Reviews For Slings and Arrows
Reviewer: princessesierra
Date: 06/11/07 7:04
Chapter: Slings and Arrows

Weird! How did she come back?

Reviewer: razorMC
Date: 12/26/06 0:51
Chapter: Slings and Arrows

Slings and Arrows had me glued to the screen !

Reviewer: pandafan81
Date: 08/28/06 23:44
Chapter: Slings and Arrows

Awwww! Jan, that was perfect! You really had me going there, an excellent twist if I do say so myself! The only problem I see, is that you say Rosa met Tim at Hogwarts, but then he turned out to be a Squib. Squibs don't go to Hogwarts, but maybe she met him in Hogsmeade maybe? Just a thought.

I loved the introduction with the fly-butter smeared on the toast. It made me celebrate with her. I really liked Rosa's characterization, and felt like Charile's was spot on as well. Any of the Weasleys seem like the type that would do anything to protect someone in need, but Charlie was the perfect fit for this. Well done!

Reviewer: mspadfoot89
Date: 08/11/06 10:36
Chapter: Slings and Arrows

Wow! This was really something. I must say, you kept on the edge of my seat during the whole of this fic. I loved it from the very beginning. Family abuse scares the hell out of me for some reason, and it was pretty horrible reading about it in this way, but during the whole time my heart was crying out for Rosa. To tell you the truth I was very afraid that this would not end well, but luckily it did. *sigh*

I love the way you wrote this. The descriptions vivid, the feeling raw and pure and so deep, the plot line amazing. I can't describe the emotion I felt when I read this line: "...rust falling away from her heart as it struggled back to life". Absolutely splendid.

One last thing, Rosa Holtz was such a well-developed character! I was amazed.

So, fantastic job! If the rating system was still on, a definite 10. :D

Reviewer: bookworm2011
Date: 06/10/06 9:21
Chapter: Slings and Arrows

Awesome!!!eleven out of ten!

Reviewer: Hello12345
Date: 06/04/06 3:17
Chapter: Slings and Arrows

Love it! Fantastic! Finally, reading something that's mostly grammatically correct, congratulations. It makes for a much nicer and easier read. I also like the storyline, very original and intriguing.

Reviewer: Sirinya
Date: 03/11/06 8:14
Chapter: Slings and Arrows

I very much enjoyed this story. It was a little confusing int he middle, around the time that Charlie read the article about her murder, but you cleared it all up in the end and, in fact, made the story more interesting. The only critisism that I really have, is that I don't think Rosa would get over Tim that fast. Maybe you should extend the time frame, because I don't think she'd want to make out with Charlie just yet. Of course, you know your characters better than I do, so I could be wrong. It just seems a bit odd and fast pace around there, considering how she went from seeing red if Charlie so much as raised his hand, to making out with him, and to being terrified of Tim. Other than those bits, I really enjoyed this story. It was very suspensful and intruiging. :D 10/10

Reviewer: Ivona Queens
Date: 02/15/06 16:24
Chapter: Slings and Arrows

I'm glad to have found another Charlie Weasley fan fiction. ^^ Most people seem to be ignoring him, even though he is still a Weasley brother. Amazing twist at the end, I really didn't see that coming. It really gives your story a lot of originality and suspense. Even though it was suspenseful, you sprinkled a little humor into it (i.e., "Join the bloody club."). The comment about food in the fridge left me a little confused, since wizards don't usually have muggle appliances. Other than that, it was great. There is really nothing else I can say! 10/10.

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