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Name: Iltu (Signed) · Date: 05/05/06 0:25 · For: Chapter 10 Dessert and Despair
Poor Harry, Hopefully Hermine'll find a way to destroy a living horcrux and let Harry live at the same time - but by the way my Opinion is that JKR might do the same - making Harry a horcrux I mean - but I'm not really sure that she'll let him live in the end. I'm really curious what you are going to do - please update soon............

Author's Response: Hi Iltu! Thanks for the nice review! I'm in agreement with you. It's impossible to guess what JKR will do, she's such a creative and masterful story teller. I'm a H/Hr shipper (to state the obvious), but I wouldn't bet much money on H/Hr being a pair at the end of the HP series. I wouldn't bet anything on H/Hr unless I was given very good odds, because I think it's quite likely for Harry to die. I'd bet against H/G at even odds though. For that to occur, Harry would have to live AND not pair up with Hermione. I'd estimate the chances of that happening as less than 1 in 6.

Name: johnyt23 (Signed) · Date: 05/04/06 19:59 · For: Chapter 10 Dessert and Despair
Awsome chapter..i hate this new system!!! it was teasing me for like a week...im just happy i finally got to read it...great job...i cant wait for the next one

Author's Response: Hi johnyt23, Thanks for the nice review! If you ever see any errors, spelling, spells, or Potterverse stuff, let me know so I can correct it. The new system is different, but the moderators are doing a great job.

Name: sskywalker00 (Signed) · Date: 05/04/06 18:51 · For: Chapter 10 Dessert and Despair
this was a great chapter, keep up the good work i can't wait for the rest of the storie updated soon

Author's Response: Hi sskywalker00, Thanks for the nice review. I'm working on chapter 11and hope to have it ready to submit in a few days.

Name: HermioneJPotter (Signed) · Date: 05/04/06 18:37 · For: Chapter 10 Dessert and Despair
Wow.... Awesome chapter..... I just loved it.. I can't belive that Harry had lunch with the Queen... thats cool... Please udpate soon...I just can't wait to read more... Awesome job !!!

Author's Response: Hi HJP!, Scrimgeour was invited to lunch with the Queen because the Prime Minister wanted to show the wizards to her. Scrimgeour took Harry because he wants to impress him, befriend him and then use him to do his dirty work.

Name: indierocker (Signed) · Date: 05/04/06 17:16 · For: Chapter 10 Dessert and Despair
Nice chapter!Are Harry and Hermione going to hook up soon?Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi indierocker, Thanks for the nice review. Things are going to get worse.

Name: lostseeker (Signed) · Date: 05/03/06 9:08 · For: Chapter 10 Dessert and Despair
don-t tell me you managed to read chapter 10!!! maybe is written in invisible ink? :)))

Author's Response: Hi lostseeker, It seems that in the new system a chapter is announced well in advance of when it is actually open to the readers. As the author I can reach material that I have submitted in three different ways. I've found that when I edit a chapter that is in the queue, the program that inserts the html code for a breaks between the paragraphs, inserts more breaks between the paragraphs. If I touch up a chapter 5 or 6 times I get hugh gaps between the paragraphs.

Name: draco ortt (Signed) · Date: 05/02/06 0:47 · For: Chapter 1 - A Depressing Chore for Dumbledore
wow!!! just love it...

Author's Response: You know, your pseudonym makes it seem like you're a Draco fan. As you can tell from chapter 6 of my story, I'm not a Draco fan. But I'm glad you like my story.

Name: draco ortt (Signed) · Date: 05/02/06 0:42 · For: Chapter 10 Dessert and Despair
wow!!! nice work... love this history
thanks (cant wait)
continue, you're a great writer XD

Author's Response: Hi draco ortt, Thanks for the nice review! It's fun to play with the characters and world that JKR has invented. She left the identity of the 5th horcrux as one of the mysteries at the end of HBP. All doubts about the identity of the 5th horcrux in my story will be gone by the end of chapter 10.

