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Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 08/06/06 12:42
Chapter: Ditto

My stories up, On this page! All i had to do is paste©. Now it took me 7 days to do that, and can you tell me a better title? I needed a opinion from you. I have a non-HP story in the works, Its just made up, but's its on a computer without internet, so if you wanna read it, you are gonna have to wait a while. It is 3 16 teen year olds, and they are in for one long and fun-filled summer.

Author's Response: lol, awesome

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 08/06/06 12:23
Chapter: Ditto

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any thing you recognize especially the song ‘with you’ and I made the song Fantasy romance up. The song that Ron thinks is just how he feels. The one at the end is a creation of mine called ‘Band playing in the background’. READY SET READ!

‘’So you like me, and I like you, so lets date! Ron said to Hermione. ‘’Yes,’’ Hermione whispered, ‘’my fantasy romance’’.

Days and days went by, and they forgot about their agreement. Then finally, Ron walked over to Hermione, and began to talk:

‘’Hermione, you are my sun, my light. Without you, days are gray. I want to love you, I do not want you to be my girl friend, but my everything, Harry and I both want you to be with me, as you are my every thing, and he wants me to stop moping around. I fell in love with you.... I don't know, but does it matter? Do you care when? But here is why, you are beautiful, smart, caring and at the same the same time fiery and spicy, where am I going with this? Will you marry me?’’

‘’Oh, Ron, Yes.’’

‘I’ve never felt a t-shirt on, never felt more beautiful, baby as I do now, with you’ Hermione thought.

The happy people looked at each other as Harry walked by, hand in hand with Ginny, pulled out two chairs and some popcorn, and said ‘’Oy earth to lovebirds, kiss already’’!

Hermione always did as she was told....


~3 hours later~

Hermione couldn’t wait for her date; she was dressed in a loose Blue blouse and a nice length skirt with her hair done nicely.

The perfect date was followed them dancing slowly at the Christmas ball, listening to the song:

Love like a fantasy, red as rose.
Cause you never know whom prince or queen will be.
My fantasy romance is just someone I love who is close to me.

‘’Who will you love?
Will she or he be?
You tell me!

Love is like a rose...’’

‘The perfect ending to a perfect night’ Hermione thought.

Until she realized she was dancing with air. Ron had gone to get punch and had not returned. So, she went to go get him. He was not there. She found him in the garden with another girl...


May Montana was bored.

I was dancing with Hermione.

‘’I am going to get some punch’’ I said lamely.


I walked over to the Ravenclaw beauty, basically a younger Cho. May was having a miserable time. She sat there all alone, watching other 4th years like her two best friends, Austin Tuvalu and Denair Delouses. She was the sister of Cho, but changed her name.

She spoke, ‘’Austin, Austin, I like you... I need someone to hold ever so dear, to kiss you....’’.

‘’ I can help you, Chenille- May.’’


‘’Hermione, NO!’’ Ron yelled, as she walked away with sobs wracking her body. Why did he do such stupid things? When he found her, she was starting to dance with random boys. He could not stand it.

‘My fantasy romance, what she said.
All it’s ever gonna’ be.
At least to you and me.
I’m a wreck,
You know that, right?’ Ron sang in his mind, and then May came over with Robin Robena, her best friend. ‘’GO AWAY’’, was all he could he say, but then he walked way...

‘’What happened?’‘ Harry asked Ron.
Ron told Harry.

‘’WHAT! I am dating May!’’
‘’Sorry’’, and with that he left.

‘Harry’s POV.’

I can’t believe it he messed up big. Giantly. May is coming. I watch her hair in the wind, when I remember GINNY! ‘’No, I am cheating. A lying cheater. That is what I am, I am love with TWO women. Break things off with May, get Ginny.’’ I whisper.

‘May’s POV’

Crying my eyes out, I watch Jai leave my boyfriend. I love having sooo many BF’s.
Here comes Harry. We break off. I watch him leave. Austin is coming. I tell him what has happened. He tells me it’s gonna be all right.


‘3 day’s later’

Everybody is with there soul mates. May was thinking about herself, about the way she was. She had changed; she was not a player anymore. She had a nice relationship with pretty-boy Austin Tuvalu. Peace was in the halls of Hogwarts. The New Year’s party was in full swing, and everybody was dancing. A song playing in the background....

‘’No one knows how.
No one knows why.
It just happens to be you and me.
At the time.
We are in love now.
The band is playing, but we barely hear when we have each other,
Yeah, yeah.
Blame it on the world spinning and leave us alone.
We do not need you; we need each other, with the band playing in the background.
Blame it on the world spinning.’’

Denair and Robin were talking, when Harry came over. He asked Robin to dance. They talked, and Robin said she had a twin, Raven Robena, who was dancing with Mike Renaldo. Her twin was in Hufflepuff.

Denair danced with Neville, and had a wonderful tine. Denair had two sisters, Assuni and Hissauni, who were twins. The names were from an aceingent legend. The night was perfect for all.

A wonderful day.

A/N: Now, I give everyone permission to use this story’s characters for stories a.k.a, Robin, Raven, Mike, Austin, Denair, Hissauni and Assuni for there story, but only the characters. Like Fiction to Fiction to Fiction. Mine is the main; yours are the spin off. Now I am doing a sequel for this as there are two many loose ends, or should I do more chapters? It is up to you. Each chapter will be about different characters, as the sequels would be two. (I vote for sequels) this is kind of a fast moving story. Please take time to review and check back for responses, Ta-ta!

There you go. Do you think the will delete it?

