Reviews For Gloria et Odium
Reviewer: EtherealElation
Date: 10/27/06 1:39
Chapter: one-shot

Oh... This was amazing, as well. Very stunning work - the symbolism with the garden and thistles is very striking, and very attractive in the cleverly disguised way in which it comes about.

Something you would root out and throw away with utmost disgust, except then the garden would be really dead. All your life, all your care, all your strength ó dead. And yet you canít look at it because it mocks you, it mocks the beauty the garden once held, it mocks the effort you put into it, it mocks you for failing. This part was extraordinary... It's so very powerful, draws so much emotion into a few words... Loved it. Bravissima on another masterpiece!


Reviewer: Lilypudding
Date: 06/13/06 13:55
Chapter: one-shot

Wow! This is a really amazing and powerful, reflective work. Both amazingly poetic and stunningly metaphoric, this wonderful one-shot is both insightful and cleverly written. While it is a very unique peice of work with a very different subject matter, I really like this reflective monologue. This one-shot is amazingly powerful.

I really loved the clever, hidden metaphors and symbolism that you used to really give this work life. The constant mentioning of garden is really brilliant symbolism. It reminds me of the garden of Eden, and this simple allusion to the tale of Adam and Eve, a tale everyone knows, really gives your work life. While the symbolism of the thistle isn't as obvious, a quick search of the word "thistle" yeilded that it was a Hebrew word, further moving the Bibilical symbolism.

The vision of the girl at the lake is quite a stunning sight. I'm not quite sure why Mrs. Black keeps seeing this peaceful, serene dream or vision, though. I think you should try to make that more clear. While it is obvious she is Mrs. Black, I was a little confused for a bit and wondered if it was a memory or another painting of Mrs. Black. While I finally came to the conclusion it is a memory, maybe you could add what really happened on that day. However, really, it is up to you. The fact you never quite explained it gave this story a multi-faced ending and a lot of suspense.

This really is a great peice of writing. You show a lot of promise with the pen and I'm really looking foward to reading your further works. Amazing fic, and keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Wow! This is an amazing review you left. It's long and meaningful, and I can't thank you enough for that. Hmm, I really didn't know that about thistle, so it was quite an accidental symbolism. First, I was going to use a dandelion, but that would have felt a bit weird, I think. I just needed something to represent Sirius - strong, rough, edgy, but a good person once you got to know him (thistles bloom, and then they are rather pretty; but if you don't know that they bloom, you might find them harsh and ugly). The girl in the meadow was indeed a memory, and it was there mostly to show that at one point in her life, Mrs. Black had been happy. At one point life had been easier, and she hadn't been a failure. Hmm, the more I think about it, the more I start to feel sorry for Mrs. Black. I don't approve her way of life, but I sort of understand her.

Reviewer: I Love Severus Snape
Date: 03/16/06 17:13
Chapter: one-shot

This is beyond beautiful! I'm going to add it to my favourites in a minute.
The flow of the writing fit the mood perfectly. The short, choppy sentences got right to the point, and never failed to bring out Mrs. Black's personality through her thoughts. The metaphor you sprinkled throughout the fic made it even more lovely. I love the idea you have with her life being compared to a garden. Not to mention, you tied it in very well... what with her knowing someone who's life revolved around gardens. This really stirred my emotions; it was so beautiful. Fabulous job!

Author's Response: A thousand thanks for your very kind words. :) I've come to the conclusion that it's always important to look into things from every possible point of view and with this story I tried to describe how (the portrait of) Mrs. Black sees everything. I'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: Kerian
Date: 02/09/06 18:19
Chapter: one-shot

OH WOW! This was soo powerful and interesting, I love your idea that no matter how much she attacked Sirius she never could bring herself to destroy him. Well done, and I have to say I have such a weakness for nice little translated titles- I think theyre a huge attentioned grabber! Nice!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love translated titles myself as well, too bad I'm so weak in Latin.

Reviewer: Susan05
Date: 02/05/06 10:36
Chapter: one-shot

The story is wonderful! One of my favourites here for sure. It was so good to read it, all the thoughts seemed to come in the right order... post more stories please!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)

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