Reviewer: Kathyhermy123
Date: 01/26/07 15:29
Chapter: The Headmasterís Love

Great story! Love it!

Reviewer: mrs_weasley
Date: 01/17/07 12:03
Chapter: The Headmasterís Love

argh! I love it!

Reviewer: Trinidy Sagaro
Date: 07/14/06 11:53
Chapter: The Headmasterís Love

Awwww... that is so sweet.

Reviewer: RedheadedWeasley
Date: 05/28/06 0:10
Chapter: The Headmasterís Love

I wanna know what an Archmage of Camlann is! I liked this a lot. Great job! Snape was spot on in my opinion. It can be so tempting to make him OOC, but you did a good job walking a fine line.

Author's Response: Maybe I will reveal that in one of my other stories ;). Thank you for the lovely review!

Reviewer: whittyleah
Date: 05/17/06 12:28
Chapter: The Headmasterís Love

(giggles uncontrollably) I love this! Snape is bit OOC, but I don't care!
The whole Archmage of Camlann thing is a good idea, it brings the whole piece together.
You did a great job of flowing between memories and the present.
And I like the story line. I like Severus.
You made the relationship between them believable, which is hard to do!
Again, two thumbs up! (but not in the Australian way)

Author's Response: Thank you, leah! And thanks for the two thumbs up (not in the Australian way)!

Reviewer: wishiwereaweasley
Date: 04/17/06 15:20
Chapter: The Headmasterís Love

I really enjoyed this fic, joanna! Their situation was very plausible, and in fact, their working together in Hogwarts seems like the best way for them to get past a lot of the residual issues. I loved how you used the flashbacks to give them a history. That's especially important with these two! Also, I think you dealt with Ron very efficiently, and you showed Hermione's confusion enough that her change of emotions doesn't seem sudden.

I have to confess that, despite the many good parts of this fic, my favorite is when she asks him what the Archmage of Camlann is. In fact, for a second, I thought that was the end. Then I scrolled down! It would have been a nice ending, anyway!

I did notice some tense issues, especially in the flashbacks, which were a little confusing to work through, and a comma thing here and there. If you want me to look through it, I'd be happy to. Once I finish the fic I already have!

Overall, though, this was really well done! I'm pretty new to SS/HG, but you've certainly helped make a believer out of me. A small one, but a believer nonetheless. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for this review, Lys! And welcome to the *insert something funny for Snape/Hermione shippers* side!

Reviewer: Sneaky_Rhae
Date: 04/01/06 13:12
Chapter: The Headmasterís Love

I read this a while back when it was still with the challenges, I can never stay away from an HG/SS. I think that you have done a good job not letting on that they are together until near the end, I think it does something for the mood. Also, I think that the flashbacks do a good job of moving the story along and helping to explain why things are the way they are. I think the idea of Severus being Headmaster is original, I really don't think that anyone wants to think of him that way right now.

I did think that there were some tense problems in places and there was one sentence that I had to read a coupple of times before I understood what you were trying to say, but overall I think it was a great work!

Author's Response: Wow, a HG/SS fan liked my story! Thank you so much for taking the time to review! I will work on those problems, English is not my first language, and German is my second, so I always had tense issues in high-school. Thank you for your kind words.

Reviewer: Castles_made_of_sand
Date: 02/20/06 6:38
Chapter: The Headmasterís Love

Awww. I like'd it pretty fluffy but in a mysterious poetic way. I didn't like that Ginny sent a howler (tho it was kind of a cue for Severus) she would want her friend to be happy not forever morning over Ron, but anyway lovely story.

Author's Response: Severus only heard the shouting, not the content of the letter. And I think Ginny would mind first if Hermione got together with Snape. She might reconsider it, but she won't be happy about it from the first moment on. Thank you very much, I like especially this: but in a mysterious poetic way.

Reviewer: Skulblaka
Date: 02/18/06 14:42
Chapter: The Headmasterís Love

This is a very nice contest response. I noticed quite a few verb tense issues, and maybe a couple of spelling, but other than that, it is quite wonderful. This is well developed, and explains nicely the background and the present. I most enjoyed how you interwove the past and the present, as well as the two points of view. Congratulations on a job well done.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. Maybe we could discuss those issues via PM later. Maybe I didn't spot every correction my Beta sent to me, but I'll go over it once more. Thanks!

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