Name: hermione davii (Signed) · Date: 05/01/06 19:48 · For: Chapter 10 Dessert and Despair
T_T this is a fantastic history!!! i can't wait... please continue with this.
Good work :D

Author's Response: Hi hermione davii! Thanks for the nice review! I plan on continuing, but chapter 11 is a tough one to write.

Name: indierocker (Signed) · Date: 04/30/06 10:33 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends
Why did Hagrid not believe Harry? Hagrid always believes Harry, does Hagrid really think Harry would do something to Hermione. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hi indierocker! All Hagrid said was ah uh (or something like that). Harry perceived that Hagrid didn't believe him because the story sounded so improbable and lame, even to Harry as he said it. I'm sure Hagrid wouldn't think that Harry would do something TO Hermione. The Centaurs might jump to the conclusion tht harry wanted to rape her out in the forest. But Hagrid didn't know they had been out in the forest. If Hagrid thought real hard about it, he'd probably come to the conclusion that Harry and Hermione had been out in the Quidditch clubhouse doing the sorts of things that 17 - 18 year olds will do. Hagrid will cover up for his friends (the kids were just having sex) in order to keep McGonagall from discovering they had broken the rules (the kids were having sex!). Especially after Hermione begged Hagrid to keep quiet. This helps hide the REAL secret, that they were in the forest to get acromantula venom so they could destroy a horcrux. They don't want anyone to know that they know about horcruxes.

Name: indierocker (Signed) · Date: 04/30/06 10:33 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends
Why did Hagrid not believe Harry? Hagrid always believes Harry, does Hagrid really think Harry would do something to Hermione. Please update soon!

Name: cleverlydisguised (Signed) · Date: 04/28/06 15:01 · For: Chapter 10 Dessert and Despair
it's like tourture. there's a chapter ten shown, but when you click on it, there's no chapter ten. *tears* could i get a tissue please?
ps-thanks for the advice for studying.

Author's Response: Hi cleverlydisguised, I've noticed this in the new system. Chapter titles get posted a day or two before the chapter is approved. I can access chapter 10 through a user pathway, but only when I'm logged in. In the first few days after submitting a chapter I can access it, but only through the account info pathway that's used to edit the submission. I think the posting of the chapter title means the story will be reviewed soon, and if the moderators don't have a problem with it, the chapter should be posted in a few days.

Name: cleverlydisguised (Signed) · Date: 04/28/06 6:45 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends
i loved it. all of your storied are great. if i could write like you my english teacher would stop yelling at me about stupid pronoun/noun agreememt. thanks for giving me something to do when i'm not studing my brains out for finals. please up date soon.

Author's Response: Hi cleverlydisguised! Thanks for the nice review! I wish you the best of luck on your final exams. I suggest you go back through the quizzes and exams you've had throughout the semester and try rewriting the questions so they examine the material in a slightly different way. If you really want to learn a subject, try writing one of those final exams. Chapter 10 is in the queue. After that there might be a bit of delay. Final exams - oh my.

Name: Hermione neha (Signed) · Date: 04/25/06 18:15 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends

Author's Response: Hi Hermione neha! Thanks for the nice review. I went for slapstick humor and a bit of titillation in Chapter 9. I like slapstick. I like titillation too, but I put that stuff about Hermione being flipped upside down while wearing nothing but a loose T-shirt for a reason. Hermione loves Harry, but Harry is reluctant to commit because he doesn't want Hermione to be in danger or grief stricken. I figured I'd give Harry an eyeful so he starts thinking about Hermione as more than a brainy friend.

Name: JeWb (Anonymous) · Date: 04/25/06 7:02 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends
Yea, I guess I forgot about Lupin in chapter 8. I suppose then that they would be able to safely assume if a werewolf were to come on campus it would be one following Voldemort. It didn't surprise me at all that Hagrid would have silver arrows in his cabin. I wouldnt be surprised one bit if Hagrid had silver arrows in his cabin in JKR's work. Did you send in chapter 10? :P

Author's Response: Chapter 10 is in the queue.

Name: indierocker (Signed) · Date: 04/24/06 18:55 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends
I have read all of your storys so far. Your a very good writer. Please update The Fifth Horcrux soon.

