Reviewer: Hedwigs Queen
Date: 03/12/05 11:42
Chapter: Harry Potter and the Other Inanimate Object

I don't know why I keep reading this.......because I don't understand anything I have read.....uuum............but I really like it...........dunno why though......scares me actually...........but I'll keep reading......dunno why though.....10+ dunno why though........

Author's Response: It isn't really supposed to be understood. Not totally anyway.

Reviewer: honeydude
Date: 03/10/05 22:02
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

my constructive critisism: u dont update often enough

Author's Response: * looks ashamed* I'll try to correct that

Reviewer: honeydude
Date: 03/10/05 22:01
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

plotlessness is totally awesome

Author's Response: :)

Reviewer: honeydude
Date: 03/10/05 22:01
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

lol SOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! i just LOVED the panties in a knot/knickers in a twist thing!!!!!!! and all the stuff following and including the disco dancing!!!!!my fav line: u may have won the armpit hair and the dance competion...that whole line!!! loe it!!! u better update soon!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I love that line too! And I will try to update sometime soon....

Reviewer: honeydude
Date: 03/10/05 20:45
Chapter: Harry Potter and the Other Inanimate Object

lol hahahahahahahhahaaha hey, i have weird fears 2!! i shall now list all my wierd fears that i can think of 4 u: slugs/snails (tats most important) catfish (they Look soooo FREAKY) ants (and all other bugs) anything gross/creepy-crawlyish ife w/o cranberry juice (i cannot live w/o the costco cranberry rasberry juice!!!!) and i have weirdeer fears, but i cant think of them

Author's Response: I have many fears that have to do with bugs. I also had a recent episode involving ants (just think: grass + anthill + sitting = AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) Yeah... Oh, and I'm drinkning the cranberry grape juice as I write this. Odd how that happens...

Author's Response: Just for the heck of it, I shall list a few more of my odd fears: 1. flat irons 2. whipped cream 3. spiders 4. any other bug/bug-like crawly thing 5. cafeteria food 6. my brother's room Yup, that about sums it up.

Reviewer: honeydude
Date: 03/10/05 20:39
Chapter: Harry Potter and the Day of the Talking Flowers

OMG THIS IS SOOO HILARIOUS!!!!!!THIS IS XACTLY MY HUMOR STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i discored this story back when ther was only 1 chpater, but i dont think i had a name-thing-account-thingy then, so i do think i reivewed (it wouldve been hard, wouldnt it) but now i just rediscovered it and so here i am I LOVE UR STOYR!!!!!! u get 401241306540630430 shiny gold stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have like shiny things! (Yeah, hard to explain; just go with it!)

Reviewer: mizzlovegood
Date: 03/10/05 15:29
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

This is so funny! I ecpecially like the part with the kinght that dosen't have a name!10 10 10 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Author's Response: I just love that knight!

Reviewer: Logociet
Date: 03/10/05 15:24
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

Lol! Very funny! It's amazing what people can write in the dead of night. Sort of like what me and my freinds wrote once at three in the morning.

Author's Response: I know! Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: HarryPotterFBR
Date: 02/19/05 18:24
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

oooh! The randomness!!!! It's music to my ears!!!!!!

Author's Response: Me too! I thank thee.

Reviewer: lipiana
Date: 02/04/05 23:19
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

hehe!! I absoultely love it! Sounds just like the horrifying randomness of my group of friends O.o *cough*THECARDBOARDBOXESARETAKINGOVERTHEWORRRLD!THESQUIRRELIESWILLPREVAIL!!* *blink* .......... *steals lemon bar from Frodo* meeeeeeeeeeh.. Ew tastes like [adjective] [noun]! [Sound of extreme dislike]! Omg! This may sound a bit out of place, but today in Geometry (AAAH!) somebody had a walkman and was listening to elevator music at full blast. It was very frightening O.o Wonder what CD it was..? *looks on ebay but is led to some random lemon bar porn site* *blinks again* whoa.. wouldnt it be kewl if instead of harry having a zigzag-thingy-thing-scar-...thing on his head, he had his face as a scar on his arse? *uses old english noun to confuse little kids who are offended by John Carrey's huge chin O.o* that would be keeeewl.. ok ill leave now *jumps out window and lands on giant pink lemon bar*

Author's Response: You're my hero! I love the randomness too (your review is *sniff* beautiful). Thanks for it!

Reviewer: Sorceress
Date: 01/23/05 4:22
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

I LOVE this, it sounds like something my friends and i would do... ALL HAIL THE RANDOMNESS!

Author's Response: Yes! Thanks! Oh, and JAVA!

Reviewer: Potter_freak0515
Date: 01/12/05 23:48
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

please updtae *starts crying* this story. Please update. P.S. That is code for UPDATE OR DIE!

