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Reviews For The Fifth Horcrux

Name: hermoninny (Signed) · Date: 08/03/06 11:01 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
WOW! I loved it! That was great, thanks for updating so fast! This is one of my faveorite fan fics. Great job!!! ~=)

p.s. Chapter 19 already waiting to be validated??? Wow!

Author's Response: Hi hermoninny! Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, Chapter 19 is in the queue, it's called: "Over the Cliff". (Because I couldn't think of a good name for the chapter!) I've proofed ch. 19 for typos and I think it's OK. The action is going to start to get a little more intense.

Name: 5589 (Signed) · Date: 08/03/06 8:24 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
is snape going to see umbridge or bellatrix?

Author's Response: Hi 5589! Thanks for the review! Both Dolores and Bellatrix are evil women aren't they!

Name: HarryHermionegurl (Signed) · Date: 08/03/06 3:05 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
Whoa... How did I not see that comeing. I am all for the love potion theory in half blood prince and I totally didn't see that coming. Course the part with Peter and Paul was funny. "even your porrige is shiny" and the owl! Very good chapter

Author's Response: Hi HarryHermionegurl! Thanks for the nice review! My idea is that Ron might be inclined to try a love potion because there is a bit of family experience. Mrs. Weasley told Hermione and Ginny some story about a love potion incident that had the girls giggling., and Fred and George are making and selling the stuff. What is "the love potion theory in HBP?" Is it the idea that Ginny used one on Harry? There may have been something in her perfume (perhaps inadvertantly), but doubt I if Ginny needed to use a full strength love potion on Harry. Or was Ron the victim? Did Lavender use a love potion on Ron in HBP?

Name: orlandolover (Signed) · Date: 08/02/06 23:46 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
that sucks. they arent fair to us h/h lovers. hahha. have you thought about using fanfiction.net? cause i dont think it has to get approved over there.. i would create an account just so i could still review. hahah. i cant wait! i'm glad you update so fast. if only they would read the h/h stories and accept them a little faster...

Author's Response: Hi orlandolover! Chapter 19 is in the queue.

Name: hermoninny (Signed) · Date: 08/02/06 17:37 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
I'm really starting to get depressed... I had to read hp fan fics on hpff! thats how bored i was! (mind you, they weren't that bad) hope this get validated soon! has it been a week yet?

Author's Response: Hi hermoninny! Thanks for the review. There were 6 updates posted to H/Hr fics today! Yeah!

Name: cleverlydisguised (Signed) · Date: 08/02/06 15:46 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
this is really starting to get depressing. loads of other stories have been updated and this one hasn't. i think i'm going to cry soon.

Author's Response: Hi cleverlydisguised, Yeah, There have been no updates of any H/Hr story since 7/21. Maybe someone's on vacation. Chapter 19 is ready to submit and Chapter 20 is almost written.

Name: jilly_rancher (Signed) · Date: 08/01/06 20:12 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
So Rita sleeps with him just to so she can say she slept with the 'man who killed dumbledore'? And Snape gets... info on Harry out of it? ...or not?...

Author's Response: Skeeter's been getting inside information on Death Eater attacks (after the fact, but eyewitness reports) Snape gets written up like he's Voldemort's right hand man, it builds up his ego.

Name: 5589 (Signed) · Date: 08/01/06 6:40 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
was rita a beetle through the whole story and going to give the information to snape to give to voldemort but only if snape sleeps with her?

Author's Response: Between Draco Malfoy telling the bad guys and Hermione Granger telling the good guys, I would guess that Skeeter's beetle-form isn't as good a disguise as it used to be. I've alway wondered how she kept from being eaten by a bird.

Name: orlandolover (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 23:24 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
hahah. soo many reviews, and it's not up yet. i can't wait!!!! maybe the S/S relationship would be important cause rita can get inside information on harry and hermione.. maybe? i dont know. but thats my guess. she could like, spy and find out stuff that snape could never get near to hear, and then tell him about it. uhh.. just a guess. haha who knows. i cant wait though! great story, they need to submit it soon!!!

Author's Response: Hi orlandolover! I wouldn't be the first author to point out that the espionage community often has an interesting relationship with the media. Information and disinformation flows both ways. Snape also fancies himself to be an actor. Spies and entertainer also have a long history of association. I'm beginning to wonder when the update will appear. There have been no updates to any H/Hr stories since 7/21, that's 12 days ago. There have been updates in every other Romance Story Catagory.

Name: 5589 (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 16:19 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
now that we figured out who the girl who is the boy? is it snape? or voldemort?

Author's Response: Hi 5589! Skeeter's in bed with Snape. Bearing in mind that this story is about H/Hr, why would a S/S relationship be important? (It is.)

