Reviewer: tickled_pink
Date: 10/07/06 5:08
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

I'm going to go cry because this story is over.

It is amazing, beautiful, incredible, so well written, real, and about a thousand other words that I have neither the space or time to write here.

You are a truly brilliant writer, and this is definetly one of my favourite stories of all time - fanfiction or no fanfiction. Seriously, I know I've said this before, but if you're not writing professionally, then what on earth could you be doing that you are better suited to? I love writing, and I hope that one day I will be able to write something as amazing as this.

The second I have a free afternoon, I'm going to sit down and read this all the way through again, without stopping. Thank you for such a brilliant read and experience.

~Tickeld Pink~

p.s. Bloody Hell Severus is gorgeous. If I were Hermione I'd go for him too.

Author's Response: Tickled Pink, *I* am tickled pink at your lovely review! I am so happy that you liked it so much, and I am overwhelmed by your praise. My husband agrees with you 100% about the professional writing thing; I suppose I will have to give it a go. Thank *you* for so much enthusiasm. I appreciate it more than you can know.

Reviewer: tickled_pink
Date: 10/07/06 4:37
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part A

aww this was such a beautiful chapter!! i have to go on to the next one quickly or i'll die, but i'll leave a longer review then!

Reviewer: starry eyed
Date: 10/07/06 3:03
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

oh, i loved this story sooo much! im so glad you finally finished it, and it was an awesome ending i must say! you're an awesome writer subversa, keep doing it!


Author's Response: Thank you, Jessie! That a sweet compliment. I am so glad that you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: woomama
Date: 10/07/06 0:41
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

The way you scroll through the other couples and have their takes on the wedding and also giving us tidbits of their lives as well was just amazing. I also enjoyed the fact that Neville was dumbfounded over the fact that he had seen the Professor smile. Well how could he not with Hermione in fairy silk in his arms. I wouldn't call the wedding night completely smut-free, but it certainly was just imaginative enough to let the brain fill in the blanks, which is perfectly ok. Healer Howser really sounded like a nice guy (ala Doogie hehe), and I am glad that Severus decided to set him up with Vector. But I have to say that my very favorite of the chapter was the unveiling of the library. What a perfect gift for two intellectual, studious people. The desks facing each other, also inspired. Now, my dear, I am sorry to see your story end, but I have faith that it will not be your last. Someday I am sure I will look back on all this as I hold the hardback New York Times bestseller book in my hands and think: I knew her when... Brava, my dear, brava. ~woomama

Author's Response: Yeah, I wouldn't call it smut-free either, but at least it was smut *word* free. I loved the Utopian library, too. It was actually my husband's idea -- he's good at such romantic notions. You are so very kind, my dear, and it means so much. You might want to look for me on SH and/or OWL, as some of my pieces may not be rated appropriately for MNFF.

Reviewer: woomama
Date: 10/07/06 0:28
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part A

Ok, I didn't want to leave this poor part A with no reviews so I have decided to start here. All his school life, he had seen couples together, expressing physical affection in public. His young self had ached to be touched and acknowledged before others in that way. I can totally see this as being Severus in school. Longing for what he was unable to acheive. I really adored that we got to see this side of him and hear what he wanted and why it went so wrong. “Are you sure you want to have this conversation?” she asked calmly. I too, wondered if they would have that conversation or if it would be a good idea. I am so glad that you didn't make Severus the 38 year old frustrated virgin. Hermione I could see, but Severus - Nope it wouldn't have worked in my mind. Glad they were anonymous 1 nighters though. :) I didn't think I would like the ceremony, but I was totally enthralled. Subversa you have a talent for painting the picture and you do it with style and flair. My favorite was the tradition of Jumping the broom. Totally inspired! xoxoxo woomama

Author's Response: LOL, woomama, you are too kind to leave half the story with no reviews! What a tender heart you have. you know I went back and put in the two paragraphs about Severus and his longing for touch and acceptance about 2 weeks after I wrote the rest of it. It dawned on me that it was such a departure for him, and the way I had written him for the rest of the story, that it really begged more explanation than just, And so he fell in love and changed completely. Um, no. LOL! I think it could be possible for a 38 year old ugly, proud man to BE a virgin, but I can't see Severus that way. Not *this* Severus, anyway. The ceremony was researched online and cobbled together from my favourite bits from the handfasting ceremonies. I have wanted to have characters jump a broom ever since I read it in a Robert heinlein novel 25 years ago.

Reviewer: hpjunkie09
Date: 10/06/06 23:21
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

OMG! IT'S OVER! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S OVER! This is very depressing. This was so good, omg. This definitely my favorite fic. OMG! It's really over. Wow. I have to think about what this means. Dang it, now I have to find another fic to obsess over! You definitely need to write another one, you're so good! Wow. Thanks for an amazing, totally awesome fic!

Author's Response: I am so glad you that you enjoyed it so much. I had some trouble coming to terms with what it means, as well. There are tons of really great SS/HG stories to obsess over; if you would like a list, send me an e-mail ;) Thanks for your support of this story.

Reviewer: Fading
Date: 10/06/06 20:15
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

Thank you so much for writing this absolutely wonderful story! I've enjoyed reading it for who knows how long- I started reading when Chapter 7 came out and I've been loving it ever since.

Also, thank you for making this 3rd-5th years instead of 6th-7th or Professors. It's really great for your marvelous writing to be available to more people.

Thanks again!

Author's Response: Fading, what a lovely review. Yes, I was determined, after this story won the Multifaceted Award for best PG-13 rated story that I would keep it in that rating. I am so glad you loved the story so much. Bless you.

Reviewer: HG4evur
Date: 10/06/06 19:10
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B


Author's Response: ...and you are kind, my dear. Thank you.

