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Name: Lucky_13_Girl (Signed) · Date: 05/04/08 17:13 · For: A Climactic Christmas Lunch, Even for the Weasleys
This was a General, obviously, but I had such a hard time breathing from laughing so hard, mostly from Ron's sudden declarations and Ginny being a normal baby. I really loved it!!!!!

Name: Pussycat123 (Signed) · Date: 02/15/07 4:55 · For: A Climactic Christmas Lunch, Even for the Weasleys
This was amazing - no, really. Possibly the best fic I've read in a long time. The characterisations were absolutely spot on, the story was light and funny, but it had just enough depth and intrigue to make you want to keep going, and it made me smile, the whole way through.

One thing though - the chapter titles went Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six. What happened to Chapter Three? Just something I noticed.

Apart from that, I love it all, it truly was fantastic. J'adore ca! =D=D=D=D

Author's Response: You know what I realised? I wrote this story when I was, like, fourteen. Maybe even thirteen. Like... ZOMG.rnAhem.rnThank you, so much. I didn't have much confidence in this story, or in writing children for that matter. Or older people, or parents, or men... Gosh, I was taking a lot of risks in this story. It's wonderful to read reviews like this. There is hope for me yet ^^rnThank you again. And again. =)

Name: hermionesgift (Signed) · Date: 12/13/06 14:36 · For: A Climactic Christmas Lunch, Even for the Weasleys

Author's Response: I see ^^

Name: ProngsofSteel (Signed) · Date: 10/29/06 20:14 · For: A Climactic Christmas Lunch, Even for the Weasleys
I loved this story. =D It was heart-warming and canon and beautifully written. Ten million stars to you! >throws confetti happily

Author's Response: I'm so glad people like this - and thank you for taking the time to review! *Attempts to catch confetti*

Name: EtherealElation (Signed) · Date: 10/15/06 2:43 · For: A Climactic Christmas Lunch, Even for the Weasleys
Yes, that is something strange for clouds to do.


Author's Response: Well, I'm an unusual person. The least I can expect is an unusual cloud to accompany me, neigh?

Name: EtherealElation (Signed) · Date: 10/15/06 2:33 · For: A Climactic Christmas Lunch, Even for the Weasleys
Yes, my friends, Nothing For Christmas has now reached its end. No more little Ron. No more little Ginny. No more little twins, or Charlie or Bill, or, of course, Percy. And no more slightly younger Molly and Arthur. *whimper* That's a nice way to start off... By depressing us! xD

And there were two other verses, one comparing Christmas day to a flower and the last comparing a flower to a Arthur’s hair.... After a little while longer, the twins started up a mournful tune about dying of starvation (also apparently self-composed), which Molly took as an invitation to serve up the main meal. Oh... *gasps for air* If I ever were to die of laugher, now would be the time. xD

Oooh... That was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!! I loved how you took the jovial mood and made it serious with rememberance, and then happy again - and the statues were so sweet! Oh! And the jumpers... Those beloved jumpers.

This was a TERRIFIC story. I love the younger Weasly family - you should definently write more about them.

Great job - this one deserves a 50/10.


Author's Response:


I hardly think I need to continue to pour pounds upon pounds of gratitide upon you... Never the less: *Does just that*

It was so fun to write this, too. It really spurred all the stories since about Ron's immediate and extended family, most of which... *gasps* haven't been posted.
... well, that's kind of dumb...

Anyway, again I say it: Thank you so much. The cloud I'm sitting on began to glitter.
And I didn't even know clouds could DO that!

Name: EtherealElation (Signed) · Date: 10/15/06 2:24 · For: The Dark Dawn of Christmas
“Merry Christmas, Charlie,” greeted Arthur.
“Merry Charlie!” said Ginny, nodding.
“Yeah, George,” said Fred. “Marry Charlie.”
“No, you marry Charlie!” protested George.
After many more Merry Christmases, a heroic account of how Bill’s rat, Scabbers, had woken Fred up, several accounts of how Fred had woken everyone else up and many epic Ginny-journeys between everyone on the bed, Molly finally suggested breakfast. Needless to say, her idea was taken up with enthusiasm.
That part was lovely... "Heroic Accounts" is so true of what a 5-year -old would do. xD

Burst into song... Oh, I should do that. Such fun.

