Reviews For No Inhibitions
Reviewer: murgatroid
Date: 03/09/06 1:04
Chapter: No Inhibitions

HAHAHA!!!! this is so funny!! *yells at brother to go away* my little brother is in the room and he kept on poking me coz i was laughing to hard *pokes brother back* *brother says she is a comlete idiot* *laughs superiorly as th brother has not read story and is there fore an idiot* *laughs maniacly as brother edges out of room slightly scared* hehehe... byeeee!!! ", 10/10!!!!!!

Reviewer: msbigbad
Date: 02/18/06 9:24
Chapter: No Inhibitions

OMG!! I can't stop was so so so funny and I was cracking up through most of the story!! My best friend is asleep in the other room...okay so she's probably awake now, but she's probably wondering what the hell I was doing with me randomly going a ballarina bwahahahahhahaahha he hit harry again bwhahahahahhaahhaha omg this story is sooo good which I sais about 5 times while still laughing as I read!! I must bow to you and give you kudos...and then I must ask you a big big favor ....can I archive this story at my Ron and Hermione website? please let me know!!!! my e-mail is

Reviewer: Madnessisme
Date: 02/04/06 6:38
Chapter: No Inhibitions

Oh, this is adorable. You're right; it's more funny than fluffy, and this is one of those few R/Hr one-shots which doesn't have them confessing their undying love for each other at the end. A kiss, yes ... but no confession of undying love. :claps happily: My favourite part was Ron yelling at Ginny, Harry and Snape in the Great Hall.

Okay, I just have a couple of things to be nit-picky about. The bit with Hermione talking in Harry's memory:

You want to be an Auror, donít you? Hermione had said. To even have a chance you have to have a N.E.W.T in Potions, Hermione had continued. Besides Ė Ron wonít be taking it, Iíll have no one to sit with, Hermione had pleaded.

I think you should write her words in italics ... or else it looks like normal text, and when I first saw it, it confused me a bit.

Lastly, the ending sentence (which I love, by the way):

Too bad he hadn't managed to jinx Filch though

You forgot to add the full stop at the end of the sentence.

Overall, I love this. It's short, and sweet. And I had a great time reaing it! =)

Reviewer: dobbys_mojo_619
Date: 11/26/05 14:04
Chapter: No Inhibitions

Excellent story! I am ashamed how Hermione is so clueless towards Ron's...interesting behaviour. Nice ending!

Reviewer: bratface0201
Date: 11/02/05 15:37
Chapter: No Inhibitions

love this story, the snape part is really funny. It should be moved to the humor section, tho 10/10

Reviewer: Auror81692
Date: 10/25/05 18:22
Chapter: No Inhibitions

I wish I could've cursed Filch for Ron...or called Snape a greasy-haired git...hey, it's the truth!

Reviewer: Brunetta
Date: 10/01/05 9:16
Chapter: No Inhibitions

That was a crack-up! I must have looked like such an idiot laughing at my computer screen. Excellent! xx

Reviewer: hermione777
Date: 09/13/05 21:45
Chapter: No Inhibitions

*still laughing* totally love ballerina part!

Reviewer: RMGHottie63
Date: 08/28/05 18:36
Chapter: No Inhibitions

Hilarious...*rolling on the floor with laughter*...oookk..i'm done..woo...THAT WAS AN AWESOME STORY!!...seriously J.K should make Ron take that potion so Ron and Mione could be together already..jeez its taking<3

Reviewer: Connie
Date: 08/19/05 14:40
Chapter: No Inhibitions

OMG this was great. I started laughing at the flying bowl of porridge, Laughed through the rest of the story. I had to sit with my hand over my mouth as I am at work. This was a great story.

Reviewer: Nina Therese
Date: 08/08/05 3:56
Chapter: No Inhibitions

This was reeally good! I sat here smiling all the time through! You should definately do another chapter!

Reviewer: hpfannaticalltheway
Date: 06/29/05 21:45
Chapter: No Inhibitions

I thought it was sooooo funny! *puts in Favourites after submitting review* I thought that the Care of Magical Creatures with Ron running away, could have had him shouting things like "Hagrid's crazy!" and "No thanks, they have already thried to eat me before!" or other things like that. Or just one big long scream. he he he. I thought the potion was still on Ron at the end! I think its good that they finally realised the obviouse (i can't spell!) and if they don't get together in the sixth book, I'm going to scream!

Reviewer: Solika
Date: 06/25/05 19:32
Chapter: No Inhibitions

Very nice story :o) Ok, it's more funny than romantic, but anyway, I like it. Acromantulas. Ow. Poor Ron ;)

Reviewer: Solika
Date: 06/25/05 19:32
Chapter: No Inhibitions

Very nice story :o) Ok, it's more funny than romantic, but anyway, I like it. Acromantulas. Ow. Poor Ron ;)

Reviewer: MADJH
Date: 05/30/05 0:29
Chapter: No Inhibitions

Awwww! How sweet! I really don't have any con-crit. No typos or rough spots jumped out at me. I loved the bit with Ginny and Dean and the porrige at breakfast. I laughed aloud at the idea of Ron dancing ;) All in all, this was just a cute little love story and was a lot of fun to read. I was especially pleased with the end. I like that Ron had control of himself before he finally admitted his love to Hermione. It was really a nice moment when Harry reminds Hermione that the effects have worn off and Ron is acting of his own free will! 'Twas a great bit of writing Jenna!

Reviewer: Ashwinder
Date: 04/08/05 12:44
Chapter: No Inhibitions

You want to be an Auror, donít you? Hermione had said. To even have a chance you have to have a N.E.W.T in Potions, Hermione had continued. Besides Ė Ron wonít be taking it, Iíll have no one to sit with, Hermione had pleaded. Strictly speaking, even though this is something in Harry's memory, you should use quotation marks or italics with the quoted words here.

And Harry, young and foolish as he was just after his sixteenth birthday had been stupid enough to concede. This sentence made me smile.

Some more editing nits: after a moments hesitation --> moment's hesitation

. use your position to condescend on Harry --> I'm pretty sure the expression is "condescend to". that Binnís would not notice--> Binns. Also the period got left off of the final sentence of the story.

I especially like Ron telling Snape off. Perfect! Great last line, too. When I clicked on the summary, I have to say I exprected this story would be written from Ron's POV, but you conveyed your story very well by sticking with Harry. Nice job.

Reviewer: ShareeLenae90
Date: 03/31/05 11:42
Chapter: No Inhibitions

That ending was so funny..!! Loved it!

Reviewer: witchwannaB
Date: 03/11/05 18:21
Chapter: No Inhibitions

Awww, that was sooooo cute and yet completly not fluff. The ending was purrfect...kissing rocks! Good job, Gringotts! Rating this a 9 and leaving it on my favorites list.

Reviewer: sumeet
Date: 03/03/05 12:15
Chapter: No Inhibitions

Compelling. Short fics like these are really wonderful because they offer relief from the main plotlines, allowing us to better understand a character's motivations... Well, that's true if the writer maintains the character's motivations accurately, which I believe you have done. While the Snape scene was really funny, I was particularly enthralled by Ron's 'spilling the beans' about Ginny & Harry, and that entire scene. The recurring action of Ron smacking Harry on the head was also clever. Relief accomplished. 9

Author's Response: thanks again; i obviously found all the parts you mentioned humorous, otherwise I would have stricken them from the story.

Reviewer: Night Owl
Date: 02/18/05 2:30
Chapter: No Inhibitions

I loved it... it really made me laugh. Your an incredible writer!

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