Reviewer: snapelover17
Date: 10/06/06 18:23
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B


Author's Response: Thank you, Snapelover ;)

Reviewer: qwerty83
Date: 10/06/06 18:19
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

Ohhh how lovely! I enjoyed this story so much - you wrote it beautifully! I can't believe it's over! Wonderful job! Your writing is such a joy to read. A few minor typos in the last chapter:

'chatting with them and watching at Severus completed the last of his duty dances'

(i think it should be 'as' not 'at')

'knowing that he had never imagined begin able to say those words aloud'

(it should be 'being')

I loved it when Severus called Hermione Mrs Snape! It was so sweet!
And this bit was wonderful:
“Will you have me as your apprentice?” she asked him.
“In every way you can imagine,” he agreed with a devilish quirk of his lips. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

This was such an amazing story. You deserve a well-earned break!!

Author's Response: Thanks for catching the typos, my dear; I will correct them. This chapter was actually proofed by four people other than me -- you'd think we would catch them! I'm so pleased that you liked the story so much. Thank you for your loyal reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: HermionePotter
Date: 10/06/06 17:20
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

I am going to cry!!! I cant believe its over!!!! If i were to note on the small things i simply loved, this review would be far too long, so I will just mention this:
“I saw him smile,” Neville said, soundin somewhat alarmed.
That was just great.
I love how Hermione can now 'read' Severus's tones of voice, I thought that that would be impossible! but... seems like severus is playing matchmaker a little, everyone deserves some happiness!
wow, Severus doesnt have to work until January... just imagine what could be done in all that time...
I looked at all the jewelry using the likes in your LJ, all of it is beautiful!! I have to thank MollysSister for having some damn good shopping skills!
but... i am stalling... i know that as soon as i post this review, this story will be over for me, and all that will be left for me to do is reread it.... How long has it been? 8 months? This story ahs become a part of my life, and I can only hope more could come, like an epilogue, but I would be just fine with yet another story, even if it is not Hermione/Severus, as long as it comes from the almighty, amazing, and wonderful Subversa!
lol i hope that this review wasnt too cheesy...

oh great, i'm crying!

Author's Response: Ahhh, Zimmy! *hugs* Hermione has begun to learn to read her husband, indeed, and I imagine her skills will only improve as time goes by. He is, after all, more open to her than he has ever been with anyone, since he was a small child. Yes, Severus set up the Healer and Professor Vector, in his Slytherin way. It has been very hard to let this story come to an end, but faithful readers like you have made it all very much worth it, to me. There's nothing cheesy about feelings, doll -- and, besides, cheesy is what Subversa does best!

Reviewer: karelia
Date: 10/06/06 10:07
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

*swoons* What a most beautiful ending chapter to a glorious story! You firmly deserve the Award For Best Smut-Free Wedding Night. :-)

Author's Response: *preens self* Thank you, Karelia! Wow, Best Smut-Free Wedding night! I appreciate your kind words more than you know!

Reviewer: pottermania
Date: 10/06/06 8:38
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

brilliant - couldnt have hoed for a better ending........

but please please please - can't you please write a small epilogue of how hermione n snape are getting along a few years down the line - their kids n stuff.... n for that matter how all the other couples are doing and whether varen vector n healer howser really do get together........

that'll really make the story perfect!!!!!!

really enjoyed reading it and it'll remain among my top favourites ......... looking forward to reading more of your stories!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I must make no promises about an epilogue, my dear; I truly don't have any plans in that direction. It's time for me to write my Christmas story for the SS/HG exchange, and my SS/LE story -- and that's all I have planned, for now. Thank you for all your enjoyment and enthusiasm along the way, my dear.

Reviewer: biatch
Date: 10/06/06 8:21
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

done now...
I don't even know what to say except from "wow" ended as sweetly as I thought it would. Congratulations for another wonderful story completed.

Author's Response: I'm glad you found it to be sweet, my dear. Thank youfor your kind words.

Reviewer: biatch
Date: 10/06/06 7:02
Chapter: Chapter 29 Part B

me here first :D ...haven't read though... thanks for updating as I really couldn't wait any longer. I'll review when I'm done reaading :D

Reviewer: Lendou
Date: 10/04/06 17:39
Chapter: Chapter 28/Part B

ok do you break an arm finish this

Reviewer: Blackeminence
Date: 10/04/06 9:52
Chapter: Chapter 28/Part B

Ginny moved closer to him and held him more tightly, loving him so much she thought her heart would break.

I was just going to ask you to add a little bit about those two, but I see it's not at all needed! That bit was lovely, it says everything, about Harry as well as Ginny. And you don't need more than a sentence or two to describe it, you're a marvel!!

Reviewer: sonusiriuspmp
Date: 10/04/06 8:14
Chapter: Chapter 28/Part B

this is awsome bt wen r u going to post the next one its almost forever !!!!!!1

Reviewer: pygmypuff_girl
Date: 10/02/06 12:05
Chapter: Chapter 28/Part B

No, it can't end! Not yet! I've spent the last 4 days reading this from the very beginning, my poor husband has had to fend for himself, but once I started reading I just didn't want to stopt, I even left work early so I could get home to read more! Not that I'm obsessed or anything, just a huge HG/SS fan, and a huge fan of your fics! It is a fantastic story, and I'm looking foward to the last chapter. Update soon!

Author's Response: Yes, I have watched you making your way through the story and it made me smile. The last chapter is all but ready to go; it will be up soon, and this journey will be complete. Thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: pygmypuff_girl
Date: 10/02/06 11:46
Chapter: Chapter 28/Part A

Mmm, how right Mrs Granger is, Sex on legs indeed! The Stormy and Sirius scene was really lovely too!

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