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Reviews For Second Chance

Name: primagirl89 (Signed) · Date: 05/05/07 19:19 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
How sad!!

Author's Response: I'm sorry! Don't be sad! Hopefully the next one will be happier...

Name: Unknown_22 (Signed) · Date: 05/03/07 18:30 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
good chapter i like it :D
keep it comin

Author's Response: I surelly will!

Name: ShippersUnited (Signed) · Date: 05/03/07 14:51 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
oh wow! I can't wait, I love it! I need more SOON!

Author's Response: I'm working on it!

Name: nikster (Signed) · Date: 05/03/07 12:42 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
Wow great chapter really gripping at the end!
Cont soon!!

Author's Response: 'gripping' I like that.

Name: silverstrand1 (Signed) · Date: 05/02/07 19:18 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
Um..... I want more please!

Author's Response: I'll try and satisfy your appetite for some good reading!

Name: Felton_Fan_For_Life (Signed) · Date: 05/02/07 15:50 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
*blushes* wow, there are a lot of typos in my previous review! hah, sorry, im not normally the type of peson who makes typos but i just can't type today! lol

Author's Response: It's quite alright, I understand completely.

Name: Felton_Fan_For_Life (Signed) · Date: 05/02/07 15:47 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
Wow. This was a very nice chapter[as all of them are, of course]. Just thinking, but I beleive that Draco really really cares about Hermione. I think that's why hegot drunk-because she was avoiding him and he didn't know why. It seems to me tht he loves her..a LOT. And with Hermione and Ron, Ron probably would have wanted her to move on, but I think that Hermione's just worrid that it's not with the right person. Draco Malfoy is the least likely person she would like, and it scares her because sh'e never fet like that before-not even about Ron. Hehe, sorry for the really long review about my thoughts, but this chapter just got me thinking, and I figured what better way to say my thoughts anout the story thatn to the author of it. Brilliant story and I am looking forward to the next chapter! Keep up the stupendous work, WebSpinner!

Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful review. It makes me so happy when readers can really grasp and fully discuss a story. I'm so glad that you're searching for meaning, that's why I write!

Name: cutiexoxobhe (Signed) · Date: 05/02/07 9:18 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron

Author's Response: I really hope that's good...

Name: ann enchanted (Signed) · Date: 05/02/07 1:46 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
excellent chapter.....pls hurry n update.....really wanna know wat happens next....^-^

Author's Response: I'll try and be quick but well written.

Name: phoenix_fille (Signed) · Date: 05/01/07 20:13 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
Poor Hermione. Don't Harry and Ginny start wondering where she is, and then isn't she going to have to explain why she feel asleep by the door? Anyways, loverly story, though not as long as I like : )

PS- you did a good job with the drunk Malfoy scene. I've seen a fair amount of them, and all are really bad, espcially since most are when they're teenagers. And I might be naive, but I don't think most teenagers get drunk and then fall madly in love.

Author's Response: These characters are definitely old enough to drink but still can abuse that privelage. But I'm glad you thought it wasn't tasteless. Thank you!

Name: ginnyginny (Signed) · Date: 05/01/07 15:09 · For: Chapter 10 - Not Ron
this was a good chapter, and certainly worth the wait. i hope that you update again soon!

Author's Response: Well I'm glad it was worth the wait!

Name: Felton_Fan_For_Life (Signed) · Date: 03/22/07 21:31 · For: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Visitors
Wow! This is a really great fic. It is rather sad about Ron, but it's a major part I guess, so it had to happen. I like that Hermione and Draco are starting to dig deeper into each others' lives. I do hope that they make-up soon. . .
Anyways, please update soon and again, great story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! and I'll try to update as soon as possible.

Name: silverstrand1 (Signed) · Date: 03/11/07 18:04 · For: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Visitors
Oh! I wonder how long it will take them to get a glimpse at Malfoy. I mean it won't be easy to hide if she works there. Oh dear!

Author's Response: *grins*

Name: lahori_girl (Signed) · Date: 03/11/07 15:34 · For: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Visitors
hey i luv ur story!!!!!
but there is sumfink i'll like to point out in this chap u have said
We talked to Dumbledore and found out where you were at. We figured if we wrote youd tell us not to come so we just came anyways.
where in the first chap u made sure that dumby died so how come harry have asked "dumbleldore" abt hermoine's where about?

Author's Response: oh my! you are absolutely right! I can't believe I did that... oh well, I will definitely fix that problem, thanks for pointing it out for me. You're a close reader! Keep it up!

Name: emoprincess26 (Anonymous) · Date: 03/05/07 22:08 · For: Chapter 3 - A Glimpse
I really like this so far...You're descriptions are good; it's like I can see it all in my head. I can't wait for Malfoy to come into the story, either, or to find out why he's working at a Muggle restaurant. Great job!


Author's Response: Why thank you! I try really hard with descriptions cause I love it when the author paints the perfect picture with their words so I'm glad I have accomplished that.

Name: Unknown_22 (Signed) · Date: 03/05/07 21:55 · For: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Visitors
ooo i like it
update soon

Author's Response: I will definitely try to update as soon as possible.

Name: arwenevensatr (Signed) · Date: 03/05/07 14:00 · For: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Visitors
Does this mean that Draco can't have access to his money via someone else? And for how long must he remain in hiding? I thought that Harry was dead, goes to show that I had to reread the first chapter.

Author's Response: As to the first question, I honestly hadn't thought of that one but now I will. The second I can't answer...yet. And Harry is definitely alive.

Name: chrissy_coo_coo (Signed) · Date: 03/04/07 21:36 · For: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Visitors
Great chappy! They really are alike (H/D)! Never thought of that! Keep up the great work and updating!
-chrissy =)

Name: FollowtheButterflies (Signed) · Date: 03/04/07 16:51 · For: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Visitors
Aww this was an amazing chapter.
I know you like just posted this,
but I cant wait for the next one.

Name: phoenix_fille (Signed) · Date: 03/04/07 13:55 · For: Chapter 9 - Unexpected Visitors
Short, but good anyways. I feel sorry for Malfoy, but he should remember that Hermione was in a similar, unfamilar postition when she came to Hogwarts, and he didn't exactly help her then.

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