Author's Response: Not bad, not bad...just a few things: 1, italize, it is your friend, 2 dont have people saying the song, put them in italized...3, you have to put more background, there are like 5 new characters with hardly any background story to them, you might wanna add a little more to them, other than that, good job!

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 08/06/06 12:20
Chapter: Ditto

They said if I sumbit another bad story, no more acount. And TRY TOONTOWN!

Author's Response: are you kidding, they do that? christ... nah, thats not really an online person...this mugglenet thing is all i got

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 08/04/06 18:20
Chapter: Ditto

They deleted my storie. I give up, and you got a story in quee. Yay. BTW do you like toontown?

Author's Response: no, dont give up! try know they kept deleting my story 'my amortentia'? but i kept at it, and now everyone loves it! yes, i have a new story in queue! yay!!!!!!!!! i dont have a toontown thing, really...sorry...

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 08/01/06 21:02
Chapter: Ditto

Listen up, the title is called Musical love, aand it revoles around a diffrent character, Oh READ WHEN UP!

Author's Response: tell me when its up.

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 07/30/06 10:13
Chapter: Ditto

Here is the pizzafries and cookies. NOW ready set REVIEW.

Author's Response: lol, ill review without food cuz your my friend.

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 07/29/06 19:43
Chapter: Ditto

Hmm... I am sooo very bored... so reviewing is my favriote pass time... i like cheese and theese '...' ,... no, i hat3 cheese, 'throws cheese on ground yelling '' DIE CHEESE DIE!111111!1''....I am so ramdon.

Author's Response: so am i...i like cheese....*licks up dead cheese on ground* LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 07/29/06 19:14
Chapter: Ditto

Hi! I am back, and they still have NOT aproved the H/Hr one and deleted my R/L and sent a snotty review. Some times they are agravating. BTW want a nother line?' 'A perfect ending to a perfect night', Hermione thought, though she realized she was dancing with air.'
And guess what? they are engaged! The whole thing is fluff with a bit a betrayl. Also 'Hary walked bby with Ginny, pulled up a chair, conjured up some popcorn and exclaimed ''OY you two lovebirds, kiss already!''

Hermione always did what she was told....'

How could you not find that funny? Also I am goin' to the nickaloden hotel. They have no computer, HOW COULD THEY! COMPUTERS ARE MY LIFE! A bit dramactic?

Author's Response: nah, i couldnt live without a comp either

Reviewer: ginny91
Date: 07/27/06 14:53
Chapter: Ditto

ahhh soo cute!!! love it. going on my favorites list for sure

Author's Response: i like your name.

Reviewer: ginny91
Date: 07/27/06 14:51
Chapter: Ditto

ahhh soo cute!!! love it. going on my favorites list for sure

Author's Response: Cool, Thanks

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 07/24/06 19:33
Chapter: Ditto

My Fantasy romance is probbly going to be horrible and rejectid, but it is gonna be nice. Ever heard of the song 'With you' Well, it fits Hermione/anyone because of these lines:Never felt a t-shirt on, never felt more betuiful, baby as I do now, now that im with youuu.
Also those words are in the story, that is it. Pepl use this are like a chatroom.

Author's Response: I like that song.

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 07/23/06 19:24
Chapter: Ditto

To chocochang94: I have Draco, HE IS SO HOT! And he is a verrrry bad boy! Funny, i am looking at the comupter, but my tounge's on the floor, did ya no that carpet taste's like dog and popcorn?

Author's Response: Lol.

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 07/23/06 16:41
Chapter: Ditto

I have cookies and pizzafries! want 'em? You get 'em if you review my storys(if and when validated or not- there on my favriote list.) cause xxxdeatheaterxxx got cake! `Waves food around` Pleeeease!

Author's Response: Ok, I will!

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 07/23/06 11:32
Chapter: Ditto

You cant respond!? II can, boo-hoo boo-hoo....Why dont you review your story with a response, you and king our my fav. authosr of all time,!

Author's Response: Lol, Thanks, and i can repsond, so don't worry.

Reviewer: HarmonyHeadmisstress
Date: 07/22/06 17:12
Chapter: Ditto

Wow, this was your Dream, #Gives you a millon cookies# I know you like those, BTW i have no storys that you like, cause there H/HR and RL but the first chapter of The H/HR isnt that bad, Cause he does marry ginny.......And theRL one isjust a poem... so will you read?(If validated)

Author's Response: Sure, tell me when it's validated.

Reviewer: funkylizard3
Date: 07/11/06 18:59
Chapter: Ditto

YAY!! and wow. u had Hermione's dream... cool... actually, pretty sad but still cool!

Author's Response: Yeah. I am a sad person. My friends fear for my sanity.

Reviewer: Xxdeath_eaterxX
Date: 07/07/06 16:31
Chapter: Ditto

I read this again and liked it and Thanx I like your name too =P

Author's Response: w00t!!!!!!

Reviewer: Xxdeath_eaterxX
Date: 07/07/06 16:31
Chapter: Ditto

I read this again and liked it and Thanx I like your name too =P

Author's Response: Heh, Heh, I like being evil. GO, DEATH EATERS!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Xxdeath_eaterxX
Date: 06/30/06 1:40
Chapter: Ditto

I like that story! I would be kinda scared if I had that dream! Good story = D

Author's Response: Thanks, dde, I love your name!

Reviewer: hpgirl_91
Date: 06/08/06 19:05
Chapter: Ditto

I love this story! YAY YAY YAY I saw it on someone's favorites and had to check it out. Sweet with sprinkles of saddness and very very good.
Cookies for all!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I love cookies!

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