Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 04/25/08 22:35
Chapter: Destiny

aw! great ending! although, i think that ron and hermione would go with him from the beginning, and that it would need a bit more planning.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 04/25/08 22:25
Chapter: Questions

i liked how they made up constallations! and i cant wait for the fluffiness!

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 04/25/08 22:18
Chapter: Resolutions

aw! great first chapter! i didnt want it to end!

Reviewer: hmrpotter
Date: 08/18/07 22:22
Chapter: Resolutions

I would really, really love a sequel. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite authors on Mugglenet! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: There is one! It's called 'Imagine the future' - on my page! Thanks so much xx

Reviewer: auti
Date: 03/03/07 12:44
Chapter: Destiny

This is a really good story. I really did love it but isn't it supposed to be about Ron and Hermione?

Author's Response: No, it features a little R/Hr, but it was always mainly H/G x

Reviewer: smiley10792
Date: 02/27/07 13:38
Chapter: Destiny

This has some good fluff, but not too much, and some funny moments. All in all a very, very good job.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/25/06 2:01
Chapter: Destiny

*sigh* I'm glad they all got together, but I feel like the story is kind of unfinished where it leaves off.

Author's Response: I suppose that's because it kind of is. I left Harry on the cusp of adventure because I didn't want to launch into Book 7! And I only wanted to show their last days in the sun before destiny had to be carried out. Thanks! xxxx

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/25/06 1:52
Chapter: Questions

Aw, they got so close to their former state of relationship! Oh well, I can't wait for the fluff that has been promised for the next chapter!

Author's Response: ah it's soooo worth it!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/25/06 1:43
Chapter: Resolutions

I hope they get back together! Good opening!

Reviewer: Shryne
Date: 08/22/06 0:02
Chapter: Destiny

2 words, loved it.

Author's Response: I like those 2 words!

Reviewer: hpfreak519
Date: 08/02/06 16:51
Chapter: Destiny

i liked it, but the whole time i was reading this i either felt poor harry or poor ginny. I thought i t was really good though, I liked the relationship between ron and hermione in the backround. :)

Author's Response: Indeed! Thanks xx

Reviewer: Harry4Ginny
Date: 07/11/06 6:01
Chapter: Destiny

I really liked this one! You should do a sequel, cos it kind of ends in a cliffhanger!

Author's Response: Ah I know, I like it, too! I would sort of like to do a sequel, but I think that if I did it would have to be a whole Book 7 EPIC, which a) I don't have time for and b) is a little scary! But thanks for the comments! hp xx

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra
Date: 07/09/06 21:50
Chapter: Destiny

Just as you said, it's a long wait till book 7 and I'm dreading awful things with all the rumours everywhere.

Author's Response: No one actually knows, though: it's all speculation. Personally - Harry will live, but possibilities to die are Hagrid (oh well), Ginny (sobs!) ... oh, and Voldemort of course (wahoo!)! xx

Reviewer: Gin Ovia
Date: 07/08/06 2:09
Chapter: Destiny

This was very well-writte. I especially liked what Ginny said to harry about noility. It sounds a lot like something Dumbledore would say. The ending was also very good; Ginny's reaction and then Harry's lonely depaqrture. I expect the book to go similarly. Good job!

Author's Response: I hope it does! Although JKR's will probably be less fluffy ... pity ... I like this story, too. It is a little sad, I suppose, but I think it's realistic to Harry's situation at this point in time. Thanks for the positive comments! xx

Reviewer: CannonChaser
Date: 06/16/06 15:31
Chapter: Destiny

UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LEFT ME ON PINS AND NEEDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good story and I like the whole Harry na dGinny getting baclk together!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Don't we all. I left you on pins and needles?! That must hurt ... There won't be an update - that was the end!

Reviewer: zookeepergirl
Date: 05/31/06 13:32
Chapter: Destiny

This story was awsome> Keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thank you! I like this one, too.

Reviewer: Mely
Date: 05/22/06 17:36
Chapter: Destiny

I liked it, even thouh I want to know what happened next.but oh well *sigh* you can't have everything!!!!

Author's Response: Haha well, hopefully, Book 7 will fill us in on that! Thanks xxx

Reviewer: vv_the_author857
Date: 05/15/06 21:18
Chapter: Destiny

really good story, but i wish you would continue it. you know, like make a sequel or something saying what happens to harry when hes gone and what happens when he comes back. other than that, it was amazing. i like the way you use extremely descriptive adjectives!

Author's Response: Aw thanks. A sequel would probably mean having to write the WHOLE 7th book, and I don't think I have the time or the energy! But thanks. I like using good descriptive stuff.

Reviewer: Jane Bilus
Date: 05/14/06 12:22
Chapter: Destiny

i really enjoyed it

Author's Response: Good to hear

Reviewer: Izzieluv
Date: 05/03/06 18:32
Chapter: Destiny

thats it?

Author's Response: Yes! I didn't want to carry on because it would mean having to write the whole 7th book! Sorry if you were enjoying it!

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