Author's Response: Hi indierocker! Thanks for the nice review. These fanficts help pass the time while we wait for book 7. I worked on chapter 10 a bit this evening, it's coming along.

Name: HermioneJPotter (Signed) · Date: 04/23/06 22:42 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends
Wow.... That was sooo scary.. I thought that that werewolf was going to bite them... Awesome update...I loved it... Great job... Please update soon... I just can't wait to read more...

Author's Response: Hi HJP!, Thanks for the nice review. The werewolf could have easily bitten or killed Harry, but he tried to tie Harry up with a piece of magical rope. A werewolf has been killed on the grounds of Hogwarts, you can expect the Ministry of Magic to investigate. The most interesting part of the untold backstory are the adventures of Crookshanks as he attempted to take Hermione's wand to her. He had to find an open window so he could get out of the castle. He had to recover the wand when he dropped it while climbing down an ivy-covered wall. He had to find the right path in the woods. What a dilema he faced when he had to choose: the path to the left? or the path to the right? or chase the mouse into the brush!

Name: JeWb (Anonymous) · Date: 04/23/06 21:01 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends
Good chapter! I've always liked Crookshanks for some reason... Smart cat that is. I can't wait for the 'Spider Hunt' I hope it's in the next chapter. You know what would be funny/very bad? That the werewolf Hagrid killed was Lupin. But I think Hagrid/Hermione/Harry were a bit ooc in the hut. I don't think that any of them would want to kill the werewolves. Cause they all know one personally and realize that the person who is turning into a wolf has no control over what he does at all. I jsut doubt they would want ot open fire with silver arrows right away. But I guess if they knew 100% they were on orders from greyback it would be OK.. Cause its safe to assume that those people are evil. All in all, great chapter. Update asap!


Author's Response: Hi John! Thanks for the nice review. It's true that Harry, Hermione and Hagrid would be reluctant to kill a werewolf under normal circumstances, but I sort of covered over this problem in the early part of chapter 8. McGonagall reported to Harry that Lupin had been injured and was staying at Harry's house. She also said that she was worried about werewolves. The unmentioned backstory is that she was aware of the gaps in the magical barrier that allowed for animal migration. McGonagall had hired Grumblyplank to help Hagrid find the gaps and change the charm so werewolves couldn't come through. It was not an accident that Hagrid had silver arrows ready to go. I like Crookshanks too. He is a very smart animal, Sirius said so. I have this thesis that Harry will try to do things alone in order to avoid endangering his friends. But it's easier for Harry to pull a fast one on Ron than on Hermione. It's harder for Harry to fool Hermione because she very smart and she's got a smarter pet too.

Name: johnyt23 (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 7:31 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends
well.. idk how i did it because the stories not available again...but i read it and again it was an amazing chapter...your a really awsome writer...just one question: Your story is classified under H/Hr and i was just wondering how long that hook up is going to take?

Author's Response: Thanks for your perserverence! How long will it take for H/Hr to hook up? This story is growing into a real monster and the moderators have caught up with me, I'm still working on chapter 10. There are real problems with H/Hr. Harry loves Hermione, but the way she was nearly killed in the DoM in OotP really shook him up. He doesn't want her or Ron to be in danger, and if she's close to Harry Potter she's in grave danger. Then there's Ron, he's been jealous of Hermione in a rather immature way for a long time. Ron's a good guy but as long as Voldemort is alive, Harry's really not good for Hermione. The situation is going to go from bad to worse.

Name: johnyt23 (Signed) · Date: 04/20/06 9:21 · For: Chapter 9 Four Legged Foes, Four Legged Friends
any idea when its going to be validated? Its like your teasing me...i see the chapter up and i cant wait to read it but i cant!!!

Author's Response: I can access the story through reader pathways when I'm logged in, but not when I'm not logged in. I would guess that the chapter will be validated soon. It seems that in the new system the chapters go to this stage where they are announced, but not completely open, just before they are validated. There is this new box called "Author's Notes", but there is no box called "Chapter Summary" I've been putting my Chapter summaries in the "Author's Notes" box. I hope that's OK.

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