"Bill’s the teacher,” sprung in George.
“He’s harsh about tardiness,” provided Fred, and both twins smirked. Bill scowled at them.
I loved that part, too... It leaves such an essense of mystery... Very nice.


Author's Response:

Whoo... mystery...
I consider this proof that not everything I write is fluff and humour. *Photographs and does other proofy things*

Name: EtherealElation (Signed) · Date: 10/15/06 2:18 · For: A Suspicious, yet Unimportant Package
I love how she reacts to everything as being "illegal"... Very suspicious mother. Then again, she kind of has to be.

That was such a mean cliffhanger! Just left me hanging there... Must go read on. :)


PS. - I've always been told I read fast, but I'm not reading too terribly fast. I want to savor these stories.

Author's Response:

PS. - I've always been told I read fast, but I'm not reading too terribly fast. I want to savor these stories.

Okay, now I feel all special. Even more so, I mean.

Ha. Luckily it's all up now, but that's got to be the only serious cliffhanger I've ever intentionally written.

Name: EtherealElation (Signed) · Date: 10/15/06 2:15 · For: In Which a Lot Happens on Tuesday
Thankfully, without the usual twinnish ruckus, Fred and George both thundered down the stairs. I'd hate to know what the "usual twinnish ruckus" is...

“Eggs, Molly-Mum,” said Ron, who liked eggs, and occasionally called her Molly-Mum after having copied his father in calling her ‘Molly’, and then being corrected with ‘Mum’. Oh, this part is spectacular... Just... Wonderful! So little-kiddish. Do you have a very young sibling?

“I was kicked out of Ron’s bedroom because they said they had ‘business to discuss’.”
“With Ron?” asked Molly, surprised.
“I would assume so, yes. I thought it may be dangerous — well, not dangerous, but the ‘Fred and George’ kind of business, but Ron won’t tell me what it was, and swears it’s not anything bad.”
For a moment, I thought it was going to be the "Unbreakable Vow" scene... *snaps* But this was good, too... no presents... Great story.

Great mentioning of Fabian and Gideon, too... Marvelous addition to the story.


PS - Do you really not get reviewers, or what? xD I'm not that special, although you certainly make me feel it. Thanks!

Author's Response:

*Wears a snooty-nose face* Well, I think you're special. And if I think it, it's true. There's no point in arguing. Understood?
Pause for dramatic effect.

In other news, no, I actually don't have any much younger siblings. I had a baby nephew though, so I really built up a theoretical 'progession-of-learning-of-speech' pattern, and worked with that. So hopefully it worked...

Name: EtherealElation (Signed) · Date: 10/15/06 2:06 · For: A Gringotts Trip and a Talk in the Dark
Oh... That was so utterly cute. The children were all so... Themselves. Ron's character is adorable - and Charlie... Oh, what a wonderful child.
I love how you described Percy, what with the "Percy told a stunned looking Ron off for talking too loudly while Arthur was asleep this morning." So utterly Percy!
I also loved this part:

“Home ?” asked Ronald.

“If it weren’t for you, probably not,” said Percy, who was between Molly and his youngest brother.


“Because you refuse to go by floo powder.”


“Well, I don’t know, do I?”

“Ron not power,” proclaimed Ronald wisely.

Great chapter!


Author's Response:

O_O Whoa. How fast can you read?

Voice: You're just slow, stupid.

Oh. But still. Wow and thank you and I can't believe how fantastic my day just became.

Name: redhead_weasley08 (Signed) · Date: 10/04/06 9:32 · For: A Gringotts Trip and a Talk in the Dark
Ahh, sweet fluff =) I love this story!!! Keep writing!

Author's Response:

HA. I'd responded before the review doubled.

Somehow, that makes me proud.

Name: redhead_weasley08 (Signed) · Date: 10/04/06 9:30 · For: A Gringotts Trip and a Talk in the Dark
Ahh, sweet fluff =) I love this story!!! Keep writing!

