Reviewer: Adeyla
Date: 09/09/08 23:35
Chapter: The Only Chapter

omg this is so funny! you should right another one! id love to know more about what goes on inside Harry's head...

Reviewer: clovergirl
Date: 03/03/08 17:11
Chapter: The Only Chapter

haha I love it! Harry sounds really sarcastically hilarious, and that's a type I AH-DORE!

Reviewer: HedwigsChristie
Date: 08/13/07 15:46
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Quite short, quite pointless.
But i do really love the idea.
I agree with HermyxRox if you turned this into a humour and made it longer it could be brilliant.
Also at the end Harry sounded evil (almost Voldermortish) which isn't a good thing.
But hey don't let me put you down, your story , your choice, it's good to know you have imagination and go past the boundaries of the actual books ;)

Reviewer: HedwigsChristie
Date: 08/13/07 15:41
Chapter: The Only Chapter

quite short, quite pointless.
But hey nice idea and everything.
And at the end he sounds evil (a little voldermortish) not a good look for harry-dearest

Reviewer: Pirate Fanatic
Date: 04/01/07 6:28
Chapter: The Only Chapter

The title really caught my eye and I think it's a magnificent start. It's nice to read it in Harry's first POV

Author's Response: Thanks. ....although it -is- a one shot.

Reviewer: Crazy_Owl101
Date: 04/12/06 12:29
Chapter: The Only Chapter


Author's Response: Um......thanks? heheh

Reviewer: HermyRox12
Date: 09/09/05 19:33
Chapter: The Only Chapter

I liked it. I think it would make a good humor story though. If you have any questions the answer is pizza. Trust me, I know. Anyway, good story and keep on writing. You do have a talent for it.~HermyRox12~ ps. If you don't get the pizza thing, just ask. And of course I'll tell!

Author's Response: But I'm glad you liked it, and I thank thee for reviewing my piece. *exists stage right*

Reviewer: xklibur
Date: 09/01/05 7:34
Chapter: The Only Chapter

lol, that was odd. But, I like it.

Reviewer: fvweasley
Date: 05/24/05 7:59
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Angry, isn't he? Interesting spin to put on the HP world though isn't it?

Author's Response: Er....thanks. (actually, thanks a lot, I lurve getting reviews)

Reviewer: missmj
Date: 05/10/05 23:49
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Interesting... I liked it! Funny portrayal of JKR. However, I don't think Harry would be that pissed off with the books. I mean, sure, he'd be a bit angry because of the wrong views of him, but he would exactly want revenge... I gave you a 8

Author's Response: Yeah, that's what everyone else has said, that he wouldn't be that angry. Come to think of it, I agree with you a bit....thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: Aebhel
Date: 05/06/05 10:37
Chapter: The Only Chapter

I loved this. I've always wondered what would happen in Harry was a real person, how he would view the books about him, and this was a very funny take on it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing. I'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: BunnyT
Date: 03/19/05 13:03
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Interesting, though I don't think he would really be so mad about the books, sure, he should be miffed, but I don't think he would seek revenge... I also think that that is kinda... an interesting portrayal of J.K...

Author's Response: OMG YOU GOT AN MNFF ACCOUNT! I LOVE YOU! Yeah, I know, it's kind of weird, but I do think Harry would be mad if the two worlds co-existed and the books were not completely true.

Reviewer: RedHeadMama
Date: 02/26/05 19:23
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Funny, i liked it though, I can see how it would drive Harry nuts I swear he should the "The boy who hates fame"

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, literally no one does these days. *makes a frustrated sound*

Reviewer: harry luvs ginny
Date: 02/15/05 15:45
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Interesting. Harry seems a bit self-centered and angry... ish. Like he, I don't know, just hates life and is freaking out about it... Kind of. Well not really that he hates life, more that he is freaking out over the books when in real life he could care less about false newspaper articles about him.

Author's Response: Well, you know, Harry gets kind of pissed off with Rita's articles, but after awhile he learns to just push it aside. However, he still wishes no one believed her. I'm working off that last part in the story. Wouldn't you be mad if you were him?

Reviewer: kaltaru
Date: 02/08/05 15:49
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Harry sounds kind of like a petulant brat all pouty and diva-like... I guess that's what being famous does to ya. I like this brief story. I don't...really have much else to say, sorry. Good job!

Author's Response: Oh, that's okay if you don't have much to say, after all, it IS a short, general one-shot. Harry's just pissed off, but perhaps a little diva-like. *giggles*

Reviewer: Asphyxiated
Date: 01/22/05 17:55
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Well done. Not an entirely original idea, but pulled off very well, all the same. I'm interested to see what the other characters think now.

Good point about Fudge thinking the Muggle's wouldn't believe a word of it, too. Nice. Lol!

Author's Response: Thanks, Asphyziated.

Reviewer: MickeyMouse007
Date: 01/11/05 11:04
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Hey... i haven't read this yet...but i think it's going to be good:)

Author's Response: Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top read it now! You know you'll love it!

Author's Response: Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top read it now! You know you'll love it!

Author's Response: Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top read it now! You know you'll love it!

Reviewer: Alannah
Date: 12/18/04 13:31
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Hi witchwannaB! I haven't read this story, but not like you care. See ya! I will read it sometime soon! It better be good!

Author's Response: READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: SilverShadow
Date: 12/16/04 17:48
Chapter: The Only Chapter

Harry seems to be venting alot of stored feelings, but Harry I must say that it is rather funny if you think about it. I always thought that JKR was a witch in a way who could have based her books on Harry, and I really liked the part about wanting to get comebacks before Malfoy. I didn't like cho all that much in the books so Harry I am with you on taking that part out. This story is really funny and I have to read the next chapter to. I'm putting you under my fave authors list and harry why would you want the books banned. maybe you should complain to JKR yourself.

Author's Response: *Laughs.* No, no, I love the books! Thanks a lot! I had a part about the movies, too, but then I realized I was just using that as a way to tell people that I thought the movies did everything wrong, so I cut it.

Reviewer: LordofBling
Date: 12/11/04 15:38
Chapter: The Only Chapter

funny and cool at the the same time. I'll advertise both your stories in chapter 2 of Wings of Defeat

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! Keep on reading!

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