Reviewer: Aikio
Date: 12/12/06 18:27
Chapter: Secrets Revealed

not bad... a few typing mistakes but great writing... Like the idea... But I'll be interrogating you tomorrow about that cliffhanger at the end :P


Reviewer: DumbleFanNo1
Date: 12/06/06 7:27
Chapter: Secrets Revealed

Good chapter, I wanted a little bit more on what happened to Mrs. Figg.

Reviewer: Moony 62442
Date: 12/05/06 19:46
Chapter: Secrets Revealed

This took forever! But it was well worth the wait! It was excellent and I can't wait till the trial. Please don't leave us hanging for too long!

Author's Response: lol! I'm so sorry that I kept y'all waiting for so long. It's just that my first semester at college has been a lot more draining than I would have thought... I'll be wrinting a lot more now, over the break :) Thank you so much for the review!!

Reviewer: mrpotter02
Date: 12/04/06 14:03
Chapter: Secrets Revealed

its going good...update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks! I feel the same way :) Will update soon, I promise.

Reviewer: mightypatronus
Date: 08/21/06 20:59
Chapter: A key note

Hey! Good job, I am reallly picky with my complements, but I found your characters acting ecactly as they should, and the plot realistic so far. My one complaint (and this is a rather personal thing) Is that you should use just a few less exclamation points. Other than that, keep up the good work.

Author of "Child of the Raven"

Reviewer: snowy_owl_92
Date: 07/01/06 12:36
Chapter: Friendly and unfriendly faces

awww. that's so cute. how will harry help ron?

Author's Response: I can't really say, because it's quite a big plot point later. I also just wanted to write it in now because I wanted to get the point that Ron does fancy Hermione ;)

Reviewer: DumbleFanNo1
Date: 06/30/06 14:19
Chapter: Friendly and unfriendly faces

Ilike the fact how you made Ron realize his love for hermione. needs to be moreintense in the next chpaters though.

Reviewer: DumbleFanNo1
Date: 06/30/06 14:11
Chapter: Sendt away

what was ring ofthe order about?

Reviewer: DumbleFanNo1
Date: 06/30/06 14:08
Chapter: A key note

I like this one very much. But what killed Mrs. Figg? Yeah, there was a spider, maybe a basilisc? anyway, on to the next chapter.

Author's Response: You'll have to wait for more chapters to find this out :) But it's coming, I promise!

Reviewer: lunar
Date: 06/03/06 11:20
Chapter: Sendt away

Very well written. Lots of mystery too. Poor Mrs Figg! Does that mean she was a Dark squib or something? Oh, please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the comment ;) I do feel a bit sorry about poot Mrs. Figg, but she wasn't a dark squib. You'll probably get to see what happened in the next chapter. I should be able to try and ink out the next chapter within a week or so ;)

Reviewer: Soap
Date: 04/26/06 20:21
Chapter: Sendt away

Very good! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! Right now I'm working really hard to get chapter 3 out of my head and in to the computer ;)

Reviewer: LexiGirl
Date: 04/06/06 20:41
Chapter: Sendt away

First review...again!!! Another awsome chapter, though I'm slightly confused (but I think that is the point). I'm glad Harry 'fled' but I really wish he would have stayed (I'm so indecisive!). Anyways update soon.

Author's Response: lol... You will understand much more in the next chapter ;) There is a very good reason that Lupin does not want Harry to stay and see whatever is going to happen! :)

Reviewer: LexiGirl
Date: 03/28/06 18:38
Chapter: A key note

I got the first review!!! Wow i really liked your story. No never mind, I didn't 'like' it I Loved It. Now you had better submit chapter two or... or... oh I don't know, but I'll do something or other. I LOVE how you explain things, I could totally imagine it!!! I'm so sad that Mrs. Figg died (and taking the rest of the answer with her*sniff*). I'm really exited to see (or read rather) what happens next. So HURRY AND UPDATE!!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for that great review :) I have submited the next chapter, but it seems to take forever to get through... <3

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