Author's Response: COOL! We will try and update soon, but we have been busy. (And I had writer's block...)

Reviewer: Hedwigs_wings12
Date: 01/07/05 23:11
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

That-ith was-ith extremely funny-ith.

Author's Response: Nice use of ith-iths! I thank-ith you-ith. Very much-ith.

Reviewer: Sirius Blaak
Date: 01/07/05 22:09
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

i love randomness, cuz i'm random all the time. I'll buy you a radish so you can finally own one, if u like. heehee:)

Author's Response: Your review made me cry with joy. *sniffs*I'm so happy that I finally have my precious radish! (Hey! I didn't know people actually read my disclaimers!)

Reviewer: Slink12345
Date: 01/06/05 0:20
Chapter: Harry Potter and the Sparkly Hairbrush

Hey Krystin, It's me Scotty, yuppers, it is I, So ummm yea I loved it( As opposed to craddled it?) Umm sugesstion Add a little something about You, Me , Christina, and all the people on the bus! Im giving you a 10 because I like bread. So heres a french loaf.

Author's Response: You are one confusing dude, Scotty. By the way, thanks for the bread. I mean, we are having pasta tonight, so it does come in handy. Oh, and it's Kristen. (You should know by now...)

Reviewer: I iz Snape and Hedwig
Date: 01/03/05 14:52
Chapter: Harry Potter and the Sparkly Hairbrush

I agree with Hedwig the cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is Homo!!

Author's Response: *sighs* Well, I didn't think that EVERYONE would like it. I mean, if EVERYONE liked it, it would just get old... You see, just because YOU don't like it, doens't mean that I don't like it, which is what REALLY matters, eh? (Oh, and thanks for telling me I suck! I know. I know! It happens...)

Author's Response: Hee...hee... Is it wrong to crack up laughing when people "try" to criticize you? Well, I can't say this is really criticism though; it's FLAMING! But I don't care, it makes me laugh nonetheless. :)

Reviewer: Hermiones_Revenge
Date: 12/31/04 19:21
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

Useful Background Information: I enjoy randomness and believe that every problem can be solved with a dance off. Semi-useful background information: Finally got rid of dial-up internet! YOu don't care! And I'm writing a book! ALmost! Completely useless information: Still have that fettish for my one friend's hair. Glorious story. Loved it. Completely random. Never expected a dance off. Yay dancing! Music: *plays* Hermiones_Revenge: *dances* A Raddish: *looks impressed* Hermiones_Revenge: *assigns 10 stars* 10 stars: *are assigned*

Author's Response: Love the use of "*'s" at the end. (That bunch-o-symbols doesn't really look all that...right.) The sad part is, I've had a few dance offs in my days too (not that I'm old or anything).

Reviewer: Hermiones_Revenge
Date: 12/31/04 19:12
Chapter: Harry Potter and the Other Inanimate Object

Useful Background information: I am random and completely insane. It is New Years Eve and I'm watching LOTR because I celebrated...last night? Useless Background information: I have a fettish for my one friend's hair. And I like to eat cheese. You, my friend...erm...friends I guess it'd be... are my kind of authors. Making THIS my kind of fanfic. I rejoice in your randomness! Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who puts myself in my stories...heck, I have a whole story that's just about me and a friend of idea how it got accepted, the Harry Potter characters are hardly in it...I'm rambling...and I'm watching LOTR and Aragon DOES seem the sort who'd like tacos. And...ok, I'm done. 10 stars! WOw that was long.

Author's Response: Ok, you are my kind of reviewer! I'm constantly rambling these days, too. I know, he does seem the type...But, thank you!

Reviewer: Hermiones_Revenge
Date: 12/31/04 13:45
Chapter: Harry Potter and the Day of the Talking Flowers

I am desperately in love with this story. My passion for this story is equivallent to the passion of THE FLAMES OF 1000 FIREY DRAGONS IN THE FIREY PITS OF...FIRE! (stops, snaps out of it) Thank you for giving me a reason to (not) do my history outline (oh i hate thee...) 10 for you!

Author's Response: Why thank you! Oh, and I concur about the homework thing. (Yeah, thanks for giving me a reason to not study for my geometry test tomorrow...)

Reviewer: Crookshanksbri
Date: 12/30/04 0:21
Chapter: Harry Potter and The Sale of Snape's Armpit Hair - on eBay

Guess who this is miss trevorthetoad. This was so funny! hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the story, can't wait for another chapter, maybe i can help out! See ya in science! tehehehe!

Author's Response: Why thank you, and I'm glad that you got your scarf back. (It wasn't me!)(or me-Sarah)

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