Reviews For Love Is Timeless
Reviewer: lunagirl824
Date: 08/08/06 13:12
Chapter: Loving and Missing

Oh I will keep around to find out! This is like my favorite fanfic of all time. Thank you so much for updating and I absolutely LOVED this chapter. I loved that Lily and James moment, it was just so sweet. And Remus yelling at the Hufflepuffs was great too. Where do you come up with all this? And that last part, about Harry, Ron, and Ginny, it almost made me cry. It was so sad!! Also, I really like how Hermione loves her life with the Marauders and Lily, but how she also misses her other friends. It must be an awful situation. I love your style and your way of writing. It's great how you alternate between '97 and '77, I like seeing how Harry, Ron, Ginny, and most of all Remus are coping with the situation. I cannot wait for the next chapter, so I hope you update soon!! Great job, still a million out of 10.

Author's Response: I was already teary eyed and now i'm just crying. Thank You so much for your review because I love knowing that you love what I wrote, especially since it means so much to me. I don't know what else to say except THANK YOU!!!! ^_^

Reviewer: booklady
Date: 08/08/06 12:08
Chapter: Loving and Missing

I can't wait for chapter 12! This is one of my very favorite stories!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: self named harry potter freak
Date: 08/08/06 11:53
Chapter: Loving and Missing

I love it! You write very well, and the lily/james moment was adorable. I love all the Remus/Hermione moments too. All hail fluff! Snape was the last person to see her? this should get interesting...not that it isn't already. This story is probably in the top 3 of most anticipated chapter arrivals out of a hundred and whatever i have on my fav's list. Great job, and i look eagerly forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank You so much...I'm all teary eyed now...i'll do my best to keep up to your expectation. Thanx again!!

Reviewer: lluvia
Date: 08/08/06 11:11
Chapter: Loving and Missing

Wonderful chapter! It was gorgeous and that James and Lily part was so cute. Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, i will ^_^

Reviewer: Christie
Date: 08/08/06 10:40
Chapter: Loving and Missing

Awwww! Poor Remus in 97. I felt so sorry for him then.

Author's Response: Thanx for the me i feel sorry for him too!!

Reviewer: Hermione neha
Date: 08/08/06 10:19
Chapter: Loving and Missing

I love your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please update soon! I feel so bad for Ginny, Ron, and Harry. The only thing I didn't like was how Remus got so violent which he wouldn't do, other than that it was good!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Nawl
Date: 07/07/06 11:34
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

I love your story. I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: I'm tying my best...thank you!!!!

Reviewer: Severussnapeslover
Date: 06/21/06 5:47
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

i really like this story and am very sad that it is abandoned!

if you ever pop in to see if ppl are still reviewing then you'll see that i really want you to update, even thought i was thinging about throwing you a couple lines via email to see if i can convince you to start up again!

hopefully you will!
if you do, ill definetly be your most ravid reader!

Author's Response: Thank You so much and I don't mean to seem like I abandoned this story it's just that my life is really busy on top of it...the moderaters rejected the new chapter twice so i'm trying. But thatnk You so much and I am glad you enjoy the story!!!

Reviewer: tbilger
Date: 06/09/06 10:46
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

I love it and you better keep updating on a regular basis. I don't do well with cliffhangers. It's such a sweet story with all the right elements in all the right places. I know that the stories end will not dissapoint me. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanx so much for your review and I'll try to update ASAP!! ^_~

Reviewer: marianna_224
Date: 05/25/06 17:10
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

I absolutely love this story! The development is amazing, and the way you tell the story is just as wonderful! You make me die for more all the time! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank You very much. I want you to die for more, just not literally, u have to stay alive so u can review. ^_^

Reviewer: iluvharryandron
Date: 05/20/06 14:10
Chapter: Issues

wow... very different from most... really liked it

Author's Response: Thank You !!! ^_^

Reviewer: crazychikky
Date: 05/19/06 18:53
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

This story, by far, is the BEST time travel fic I've ever read!!! Keep it up!!! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: The Best????? Really????? I feel truly honored. Thank You!!! ^_^

Reviewer: Christie
Date: 05/19/06 13:44
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

This is really good!

Author's Response: Thanx a lot ^_^

Reviewer: ClassicBeauty
Date: 05/07/06 13:26
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

hey youre story is really good I cant wait to find out what happens between Remus and Hermione.

Author's Response: I can't wait either. So many options. Thank You!!! ^_^

Reviewer: 180goddess hotline
Date: 05/01/06 18:49
Chapter: Snape Got Runover By a Hippogriff

Snape got run over by a hipogrif!!!!!! (is that how you spell hipogrif? and of course I don't even bother to chek. Thats not how you spell chek is it? oh well, todays just a bad day for me) anyway, really good story keep it up

Author's Response: Thank You very much!!! ^_^

Reviewer: summer time girl
Date: 04/30/06 14:21
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

this is getting so good. please update soon.

Author's Response: I know right! Thanks for the review! ^_^

Reviewer: lunagirl824
Date: 04/17/06 15:49
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

Wow, great job! I love how you describe the characters' feelings, actions, and the setting of the story. I've never really thought much about how complicated time really is, but when I do think about it, it's really complicated, and you have a great ability to show how complicated it is without completely messing up the fic. I love how you described the snow scene and Hermione and Remus's kiss. I can't wait to see what she decides. Beautifully written and described, I still think you are one of the best authors whose fanfiction I've read. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see what happens next. Do you honestly try to make this fic as suspenseful as it is? Your writing just draws me in and leaves me longing for more at the end of a chapter. Once again, great job and please update soon. Just a quick question - how long are you planning to make this fic?

Author's Response: You are one of my favorite reviewers. Thank You so much for you're insite and extensive reviews. I love them and I think I've told you before that they mean alot to me. Thanx again! ^_^

Reviewer: lluvia
Date: 04/15/06 11:15
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

That was a beautiful chapter. I really don't no what to say other than that was beautiful and that you surprise me everytime. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Aww...thanx a lot. ^_^

Reviewer: cat
Date: 04/14/06 15:34
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

Excellent chapter...I hope Hermione makes the right choice in doing what makes her happy...

Author's Response: Thank You very much...I hope she does too. She has so many choices to make. ^_^

Reviewer: hpfan012
Date: 04/07/06 20:17
Chapter: What Lies In A Kiss

sorry i reviewed at the first chapter but what i said stays the same! lol

Author's Response: Thanx again ^_^ lol

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