Reviews For A Path Reforged
Reviewer: Shadows_keeper21
Date: 06/11/11 12:35
Chapter: Fire and Ice

It may not be the real book, but both characters seemed to change too fas, and they weren't given much of a character, both just seemed to not care anymore. Was still pretty good though, and I liked how you gave Harry the choice of becoming a ghost or not.

Reviewer: JulyWeasley77
Date: 05/31/10 15:54
Chapter: Fire and Ice

i think it was WONDERFUL!

Reviewer: PheonixFlamesForever
Date: 08/30/08 5:02
Chapter: Fire and Ice

blond In Britain, it would be blonde :) We like to add uneccessary letters into words to confuse people.

I’m not a killer. I like this alot. People forget, but Draco isn't a killer. Sometimes writers forget this, and make him kill every passing muggle. But he couldn't kill Dumbledore, that was Snape. This line shows his humanity, which I like.

I don't really like the paragraphs where Draco and Ginny embrace. This is my first Draco/Ginny story, maybe that's why. You say that a little OOCness doesn't hurt anybody.. and it doesn't, but it does distract from the story slightly. I understand that Ginny was distressed and maybe wouldn't care who was comforting her, but she'd remember it was a Malfoy, and Draco Malfoy for that matter!

He did not know what possessed him to kiss her This line seems a little stilted and forced. He didn't know what came over him, but he kissed her, would sound less stilted. And also, I think you've undermined the closeness of the Malfoy relationship. I can definately see Lucius reacting the way you have shown him as doing, but I can't see Draco ever killing his father, or even attempting too, especailly over a girl who he doesn't even know. Also, nothing can stop Avada Kedavra, nothing at all.

I'm confused as to the time limit in which Harry dies. Avada Kedavra is instant, it isn't prolonged and stretched out.

I think at the end, you've got Malfoy spot on though. He always resented Harry because of some unknown reason. I think you pinned it down though.

Overall, nice work. I just feel you could've done a little more work to build up the relationship between Ginny and Draco, and that you underestimated the devotion of the Malfoy family to each other, and actually, the devotion of Ginny to Harry.

elle! (PheonixFlamesForever - Pheonix Tears)

Reviewer: EmoDanni432
Date: 03/23/08 10:24
Chapter: Fire and Ice

OMG!!! that was awesome, it was sooo sweet and so happy but sad at the same time. Ur a brilliant writer

Reviewer: farhali
Date: 03/05/08 11:08
Chapter: Fire and Ice

Very nice story. I loved the part where Draco finally realizes that even though he didn't get the glory he wanted, he still got something more valuable. Write more like that!

Reviewer: tha_looney_one
Date: 01/07/08 21:03
Chapter: Fire and Ice

I feel like I've betrayed something, but I'm falling in love with Draco/Ginny. *shudders* You're right, of course, that it wouldn't happened, but D/G has to be OOC, right? I LOVED IT!!! I felt so bad for Harry at the beginning but you wrapped everything else. I also like Draco's speech at the end: " But you got all the glory..". But Draco got Ginny :P. You made it so good, cause sometimes [I wouldnt know, but I can imagine] in those kinda times, you dont think about who you're crying on, as long as you're crying on someone. I LOVED IT!!! *squees* I have a friend in my madness of D/G!!

Reviewer: fuzzypeaches07
Date: 10/28/07 18:56
Chapter: Fire and Ice

its gud ,, u shuld write more stories :)

Reviewer: ginevra_molly_potter
Date: 09/29/07 1:31
Chapter: Fire and Ice

That was.......God, I can't even find a word for it. It was amazingingly written but....the thing with the tunnel and Voldemort with Harry walking down it and Harry having to decide....that almost made me cry. Almost. I still felt dread though. Good job, not many people can do that with their fics.

Author's Response: thanks

Reviewer: dracos_star
Date: 06/23/07 20:31
Chapter: Fire and Ice

wow that was so awsome!!! I really wish you would comtinue the story......but alas...oh well!

Author's Response: oh well since my free time is like -10 min a day.

