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Name: WinterDragon (Signed) · Date: 02/26/10 4:07 · For: On a Night like this...
I'm rather sad that it seems you've abandoned this story...I still love it, even after three years. Bahir is an absolutely amazing character, so deep and mysterious. And Ariel is so funny at times. Nessa is a blast, and Ornella reminds me of Hermione. John is...well...to be completely honest, John reminds me of Wormtail. Not completely sure why, though. I'm still holding out hope that you'll come back to this story one day. And if you don't, thank you for the beautiful "ending". -bows respectfully-

Name: galileogurl (Signed) · Date: 03/01/09 18:19 · For: September Morning
sooo depressing how this fic was never finished...
makes me want to cry....
*must find better slash*

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 07/31/08 18:21 · For: On a Night like this...


On the other hand, poor Ornella! Although she seems to have gotten over it.

This has deffo been my favorite chapter so far! Only...there are no more. 0.0 ;_;



Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 07/31/08 17:57 · For: Between Girls, Boys, and Boys
hahahahahaha! Oh, oblivious Ornella! I was laughing so hard at that part! And I was almost crying for Ariel at the beginning, tho. XD



Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 07/31/08 17:42 · For: Spider Hunt
This looks like fun! What are you guys talking about?


Lol, poor John! I had actually totally forgotten about him until last chapter, but I really like him. He's incredibly goofy! XD

Oh, poor Nessa! So she won't talk to Ariel b/c she thinks he's the one who's mad at her? *sigh* I honestly don't get the complexities of fighting with your best friends, seeing as I never have...

This was a great chapter, I liked it better than the last few!! Maybe cuz there was some Ariel/Bahir action...kinda...~



Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 07/28/08 21:11 · For: The First Task
No! Ariel and Nessa...;_; Well, I hope everything will be alright, but of course, these things hardly ever are...

But I must admit, I'm going to take Nessa's side on this. XD Bahir kinda creeps me out now. And Borislav...don't get me started on him! Or Jacqueline, either.

Well, awesome job! Can't wait to read the next chappie, but I'm *yawn* tired.

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 07/28/08 20:57 · For: Isaac
‘You’re finally going to lose your virginity!’

Dear Lord, Nessa! lolz. If one of my friends did that to me...haha, I don't know what I would do! XD

The whole castle bit was interesting--and perhaps a bit prophetic? hmm...

Well, wonderful chapter!! I hadn't realized how much I missed this story 'till now.~


Name: Rhi for HP (Signed) · Date: 02/25/08 13:37 · For: On a Night like this...
Oh wow, I just reread this whole thing, and it was amazing all over again!!! It's simply delightful. It's smart, it's funny, it's sad...it's prefect! :)

Name: Rhi for HP (Signed) · Date: 02/08/08 18:25 · For: On a Night like this...
YESS!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I love this so much!!!!!!!!!! I would write this in all caps to show my feelings, but that might look like a little much. Anyway, this is my fav story ever, going right to the Favorites!!! I love this so much. This has everything: Romance, drama, and a Tri--or is it Tetra?--Wizard Tournament! Ariel is the best character ever--I love him!--, and I'm glad he finally finds love. I love what you did with adding Karakum to the competition, too-- it worked in seamlessly. PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!! This was so amazing, I'm dying for more!!!

Name: Binka Fudge (Signed) · Date: 01/27/08 15:13 · For: On a Night like this...
I'm really enjoying this fic, at first I thought Ariel was a girl because wasn't the little mermaid called that? Anyway, it's been really nice viewing Hogwarts from the perspective of some different characters. Also, is Ornella Ron and Hermione's daughter or not, there seems to be a few hints. It's odd, there are very few mentions of JKR's characters and yet the story is so enthrawling. I originally read fics to see more of Harry and co, but thi8s one stands alone. Can't wait to read more, hope Nessa wins the Cup, because I'm a bit scared of Bahir, it's the secretive nature i think.

Name: Phish (Signed) · Date: 12/30/07 0:20 · For: On a Night like this...
Hey! I love your story!!! I've read it so many times n it keeps getting better! I really hope you update soon. keep up the good work!

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 10/20/07 17:21 · For: An Article and a Revenge

Unless, of course, Ariel messes up the whole thing tomorrow...~


Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 10/20/07 17:08 · For: Jacqueline Duchamps
Jacqueline...Don't like her very much, so far. Of course, Nessa was being rude. BUT John had just said she was gorgeous, and I'm betting Nessa wanted to point out all of her faults...*evil smile*~


Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 10/20/07 14:08 · For: The Champions

Oh, she's not too mad at Ariel, is she? And I found it kind of awkward that Bahir doesn't have a last name...~


Name: Sayla Nable (Signed) · Date: 10/16/07 14:59 · For: An Article and a Revenge
I love your story, it has a fabulous plot and VERY interesting characters! I love how Ariel always has to nip to the bathroom to smoke!

Just a few criticisms, though. I would watch out for clichés and phrases that would make a sentence sound cheesy. Also, using phrases that aren't exactly common, ex: "Nina Williams is far more beautiful than her." Using "far more beautiful" almost makes it sound like you were trying too hard . I would have believed it better if you'd written "way more beautiful", or something like that, because it's more commonly used.

I don't want to sound picky or anything, because I do love your story!! Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 10/15/07 18:45 · For: The Horrible Truth
*hugs Ariel again* But hey, the Karakum dude smiled at him! YAY!!! I've got to go, but I'll probably finish the story on Friday or Saturday. 10!~


Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 10/15/07 18:25 · For: Special Guests
Ha ha! He's real! Yayaz! Let's hope he's gay...Well, he kinda has to be, right? =p Excellent chappie! 10.~


Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 10/15/07 18:09 · For: The Declaration
Aw! *hugs Ariel* It's okay! Just remember what Nessa said.

Christian is going to tell the whole school Ariel's gay, isn't he? That, or he likes him as well...=)

(I'm back...for the moment.) 10/10!~


Name: OrangeRainbows (Signed) · Date: 10/03/07 20:14 · For: On a Night like this...
this is just...too good for words.i love rereading this story, but dudddde; you need to contunie.i NEED to know whats gonna happen.youre so good.

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 09/10/07 20:39 · For: First Day of School
Oh, poor Taylor! I almost feel sorry for her...=p Almost because she technically didn't make Ariel gay, and it therefore isn't her fault. 10/10!~


Author's Response: hehe, No, it wasn't her fault. He was born that way. Thanks for the review.

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