Reviews For What's Left of Me
Reviewer: SheeranGrint
Date: 02/14/12 18:15
Chapter: What's Left of Me

It made me cry, damn you! How dare you touch my emotions! No, seriously, brilliant, you're definitely my favourite author on the site much love

Reviewer: candygrl1696
Date: 04/04/11 16:47
Chapter: What's Left of Me

thats deep nd so sad but very well written

Reviewer: Iem2qt
Date: 08/02/08 16:37
Chapter: What's Left of Me

as a large fan of the dramione ship, i cried when i read this. it was amazing, not to mention profound. your prowess as a writer amazes me.

Reviewer: CaraFeelsDark
Date: 06/20/08 13:18
Chapter: What's Left of Me

I love your work! This one is a real winner!

Reviewer: CowGirlHPFan
Date: 04/15/08 23:01
Chapter: What's Left of Me

OMG that was great...sad but great. I love this song btw:)

Reviewer: lilypotter76
Date: 01/25/08 21:54
Chapter: What's Left of Me

I especially like the love-haunted prison cell.

Reviewer: Moonlight Goddess
Date: 08/24/07 21:12
Chapter: What's Left of Me

that was beautiful!

Reviewer: claymor
Date: 08/23/07 11:15
Chapter: What's Left of Me

I enjoy your writing Annie. I get a clear image of what you are describing. Even at the end of DH I am left unsure of who Draco was. I would love to sit down with JKR (wouldn't we all) and just talk about who Draco was and who he became. I can easily imagine him a sad and lonely person. Jealous of the friends that surrounded Harry and feeling that, had things gone just a little differently, it could have been his circle of friends. Thank you for another great story. I am slowly reading thru all of yours. Ruth

Reviewer: Lasweetie
Date: 08/04/07 13:28
Chapter: What's Left of Me

=( but good.

Reviewer: hmsoctopus
Date: 07/11/07 20:51
Chapter: What's Left of Me

Oh my god. Very dark and depressing. I feel sorry for him. *sniff* V. good writing. :)

Reviewer: taytay
Date: 07/09/07 22:40
Chapter: What's Left of Me

i only read the end but i think it was realy good.

Reviewer: Makelovenotwar112
Date: 06/11/07 5:32
Chapter: What's Left of Me

Omg. This is the saddest story i have read on this site. My opinion of course. And it didnt hit me as of why until rite now. I hate feeling helpless. And altho draco is just a character in a book, this event, in a sense took place in my life. My real life. The last words he said was that he loves me. And i couldnt help him. And he died. And i couldnt save him. Wow. Way off topic. Sorry. I had to explain why this story made such an impact on me. To you all and to myself. I didnt understand.. But now i do.

Reviewer: Ron x Hermione
Date: 06/01/07 9:19
Chapter: What's Left of Me

First off, I want to say how absolutely marvellous this fiction was. From setting to characterisation, it was simply a wonderful one shot. You did a great job in the writing. I adored the sparks of illusion you had kept throughout.

As the dark, ominous prison of Azkaban was situated at the very centre of the most turbulent waters in the world, it normally wasn't quite so unusual to note the fact that water was pelting the cramped windows of the cells and corridors. However, the weather had been acting rather odd that particular day: as dawn broke, a thick, impenetrable layer of fog had settled around the building, making it nearly invisible to anyone observing it from outside --

Another thing I want to comment on--- the setting. The way you've written the setting to the mood of this story and plot fits perfectly together like a piece of a puzzle. The rain and then the death of Malfoy are perfectly in place, and they are both loaded with description and definition.

Aw, this is just so terribly sad. I never have really thought about the various features of Azkaban, but from your setting I can now see it in my mindís eye perfectly while reading this. I could see the rain-streaked windowpane Malfoy stared blankly outside of to pass the slow, ticking time of the day; I can see poor Draco wrapping his thin, ghostly-white arms around his even thinner body and cold, protruding grey eyes that are just there, cold and lifeless, just daring a passing Dementor to try and take away his memories. Absolutely amazing description, if I can see that.

Also, the song! Nick Lacheyís, Whatís Left of Me is a spectacular song, and one of my favourites; to see it used in this fiction was utterly priceless to see, because the entire story was SO well written. I really enjoyed seeing it here; perfect song choice.

I am just starting to dive into the realm of Hermione/Draco stories, but yours, I will have to admit, are just so realistic. If I hadnít read the books and known this pairing was anti-canon, I would have believed that these two had been meant for each other since birth. The way the relationship unfolds and is told through Malfoyís memories is so genuine and precious--- another amazing job.

He was reliving old memories. Unearthing them from the depths of his past, laying them out on the surface of his mind, examining them, turning them over, searching for scratches, dents, and grooves along their edges.

. . . he had nothing else to do but to thumb through the scrapbook stored in his head, the only part of him the Dementors hadn't managed to steal.

Itís very sweet to see such a diverse mind as Malfoy leafing through an old scrapbook of memories in his head; it shows his sensitive side, and it shows that he still has a small chance of sanity left in him after so many years in Azkaban. I know that Dementors steal all happiness left inside of a person, but since they retreated to the very darkest corners of the prison since it was sunny out, is that why he could still have that small ray of happiness left with this particular scrapbook? Or is it just because Dementors canít necessarily see inside oneís mind?

