . . . I wonder what sort of chemistry connection they'll have in other locations?!

Author's Response: I didn't want to make it too obvious yet...but she definately is starting to have feelings for him. I hate to put them in a physical situation quite yet though, because I just don't think that it would ever happen that quickly for Draco and a Gryffindor. ;)

Reviewer: Sunny June
Date: 12/31/04 16:04
Chapter: A Chance Meeting

An update, wahoo!

Reviewer: Hagrids_Ho
Date: 12/28/04 13:40
Chapter: The Morning After the Dream

You should do author's responses to either none of the reviews, or all.

Author's Response: I appologize HHo. :) Been busy...the next chapter is coming though very soon...keep reading.

Reviewer: Sunny June
Date: 12/28/04 5:53
Chapter: Divorce Annoucement

I'm so glad that stories are being posted once more . . .

Reviewer: Hagrids_Ho
Date: 12/22/04 14:54
Chapter: What Sirius Overheard

Thats pretty weird like how Sirius is still alive even though he died? So this is like book 4.5 (after four before five?). It's good though. The grammar is good but no Draco? I heart draco...he should be in the story more. And Sirius looked like Jesus in the movie but who knows what he looks like in your story. Death Eaters are hard to write...I didn't write them in mine, but you are doing good. What is Lucious trying to do? He's always doing something......I give it a ten.

Reviewer: Moca
Date: 12/22/04 14:24
Chapter: What Sirius Overheard

Dude, I'm wondering what they are plotting? Does it involve Draco in any sorts? Like maybe he wants to kill him for some reason. Since Harry's at the school and so is Dumbledore, and he supports Voldemort, most likely it's gonna involve that stuff. That's what I'm guessing

Reviewer: Sunny June
Date: 12/19/04 16:26
Chapter: What Sirius Overheard

Interesting . . . I've always imagined Bellatrix do look like some sort of crazy woman who wears leather body suits and has long black hair in choppy layers and carries a whip . . but in this case, a wand . . . I'd never like to meet her in public.

Author's Response: It's hard writing her 'cause I have no clue what she's supposed to be like. But...we will see.

Reviewer: Sunny June
Date: 12/19/04 16:23
Chapter: What Sirius Overheard

What did Sirius overhear ? Hmm. . .

Reviewer: Moca
Date: 12/18/04 13:16
Chapter: In The Courtyard

Awe, it's so sad that Draco is human after all. Is his mom ok? Did Lucius hurt her or something? It was funny how Pansy was jealous of the girls. I sometimes feel like that when a hott guy talks to another girl, but of course I never admit it either. HEHE. Update soon!

Author's Response: Aren't we all human though...Draco maybe not as much as some though. ;) Keep reading to find out about Narcissa...

Reviewer: annie
Date: 12/18/04 10:54
Chapter: In The Courtyard

wow this is a really touching fic...i love it, keep writing

Author's Response: thanks. :) I'm almost finished with the next part...

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