Name: jilly_rancher (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 15:21 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
...but Rita Skeeter and WHO? Not Harry... Not Ron... Scrimgeour? Snape? (Love the story; keep up the great work!)

Author's Response: Rita Skeeter was probably a Slytherin, from the same mold as Slughorn and Fudge. She's not evil enough (or maybe she's too smart) to join the Death Eaters, but she's an ambitious witch (I almost spelled that word with a "b", wouldn't that have been a slip.) She probably knew Snape when he was a school boy. Now he's famous. He's the guy who killed Dumbledore!

Name: hermoninny (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 12:16 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
Omg wow.... Nice job! I would have never guessed it would be Rita Skeeter!

Author's Response: Give 5589 the credit for the guess. I hope chapter 18 gets posted soon so we can get on to other some of the other issues that will pop up in it.

Name: cleverlydisguised (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 8:11 · For: Chapter 17 The Battle of Hogsmeade
yep. I'm leaving another review on this chapter. your essay "Ron loves Hermione and he will ____ her" was brill. I loved it and it made alot of sense to me. And people think that H/Hr shippers are dillusional. More like R/Hr Still can't wait for next chapter. It's weird your next chpater has more reviews than this one and it hasn't been read yet.

Author's Response: Hi cleverlydisguised! Thanks for your nice comments about the essay I submitted to Madam Puddifoot's. A lot of people hated what I wrote there, because they think I'm attacking a real person. The most important part of that essay is the list of traits from Dear Abby that may be predictive of an abusive personality. If your significant other displays those sorts of traits, you should think of dumping the jerk. It is pretty wierd how many reviews I've already gotten for chapter 18. I wonder what will happen when it comes out, because the pillow talk between Skeeter and Snape is by far not the most shocking event in the chapter.

Name: 5589 (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 6:22 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
okay yeah is it rita skeeter?

Name: 5589 (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 6:18 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
is it rita skeeter?

Author's Response: Hi 5589! Yes! Good guess! It's Rita Skeeter! Doesn't it make you want to gag yourself with a spoon? JKR will not be putting any trashy bedroom scenes in book 7, but she made Rita Skeeter to be the sort of character who is willing to sell out truth, enlightment and civility for the sake of her career. It's only a small, and I think reasonable, extrapolation to suppose that she would use her body in a trashy way to get a story.

Name: Eve (Signed) · Date: 07/30/06 20:43 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
Blonde when Harry met her, huh? Well I was thinking Fluer but would that really affect anybody? Not Parvati, she has dark hair I think. Wow, I can't think of any blondes. They're young enough to go to Hogwarts and have an effect of Hermione and Harry but aren't Ron and Lavender. Hm.... Not a clue. Can't wait to read it.

Author's Response: School girls shouldn't be throwing themselves at boys anyway.

Name: packerfan (Signed) · Date: 07/30/06 20:28 · For: Chapter 17 The Battle of Hogsmeade
I read your response to my review
and unfortunately, I have to correct an error
bucky=the mascot for the University of Wisconsin's various teams
he, despite being awesome, is unaffiliated with the packers
were you to say: GO CHEESE! I would feel less obligated to correct anything :)
at any rate, I enjoy your story (it helps me get through my summer school computer apps class)

Author's Response: Hey I never said that Bucky was associated with the Packers. I just like the Badgers. I can remember watching a few sunsets over Green Bay from Pensinsula State Park with the girl I married.

Name: debs (Signed) · Date: 07/30/06 18:04 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
hi, im just having this feeling. is it fleur????

Author's Response: Fleur is a blond and I do hope that she and Bill enjoy some activities that are not described in childrens' books, but it's not her. There's a hint in Chapter 1.

Name: debs (Signed) · Date: 07/30/06 18:02 · For: Chapter 17 The Battle of Hogsmeade
hi, i have this feeling that i cant explain is it fleur??? just out of my curiosity

Author's Response: Wow, this is great! All I have to do is to warn folks of a racy scene, and I get tons of reviews before it even comes out. And the most shocking stuff in Chapter 18 occurs a couple of hundred miles from the blond in the sack.

Name: richgirl23 (Signed) · Date: 07/29/06 19:11 · For: Chapter 18 Dirty Laundry
is it tonks?

Author's Response: It would be fun to write a love scene with Tonks. It'd go something like this: She grinned down at Remus and began to teasingly pull her T-shirt up and over her head. She dropped her T-shirt on the floor reached behind her back to undo her bra. Unfortunately she lost her balance and fell off the bed. She knocked over the night stand dropping the candle to the floor. The T-shirt on the floor caught on fire and she jumped towards the dresser to grab her wand. On her way she kicked over the small table that held the fish tank. "At least I put the fire out," she told Lupin as they waited for the healer at St. Mungo's to come in and take care of her foot. "Maybe things will go better tomorrow night, Remus."

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