Reviews For Journey On Water
Reviewer: Emmygrl21
Date: 07/22/09 8:29
Chapter: Bold Moves

I love this story because it's in the muggle world!!!! and I'm dying to know more!!!

Author's Response: Aw thanks! Isn't it good fun to see Draco struggle with all the muggle objects? lol I seem to have loads of fun when writing out scenes involving Draco and him trying to grasp his new environment =D Keep checking to see any new updates! Chappie 25 is in the works.

Reviewer: Her-my-oh-nee
Date: 07/21/09 12:18
Chapter: Hermione's Red Rose

I love this story... ARE Laura and Terry in on the love perfume stuff as well?? Can't wait til you update :)

Author's Response: Good question =D Actually they aren't. Although they do find him attractive, they are not as obsessed as Jessie is and do not take the lengths Jessie has. (Also, Jessie would never share her Amorodor!) To be specific, Laure and Terry are minor characters, so you don't have to worry much about them ;) Thank you for reviewing!

Reviewer: ninnies2
Date: 07/12/09 22:43
Chapter: Bold Moves


Author's Response: Trying my very best to do just that! *quickly opens up chapter 25's word document and starts writing*

Reviewer: Fangerll
Date: 07/12/09 19:53
Chapter: Bold Moves

i really enjoyed reading this!

so... is there going 2 be another chapter?

Author's Response: Oh, most definately! Look out for updates!

Reviewer: ilikeydepoopey
Date: 07/10/09 17:09
Chapter: Bold Moves


Author's Response: *whoops* =D THANK YOU!! xoxo

Reviewer: Tigermusic
Date: 06/27/09 21:13
Chapter: Bold Moves

loved it so far and im really looking forward to read more off it pretty soon so keep it coming :)

if you have time could you perhapps email me when you update the story if so that would be awsome :)
my email is

anyway keep it coming and keep up with the great writing :)

Author's Response: Hello! If you'd like to get updates, the fastest way would be by adding this story as one of your favorites. This way, you'll get an e-mail from whenever I put a new chapter up! Also you can follow me on Twitter if you'd like (check out my profile) Thank you SO much for taking the time to review! I'll keep them chapters coming =D

Reviewer: Blackfairy
Date: 06/16/09 17:50
Chapter: The Cruise

Hi again! I review your story a lot don't I? But I just wanted to tell ou that I wih you luck on your schooling, and having just graduated myself from H.S I understand! I can't wait for the next chapter, but I believe the supense of waiting makes the chapter that much more enjoyable when one reads it! Good luck, best wishes, and I'll be back to review some more when you have more up! I can't wait!(squels and jumps up and down in anticipation) :D

Author's Response: Hey, Blackfairy! *waves eagerly* Let me tell you....there's no such thing as reviewing a story too much! I adore reviews and honestly can't get enough of them, so it's great that you leave a lot of them! Ahh...another graduate! Fantastic! At least you could understand my previous predicament =D But school's over, exams are over and finished with, so I'm back with my quill and just need to finish up the next chapter. Hopefully i'll be done with it in a few days, so look out for that! It's great to see you back and i'll be waiting to read more of your reviews!! =D

Reviewer: demonika
Date: 06/10/09 5:31
Chapter: Bold Moves

hey... i was just wondering... if you might actually have thought about abandoning this fic.... you haven`t have you??
Because that would make me 'slightly' agitated, and beleeeeve me, you wouldn`t like that....

Author's Response: A thought like that has never occured to me, so need to worry! =D I know it seems like i've given up since I haven't updated in a while, but it's usually because I'm busy or just plain lazy lol...but no, I haven't given up on it and am currently working on the next one. Give it a few days and hopefully i'll be done!

Reviewer: seriana14
Date: 06/07/09 6:23
Chapter: Bold Moves

hi! lol, i finally got an account!! :D
anywayz, i was just wondering if u were going to update this, COS ITS REALLY GOOD!! - except for jessie - i hate that girl!!
anywayz, hope u do continue this

Author's Response: First of all, congratulations on getting an accout! =D And of course I'm going to update! I know it's been a while since my last chapter, but the year has been hectic; however, I'm back in actiona and writing out chapter 25. It'll take me a few days, because I seem to get stuck here and there, but hopefully it won't take too long. Look out for updates soon! xo

Reviewer: HermyStar
Date: 06/07/09 4:33
Chapter: Bold Moves

Oh dear. I get obsessed with a cartoon I hadn't seen in years again, and now you put it on hiatus!!!!

