Reviewer: hermioneandron4eva
Date: 06/17/06 0:10
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

I have to come to the conclusion that Hermione carried for Harry and Ginny. Is that even possible? ARGH, SOOOOOO CONFUSING (at least to me, it is.)

Reviewer: DeathByMoonlight
Date: 06/12/06 15:48
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

omg!!! write more-really soon!!!! and how was Herms...the letter... ?
argh-just write soon!!! great story!!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! The next chapter is in the process of coming along nicely!!! Thanks for reviewing! Manda*

Reviewer: sweeterthanhunny
Date: 06/08/06 6:03
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

Hi. Me again. Im leaving to many reveiws. This is just to say that you still havnt updated (although it hasnt been that long) and I still am confused. I told my friend about your story and the details of what was confusing me ( Hermiones pregnancy, Ginnys non-pregnancy, and all that) and now we are both really confused. Even my mom is confused (althouigh I didnt explain it too clearly to her) so youve got us all confused. So please update so we can sort this all out cause we are all VERY confused. Please? Stil a good story- stil a HuGE cliffie!lol.

Author's Response: Um, alright. It really isn't that confusing, but I'm sorry anyways. Once I get the next chapter up and fill in all of the answers, you might feel a little stupid, cuz it really isn't that confusing. But I like keeping my readers wanting more, and if that is what it takes, so be it! Thanks so much! Manda*

Reviewer: gingercat
Date: 06/07/06 8:47
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

I can NOT stand the waiting.........I can't stop crying............Please update.......

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 06/06/06 23:20
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

wow everything is starting to make a bit more sence now but we have to now more and so it is up to you to updaate please do it soon

Reviewer: hermioneandron4eva
Date: 06/03/06 12:59
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

MORE CHAPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: marvologirl4
Date: 06/03/06 0:49
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

WHAT??? o this is gettin good. fast. i cannot wait for the next chapter. I wonder how Ron is gonna react. please update ASAP, i don't think i can take the wait. good chapter.

Author's Response: *smiles* I'm glad you liked it! I did too! I'll update as soon as I can! Like I said before, I leave for vaca today until the eleventh, so I'm pretty sure I can update by then! :) Thanks for reviewing! Manda*

Reviewer: MioneJGWeasley
Date: 06/02/06 20:59
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

Very good, and sneeky of you! I'm looking forward to seeing Ron's expression lol. Keep up the updating!!!

Reviewer: googelyeyes
Date: 06/02/06 15:05
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

I've been reading this story since the beginning but never reviewed. Wasn't what I was expecting but I like it :) Wonder if any of the Weasley's know or if Hermione has told him bout his parents yet. Update soon. Good luck!

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you've finally reviewed! I love it when people review! And I'm so glad that you liked it! Stay tuned... Manda*

Reviewer: Mrs Liz Potter
Date: 06/02/06 12:35
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

Wow! Didn't see that coming. Please update soon I need this story to survive! Love Always...

Reviewer: Cheshlin
Date: 06/02/06 10:56
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

Wow. That was a very interesting chapter. I would say that James is Harry and Ginny's Son that Hermione carried for them. What I don't understand is how Hermione could hide this son from the Weasley's. That would be their only contact to Ginny that was left. Even if Arthur and Molly knew about him, Ron and his brother's should have too. James is their nephew after all. Hermione shouldn't be yelling at Ron though. He has every right to be upset. I don't exactly get why she would hide what she did for Harry and Ginny. I guess we will be getting some of that, hopefully sooner then later.

Reviewer: sweeterthanhunny
Date: 06/02/06 8:56
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

btw, my eyes r watery.

Author's Response: *laughs again* You make me laugh.

Reviewer: sweeterthanhunny
Date: 06/02/06 8:53
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

Oh my god! She didnt have a miscarriage, sorry. Ive changed my mind. But in the previous chapters reveiws you said that Ginny was never pregnant, but then how can J be Ginny and Harry's son? Unless, somehow, Hermione carried him for them......... Ok, Ive just gone and confused myself further! P.S Still a cliffie as high as the Mariana trench is deep...

Reviewer: sweeterthanhunny
Date: 06/02/06 8:48
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

Hermione, that is.

Reviewer: sweeterthanhunny
Date: 06/02/06 8:48
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

Oh my god. Ive just thought of something. She had a miscarriage, didnt she?

Author's Response: miscarriage. This chapter (and the next one for that matter) kind of fits under the title of my other fic, Never What it Seems, because trust me - you will never guess the twist in this story. Well, maybe you will. You'll just have to wait and see! :) Manda*

Reviewer: sweeterthanhunny
Date: 06/02/06 8:46
Chapter: All Answers Cause Questions

HERMIONE WAS PREGNANT?!!!!!!!! Youve just left me hanging off a cliffie as high as the Mariana Trench is deep! No fair! Good story though.

Author's Response: *laughs* I'm glad you like it. I'm going on vaca tomorrow for about a week so I will work on the next chapie for you! Manda*

Reviewer: hermioneandron4eva
Date: 05/30/06 20:13
Chapter: Letters

sssssssoooooooooo sssssssaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd *cries hysterically*

Reviewer: marvologirl4
Date: 05/26/06 13:43
Chapter: The Anniversary Gift

great chapte, i hope luna tells oliver sometime, and wat a jerk he is. giving a divorce gift.
update soon plz

Reviewer: leah3467
Date: 05/22/06 23:55
Chapter: The Anniversary Gift

Wonderful story, and not a mistake to be found if I do say so myself. (not that I did anything, it was really all you) And btw, I just figured out that little trick you gave me about J. very smooth. can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: ronsbestgirl
Date: 05/22/06 21:40
Chapter: The Anniversary Gift

really good so far!!!!!!!

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