Reviewer: Tash96
Date: 11/18/10 9:25
Chapter: Choices

I loved the story! And I really really hope you continue it soon! Don't finish it so fast because I want to read more and more, but please add more chapters soon! Thanks :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry for the delayed per today's story update, I'd like to redirect you and anyone else still reading to I am Lady Cailan there, and in two days will start reposting the chappies to this story, and hopefully coming up with a continuation. Hope to see everyone there!

Reviewer: hotstuff90
Date: 07/24/09 0:18
Chapter: Choices

wow i rele hope you finish this story it is amazing altho i got a little restless wating for teh genny draco stuff but it did happen and all of it is amazing i rely rele hope you finish

Reviewer: hinojos
Date: 06/30/09 4:21
Chapter: Choices

Do please continue! It is soo intriguing.=]]

Reviewer: Crimson Ebony
Date: 04/21/09 11:35
Chapter: Something Wonderful

Love it!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!! love it!!!!!! This is the 2th time I've 'The Heart Has Two Sides' it's well writen. Love Draco, love Ginny!! But I want the rest of it!!!!

Author's Response: Slowly slowly...I do plan on finishing this. :(

Reviewer: Flying_Pheonix
Date: 10/03/08 12:22
Chapter: The Morning After the Dream

are you going to finish this fic?????
please do its one of my favourites!!!

Author's Response: I am! Gosh darn it, after two years of hiatus, I might actually do it! Haha. Thanks for the kind review. :)

Reviewer: basmah
Date: 08/10/08 18:04
Chapter: The Parkinsons

o0o i love it!!!

Reviewer: Alrischa
Date: 07/21/08 13:57
Chapter: Strange Dreams

I noticed your story years ago before I had an account; I would never write fanfiction and cannot see myself doing it. I registered simply for the pleasure of being able to read some of the stories. Fanfiction has changed a lot over the years, and I found myself missing some of the 'older styles', if you'd excuse me for this term. Your story popped into my mind after TWO years and I decided to seek it out; strangely enough I still remember the name, seeing I have read perhaps hundreds of fanfiction over the years and was very enthralled by a lot of them. I don't know if you ever plan to finish this, or if you're going to be reading this review, even, but it'd be such a joy if you decide affirmative. Needless to say, this story has me captivated. Yes, I'm aware this is just another 'nag' review, but I can't tell you how much it'd be a shame of this story wasn't continued.

Author's Response: I really, really appreciate your lovely words! And yes, I find myself surprised that I'm even back, but lately I feel more like writing than I have in the past few years... I'm thinking about picking up this story once again and concluding it...and it is great to know that someone is as taken with it as I am when I reread it...thanks again. :)

Reviewer: GreenForest81
Date: 06/17/08 16:02
Chapter: The Parkinsons

this is an amazing story. I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation for the next chapter!

Reviewer: livescript
Date: 08/26/07 13:15
Chapter: The Morning After the Dream

hey r u finsihing this story? cuz its rlly good

Reviewer: JayneGealach
Date: 08/10/07 20:32
Chapter: The Parkinsons

You must write faster! I Must know what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You shouldn't even be reading this, you should be writing the next chapter!AGGGHHHH!

Reviewer: ninachav123
Date: 08/05/07 13:59
Chapter: The Quibbler

wow gd storii

Reviewer: CrystalM
Date: 07/18/07 19:40
Chapter: The Parkinsons

I was hooked on this story from the beginning, there's so much feeling and emotion, I can't stop reading! I'm so sad that that's all there is, any idea when the next chapter will be up?

Reviewer: CrystalM
Date: 07/18/07 18:59
Chapter: The Meaning of Loneliness

I wanted to cry when I read this, my heart was bleeding for them both. Very nicely written, it tugs at the heartstrings.

Reviewer: ashleyxx
Date: 05/11/07 18:22
Chapter: The Parkinsons

hey, reli liking this so far so pleez update soon! cant wait to see wat happens next :D:D if u coud maybe giv me a rough idea of how long it is gona be till ur updating that would be great :D:D thanx x x x x

Reviewer: Mell8
Date: 01/11/07 13:59
Chapter: The Parkinsons

Wonderful!! The feeling you put into every chapter and every person is amazing. The choices they have to make are difficult and you are able to clearly show how each character deals with their choices. This is very well done. I hope you update soon.

Reviewer: EnnA
Date: 01/05/07 23:24
Chapter: The Parkinsons

that is a terribly mean cliffie!! i REALLY hope that everything works out, i'll be quite depressed. [note. blonde has an e at the end, for further ref.]

great story, i was a little worried at the beginning when Draco kinda seemed a little touchy feely, but i think that you captured him perfectly. almost painfully because its so hard to think about his emotions being so bottled.


Reviewer: AndrasCreator2392
Date: 11/29/06 22:25
Chapter: The Morning After the Dream

Oh i like it so far!!

Reviewer: adamneve
Date: 10/05/06 1:49
Chapter: The Morning After the Dream

its a nice chappie...lots of detail,vich is good-gives readers a pic 2 c n feel...

Reviewer: marcia
Date: 09/11/06 13:30
Chapter: The Parkinsons

Loving this story and hope you'll complete it! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Author's Response: Believe it or not, I'm planning on finishing it, but it goes slowly. Thanks for reading. Your comment is appreciated. :)

Reviewer: icanseeyou
Date: 08/20/06 21:34
Chapter: The Library

omg, it's heating up

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