Reviewer: wikka16
Date: 02/17/07 10:23
Chapter: Fire and Ice

nice, the way you pictured ginny is just the way i pictured her except i would've liked it if she had been a bit more feisty and less damsel in distress but her family and friends had just died so she might have acted like that :D

Author's Response: :-)

Reviewer: Crazy Rat
Date: 09/12/06 22:59
Chapter: Fire and Ice

Nice story, I don't mind that it's OOC. (kinda makes it more interesting actually) I like Draco's response to Harry dying. (that's the way i want draco to be)

Author's Response: thanx.

Reviewer: Crazy Rat
Date: 09/12/06 22:57
Chapter: Fire and Ice

Nice story, I don't mind that it's OOC. (kinda makes it more interesting actually) I like Draco's response to Harry dying. (that's the way i want draco to be)

Author's Response: ya, me too.

Reviewer: SecretEmeraldLily
Date: 07/23/06 20:54
Chapter: Fire and Ice

Um... I don't like it much, to tell you the truth. I don't know, it just doesn't appeal to me that much. It was well written though.

Author's Response: how so? well, thanks for the review anyways. Sorry you didnt like it.

Reviewer: Emily_the_Poet
Date: 07/08/06 15:38
Chapter: Fire and Ice

While it was OOC it was well written. The flow was good, and even if it was a little soapy I must say it was a success.

So you like ink heart?

Author's Response: Yes. i do. It is an original plotline, and i allways enjoy those. You?

Reviewer: crazyfish
Date: 06/26/06 19:20
Chapter: Fire and Ice

geez yourself. i love her story. i just thought it was ooc.

Author's Response: tasha! be nice!

Reviewer: hxhr_are_forever
Date: 06/23/06 16:34
Chapter: Fire and Ice

crazyfish two words SHUT UP!! The author is entitled to write what they want. It's not like you have to reveiw. They are for positive renforcement so the autho will write more. Not for talking about your issues about reading a story that is against your ship and doesn't make sense. So leave the author alone because you have no write to say anything like that in a reveiw. GEEZ!!!!!

Author's Response: thanx for stickin up for moi. Lol.

Reviewer: hxhr_are_forever
Date: 06/23/06 16:13
Chapter: Fire and Ice

O.K. I'm confused. Golden Gates meaning Heaven right? Then why in the hell is Tom there?! He's not even mad at Harry. Anyway. That was an awesome story and I don't hink that Ginny made the wrong decsion by stayning with Malfoy. I loved your story and I can't wait till I get to read anything else done by you. :)

Author's Response: Yay! A review!! Hooray! Thanx. I'm glad you luved it.

Reviewer: Bumblez 24
Date: 04/24/06 21:10
Chapter: Fire and Ice

Very sweet...sad, but sweet. Ya gotta love DG...except those who don't...who are total morons by the sry
great job! write more!

Author's Response: Thanx. thats my first reveiw in like...ever.

Reviewer: TTOOMMYY11
Date: 03/31/06 9:50
Chapter: Fire and Ice

Wow!!!!! I read the reviews above and I saw how people thought there was OOCness, BUT It's your story and you can do anything you want with it! I loved every part about it! I hope to see a chapter book from you on here!!! This was excellent! You should have made the part where Voldemort and Harry sent the Avada Kedavra curse at each other. You should have made that part a little bit longer, but I LOVE this one-shot!!!! It's definately going into my favorites! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! :D!!!!!! 100000/10 What's that? You say I can't give u a 100000? Fine, then I'll settle for a 10 :D!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!! =D

Author's Response: YAY! somebody appreciates my work! Thanx a million for putting me in ur shines a light on my gloomy studying until the day the STAR tests are done!

Reviewer: crazyfish
Date: 03/29/06 21:33
Chapter: Fire and Ice

there was a lot of OOCness in this story- no way would Harry understand Ginny and Malfoy together. I'm disappointed Capricorn- i expected more from you

Author's Response: *sticks out tounge* Just because you are pissed that I don't want to write a fluffy Draco/Hermione dark Angsty story with you doesn't mean that you are allowed to spam my story with lame reveiws. Get lost, crazyfish.

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