Reviews For Sleeping Hermione
Reviewer: ginny75
Date: 05/20/07 16:42
Chapter: Conclusion- Life is dream

That was realy good. Are you going to do any more? Cause I think you should.

Reviewer: lilyevans91
Date: 06/02/06 9:05
Chapter: Cold Castle

I can't tell the shipping in this fic. a nice flow of action though. I really like it.

Reviewer: Lainie xox
Date: 04/15/06 19:56
Chapter: In one dream

Nice start. Just a few little things to work on in the future would be.. what they say. To me, they seem a little out-of-character, jumping all over the place and exclaiming things seems slightly childish for their age. Also, there are a few spelling/grammar errors here and there. Keep writing. :)

Reviewer: HermioneG
Date: 02/24/05 11:26
Chapter: In one dream

Wheee! I think 'Sleeping Hermione' is a good title, and I like the action. 10/10

Reviewer: The Marauder
Date: 02/13/05 21:11
Chapter: Conclusion- Life is dream

cool! i read this cuz i read ch 1 of 'friends with the enemy', also cool haha. hope to read more of urs soon!

Reviewer: angel13
Date: 01/25/05 19:20
Chapter: Conclusion- Life is dream

The end was sad - everything was happy i practically cried...

Author's Response: well, glad you liked it! But it isn't over yet! I am trying to post the sequel, but a stubborn Mod isn't allowing it! However, to bide time, you should search my name in the authors and read my other fics: one will guarantee you cry, the other will cause you to laugh to tears! Thanks to all my reviewers!

Author's Response: To my readers and anyone interested! This fic, "Sleeping Hermione" Has a sequel that has been posted titled, "Friends with the Enemy." If you enjoyed reading this fic I invite you to see how the summer continues for our Sleuths! Thanks! ~LO

Reviewer: angel13
Date: 01/25/05 19:13
Chapter: Cold Castle

I like this story its cool...

Reviewer: Hermiones_Revenge
Date: 01/22/05 16:25
Chapter: The Secret of the wands

I liked your other chapters but definitely felt I need to review this one, as I am possibly the biggest Ron/Hermione shipper...anywhere. YAY! Good job! Horray for you!

Author's Response: Haha, glad you liked it! I thought I would throw in a little possibility of R/Hr, as it is a bit obvious.

Reviewer: livewire
Date: 01/04/05 17:55
Chapter: Conclusion- Life is dream

omg!! this is about one of my faves!it is kind of cool looking in ron's point of view. also luna was a fabulous adition.the red door was a great idea.but what happened to 'voldypoo'(i found that funny)?

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Funny you should ask! I've just finished the second fic in this series I'm working on (Summer after harry's fifth year) And Voldemort is mentioned. (When it's been approved) search for "Friends with the Enemy" to read on. ~LO

Reviewer: TTOOMMYY11
Date: 12/16/04 17:48
Chapter: Conclusion- Life is dream

I Loved It!!! I Hope To See Your Next Books First Chapter Posted Soon!!! Well ttyl bye!!!

Reviewer: TTOOMMYY11
Date: 12/07/04 17:34
Chapter: The Secret of the wands

This Is The Best Book On The WHOLE Site!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, Great Plot, and i have a question, how many chapters is it gunna be, I hope a lot, Every Chapter leaves me at the edge of my Seat, please write more, and when will the next chapter be up?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Your review is one of the best! I know you'll hate to hear this, but there is only one more chapter to "Sleeping Hermione" and it's the shortest (I think) -- But don't fret- I've been inspired to write the next story in what i hope is a sucessful series! I have the plotline of the next one- and it will be a good story i hope! If you ask nicely, I shall give you tidbits of it- only cause you're one of my readers! haha, again thanks! ~LO

Reviewer: Sirius Blaak
Date: 12/06/04 17:51
Chapter: The Secret of the wands

yay! hermione's back! happy ending after all! well, sorta. 10/10!

Author's Response: Hey Sirius! You were first to respond to my story! I thank you so much for being so loyal! See below for my mssg to you and John! Again, thanks! ~LO

Reviewer: Sirius Blaak
Date: 12/03/04 16:57
Chapter: Cold Castle

heehee, i'm reviewing again! please update really soon!!!!!!!! I hate cliffhangers, and i'm on the edge of my chair right now! :0:)

Reviewer: QuIDdITch_PlaYA
Date: 11/23/04 23:05
Chapter: Cold Castle

I really liked it! Please keep up the story because I really like reading a good story like yours.

Reviewer: Sirius Blaak
Date: 11/23/04 15:35
Chapter: Cold Castle

Very good plot line! Very good! Ginny's learned some pretty cool spells, I see!

Reviewer: Sirius Blaak
Date: 11/23/04 15:34
Chapter: Here and Away

whoa, that's good. The door is great, and I really hope they can find Hermione through it! Why couldn't Ginny see the door?

Reviewer: Sirius Blaak
Date: 11/23/04 15:32
Chapter: A visit from Luna

haha, Luna's so funny. Poor Hermione! I hope they find her!

Reviewer: Sirius Blaak
Date: 11/23/04 15:32
Chapter: A new target

Very unexpected! I love this fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Sirius Blaak
Date: 11/23/04 15:31
Chapter: In one dream


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