Author's Response: Oh, you too!? I totally get into some of the cartoon and become all depressed when they stop showing them (examples: scooby-doo, the jetsons, captain planet...) LOL! Anyway...let's not be off topic here =D I'm back and i'm off hiatus!! I'm writing chapter 25 as we speak (or write in this case)...!

Reviewer: soccerstar94
Date: 06/05/09 16:09
Chapter: Bold Moves

totally heart it!!
get some *action* going between those two ;) hint hint
beutifully written right before the end.
if only i were in hermiones place...

Author's Response: Lol thank you *takes a bow* I'll make things flow between them in the next chapter, so let's see how it turns out in the end. Thank you for waiting patiently for the next one - I know i'm being a major slow poke!! (Oh and i'm everyone would like to be Hermione's place at the moment =D )

Reviewer: Slythrus
Date: 06/02/09 3:19
Chapter: Bold Moves

It was awesome......
When is your next post....plz post soon...plzzzzz

Author's Response: Merci beaucoup! lol i'll try my best to finish chapter 25 soon! It's taken me a while, I know, but hopefully I'll be done with it in a few days!

Author's Response: Merci beaucoup! lol i'll try my best to finish chapter 25 soon! It's taken me a while, I know, but hopefully I'll be done with it in a few days!

Reviewer: WeaslKing
Date: 06/01/09 1:30
Chapter: Bold Moves

I just finished reading your story so far.
How long till the next chapter is up loaded?
Soon I hope.
You are a very talented writer by the way.
Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: A new reader I presume? *smiles* Thank you for taking the time to read this! I'm actually writing out chapter 25 at the moment, so hopefully it'll take a few days until it's complete. Check for updates soon!

Reviewer: southern_pride
Date: 05/23/09 22:56
Chapter: The Cruise

I just wanted to say good luck on your exams! So, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Anyhoo, have a fantastic day and keep up the awesomeness! Bye!

Author's Response: Wow, Thank you!! Thankfully they're all over. Now I just have to wait for the *gulps* results!! Ah well...Sorry for keeping you waiting! I'm working on chapter 25 right now, so look out for that. Don't go anywhere!

Reviewer: A Gryffindor Ruby
Date: 04/27/09 7:51
Chapter: Friends and Music Boxes

a niiice story!!!!!!!!! hope u complete it soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope I complete it soon too lol...! Otherwise I may get beaten up by my readers *looks for cover* But I'm in the process of writing it, so it won't be too long!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope I complete it soon too lol...! Otherwise I may get beaten up by my readers *looks for cover* But I'm in the process of writing it, so it won't be too long!

Reviewer: Surihya
Date: 04/26/09 20:17
Chapter: The Serpent and the Lion

U little no good witch !!!
U see what u have me doing???
I can't sleep at night knowing this story is not finished!!!
Ur leaving me HANGING!!!!

Author's Response: Oh, dear! I think i've kept loads of people hanging, but i'm back and writing out the next chapter at the moment. It's been almost a year...MERLIN'S BEARD! *dashes off to finish chapter 25*

Reviewer: smileyreader
Date: 04/21/09 19:09
Chapter: The Cruise

I agree completely when you say that J.K. Rowling is a writing genius!!!!!

Author's Response: *gives a high five* She is one corking writer...!

Reviewer: thelostprophecy
Date: 04/12/09 11:37
Chapter: Bold Moves

it was awesome!!

Author's Response: Oo yay! Thank you!

Reviewer: The_Dream_Team
Date: 03/01/09 11:12
Chapter: The Cruise

This is a gr8 story so far! plz update soon cuz im dying 2 kno wut happens!!!!!!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for taking the time to review! Unfortunately, I won't be able to update soon - my A-leves are right around the corner, and I have to concentrate on those! BUT! This story is definately not over. Once my exams are done, I guarantee that more chapters will be on its way =D This year has just been a little stressful, but I'll be back in full swing in some time! Hold tight!

Reviewer: Krazicoco
Date: 01/25/09 9:01
Chapter: Bold Moves

Hey there! This story is just amazing i think! When are you updating it with the next chapter? x

Author's Response: The next chapter will take some time due to my externals, which are unfortunately superbly hard! *sighs* Once they're done however, chapter will start getting uploaded =D Hope you can wait until then! Thank you for reviewing! Cheers!

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