A tall, hooded figure hovered just outside the bars locking him in his cell. A rush of iciness flooded Draco's veins, numbed only by his body's adaptation to the sensation over time. Following immediately after the chill was a heavy sense of dread, one that had been growing for the past few days.

Oh, my goodness! Your description! Itís just absolutely amazing, dear, and I canít even fathom how long it took you to write this. Or are you just that good? This is just positively grand writing. Youíve used so many adjectives and loaded words, and itís just the right amount of balancing out. And itís not just these sentences; it is in nearly the entire story. Youíre a great writer.

There's a little circle cleared in the centre of it with a chair -- just one chair -- and enough space for me to extend my hands out on either side of me without hitting anything. However, the rest of the room is filled with people. Old men, young Aurors, other Ministry workers, prisoners granted permission to come here -- they're all here to watch me die.

This is so sad. I know that people really used to do this in real life; like on the Green Mile and the electric chair; but to see it done to one of my favourite characters is awful. I know that some people are cruel, and theyíd love to see the man responsible for one of their loved oneís deaths die, but really, truly watch it? *shudders* I had no idea that there even was an execution room in Azkaban; no less one where there is a space for loads of people to stare at the condemned. Is this room of your own making, or is it stated somewhere in the books that this happens when prisoners receive the Kiss?

Anger wells up inside of me. I almost want to run over to them and curse them, kill them all, for just standing there silently. I want to shatter their calm exteriors and reveal the anxiety and fear hiding in all of them, because I know it's there.

I have a quick question, though, and possibly a bit of a suggestion. Did you mean to change from third to first person? I donít know if itís a mistake, but went you from portraying above Draco to through Draco. Just thought you should know.

She should want nothing to do with me anymore after receiving the satisfaction of watching Ron Weasley's murderer dragged off to Azkaban.

Oh, no! He killed Ron! How very sad. I know that the canon ship is Ron/Hermione, but I do like how youíve created the illusion of Hermione/Draco up to this point. But hopefully, as the story goes on, we will see Draco delve deeper and deeper into his scrapbook, and he will reveal that he and Hermione had a relationship. Before or after the death of Ron, I donít know, but hopefully weíll find out.

Years after the Kiss was performed on Draco Malfoy, another prisoner was transferred to his vacated cell. However, he was soon moved out after complaining about his sleep being penetrated by the sound of sobbing and the walls being so covered with proclamations of love that he could not glance at them without getting a headache.

This is extremely interesting! Never have I seen a story turn out and end with something like this. I really am quite interested in ghosts, and to see a fan fiction with Harry Potter end like this was touching. I can just see the walls of this prison being sworn up and down by Draco that he loves Hermione; itís really sad to see that, his last words being: ĎGoddamnit, Hermione, I love you.í Itís a very sad ending, a very sad one.

Also, this:

According to the apparel store owner, the victim murmured, 'Goddamnit, Hermione, I love you' right before the Kiss was performed.

No one in the crowd claimed to be the 'Hermione' the victim referred to, and, to Ministry knowledge, he had no lover, friends, family, or wife, so it is doubtful that such a woman ever existed.

I absolutely adore this! Youíve created that illusion again with Hermione, and you comment on and make the readers wonder if it even was Hermione that ever existed! I loved this plot twist!

You also never mention (that illusionment again) why Hermione had to be taken outside after Dracoís death. You state that her friend, whom we know is Harry, had to take her outside to calm down. Is this because she shared the love Draco had for her? Then why was she with Ron? Or is it just because she was so happy/upset to see that the killer of her husband, one she loved, was murdered right before her eyes and she had gotten to see it?

Now that Iíve read through the entire story, I faintly wonder why this was in the Hermione/Draco category. I liked how youíd created an illusion with their whole relationship; their entire connection was just a bit of something Draco had wished he had had with the girl, but did the point of why he loved her had anything to do with killing her husband? Why did Draco kill her husband? Was it an order by Voldemort himself, or did he do it for his own lust and wanting?

This is going on my favourites, as are you as an author, and I'm going to recommend it on the forums. Great work, and I hope to see a lot more from you.

~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: The Slytherin Queen
Date: 03/03/07 23:34
Chapter: What's Left of Me

That's so sad...

Reviewer: XColliFlourX
Date: 03/03/07 9:01
Chapter: What's Left of Me

That was great!
keep up the good work

Reviewer: dracoshotmistress
Date: 02/22/07 4:43
Chapter: What's Left of Me

oh how sweet that was such a good fic i love iit 9/10

Reviewer: deepblue
Date: 02/20/07 11:35
Chapter: What's Left of Me

excellent story
i was really hoping that he would get saved in the end but i loved the ending anyways
great job!

Reviewer: helgaandgodric
Date: 02/20/07 7:07
Chapter: What's Left of Me

Wow. That was very powerful, and extremely sad. I really liked how Draco's prescense haunted his cell afterwards, and his proclamatin of love. However, I'm a little confused. Did Hermione change her name, or did no one recognize her? But that seems unlikely, being as it was that Draco was "killed" for murdering her husband. So that just confused me a little bit. But besides for that, it was absolutely lovely.

Kate -> Knight of the Turnip Table

Reviewer: Queen Of Ravens
Date: 02/09/07 14:51
Chapter: What's Left of Me

Woo-Wee-Woo (creepy background music)

Reviewer: hogwartsrules
Date: 01/21/07 19:36
Chapter: What's Left of Me 10/10/10/10......

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