Author's Response:

As if I'd ever stop writing!

... but more to the point, thanks for leaving this note! I never expected more reviews for Nothing for Christmas, but yet it still exists. So yup - thanks!

Name: Felix Felicis 101 (Signed) · Date: 08/29/06 23:20 · For: A Climactic Christmas Lunch, Even for the Weasleys
Oooh! *Squeals*
I loved how it was relly touching and deep and stuff, but also very happy and fluffy. I laughed out loud... you really captured the spirit of the weasleys.

Author's Response: Please allow me to squeal also. *Squeal* I'm so glad you think so! I think this is certainly the fluffiest story I've ever written, yes, but thankfully this isn't always a bad thing. <3 Thank you for your review!

Name: GreyLady (Signed) · Date: 08/06/06 14:35 · For: A Gringotts Trip and a Talk in the Dark
The jumpers! That was great...so sweet, so sweet. I really like Arman, and I think you do too. This was a very nice story. Good job.

Author's Response: Of course. I wuv him. *Cuddles Arman* And I'm really glad he comes across as so likeable. I seem to like inventing disabled/less able middle-aged, eccentric people... Funny that. Thanks for your review!

Name: lotus672 (Anonymous) · Date: 08/03/06 2:22 · For: A Climactic Christmas Lunch, Even for the Weasleys
So sweet... I loved it!

Author's Response: Sweet. I'm glad. Thank you for letting me know!

Author's Response: Sorry, that's worded terribly. I mean, 'Sweet' as in 'great!'. And thanks for letting me know you thought so O_O. And I call myself a writer.

Name: x_lily_evans_x (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 6:58 · For: A Climactic Christmas Lunch, Even for the Weasleys
WHOA. That was a great ending. I love the way the Weasley family was so closely drawn together, and the statue part... JUST GREAT! I just love this story- it gives me a nice fuzzy feeling, if you catch my drift. (:

Author's Response: *Jumping up and down* Oooh, thank you! It gave me a fuzzy feeling to write it. I was a little worried people would get to the end of all the building up and just go, "That was it?", but apparently my ending worked. Cheers!

Name: cenedra (Signed) · Date: 07/26/06 13:30 · For: The Dark Dawn of Christmas
can't wait for them to validate the next chapter, argh i thought it was up

Author's Response: Eugh. I know how that feels. Definitely up now, though.

Name: cenedra (Signed) · Date: 07/26/06 13:28 · For: The Dark Dawn of Christmas
great chapter, again, i love the weasley kids so much, sorry for reviewing so late

Author's Response: Ha. Sorry for answering so late O_O Thank you for your continued support.

Name: x_lily_evans_x (Signed) · Date: 07/26/06 6:07 · For: The Dark Dawn of Christmas
I must really say: I really like your story very much. I don't understand why people don't review. I can't wait for chapter five! Hope the mods validate it soon. Your last chapter! Woot.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's exciting, huh? Even if I only had one lovely review like this, it would be a successful story to me. Thank you for taking the time yourself to leave me a message^^

Name: GreyLady (Signed) · Date: 07/25/06 20:58 · For: The Dark Dawn of Christmas
"Epic Ginny-journies"...*snort*

Lovely and hilarious, as before. There's really not much else I can contrbute in the way of praise, but I do have some concrit.

"Merry Christmas" ...Shouldn't it be Happy Christmas?

I didn't really understand why Fred and George started speaking in Cockney or whatever that accent is called...was it just a whim? "Alroit" and "wo'ss"...

Anyway, good job, and good luck with the final chapter.

Author's Response: ^^ Hola! Thank you for reviewing. To answer your questions... Happy Christmas? Where I am, it's always been 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy Easter'... I guess it's a missed British-ism. Coming to think of it, you're probably right. I suppose the Weasleys are part Aussie O_O Erm.. yeah. I'm a sucka for whims. In my household random accents are very common... so again, a random guess, the Weasleys have an oddly accented family member or something... Excuses, excuses, eh? I really appreciate the thought put into your review, ~MOM

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