Reviews For The Christmas Rose
Reviewer: Jenna Black
Date: 07/18/06 16:14
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

I thought that you were gonna have another sequal. Maybe with a baby? I'm a bit confused.

Author's Response: Hi, Jenna! I do have sequels planned, but not until I finish His Draught of Delicate Poison -- looks like maybe in the autumn~

Reviewer: Amo
Date: 07/14/06 22:23
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

Omg!!!! it is such a good story!!!! it was really really good!!! it has everything in it and i mean everything!!!! and it beautifully written!!!!

Reviewer: GL16
Date: 07/13/06 16:03
Chapter: Chapter 5: Rumination and Reminiscing

I LOVE IT!!!~!!!~!!!~!!!~!!!~!!!
Keep it up.

Reviewer: lilyginny27
Date: 06/30/06 20:52
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

I absolutely love your stories on Snape and Hermione. I've read all I've been able to find! Are there more? Granted, I'm a complete R/Hr shipper and have been for years, but this take is brilliant! It's always nice to know someone is looking for the happy-ever-after for all. And it doesn't hurt that Alan Rickman plays Snape in the movies so there's always that image to have in your head! I'll always keep a look out for more adventures....

Reviewer: Trinidy Sagaro
Date: 06/30/06 20:26
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

I'm very sad that you will not be writing anymore of this series. I really enjoyed your stories and hope that one day, you will pick up on a story like this again and enchant our imaginations with your wrining skills.

Reviewer: Trinidy Sagaro
Date: 06/30/06 17:23
Chapter: Chapter 1: Slamming

Mr. Abercrombie??? Lol- is there a Mr. Fitch too?

Reviewer: lady_rhian
Date: 06/25/06 0:28
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

A pure, unadulterated joy to read. Quirk and Holly were perfect, the kittens were wonderful, I loved Hermione's research, and Severus was just a delight (as always). Thank you for sharing such a wonderful work with us!

Reviewer: lady_rhian
Date: 06/24/06 23:49
Chapter: Chapter 2: Melting and Exploding

Another fantastic chapter.

Mmm...Wednesday...well, well. What wonders will Wednesday bring? :)

Reviewer: lady_rhian
Date: 06/24/06 23:28
Chapter: Chapter 1: Slamming

Love it so far. I adored Master of Enchantment, and this story is shaping up to be a superb sequel. On to the next chapter!

Reviewer: crimsonbulldog
Date: 06/14/06 20:51
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

hi.....great stories, ive read the whole series, hehe. maybe you could write one and hermione is pregnant?

Date: 06/05/06 16:31
Chapter: Chapter 1: Slamming

makes no sense, crap stupid untrealistic, insane ,slack, nasty,bull shity!!!!!!

Reviewer: qwerty83
Date: 06/05/06 14:52
Chapter: Chapter 3: Growing

This chapter is AMAZING! I love the detail of the description of Hermione and Snape together, it's so emotive and really well written, I love it!!

Reviewer: viktoriangodess
Date: 05/24/06 15:53
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

I think your story is absolutely wonderful and so well written!! I was sucked in from the first word! Please write more on Hermione and Snape. I am rivited!!

Reviewer: elizabethseer
Date: 05/16/06 15:23
Chapter: Chapter 4: Terrorizing

haha, aw i do love these stories :) keep up the good work. quirk and the kittens are amazing! and i really like the last lines.

Author's Response: Thanks Elizabeth -- I do plan to write more in this universe, but until I finish with His Draught of Delicate Poison. Thanks for the note!

Reviewer: Leeike
Date: 05/10/06 21:01
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

Thanks for another good read!

Reviewer: Leeike
Date: 05/10/06 18:27
Chapter: Chapter 5: Rumination and Reminiscing

most excellent!!

Reviewer: Leeike
Date: 05/10/06 18:09
Chapter: Chapter 4: Terrorizing


Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 05/07/06 1:07
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

thank you for an absolutely worthwhile read. I've been addicted to the "master of enchantment" series ever since I discovered it...a week ago. even if I don't always agree with the directions you take the characters, their personalities and styles are always consistent and pleasurable to indulge in.

by the hit the nail on the head with martha stewart: I laughed out loud.

thank you for the depth in which you explored hermione and snape's relationship--often these fics are to short and have little plot that follows a reasonable order.

there were really only two questions I had by the end: a) why does tonks allow remus to call her dora? and b) when did remus and snape become such good friends (pre- master of enchantment)?

congratulations on being such a well-developed writer--again, I really like your style and characterization.

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 05/05/06 23:38
Chapter: Chapter 1: Slamming

kitty-rats...I love it...

Reviewer: ilyena87
Date: 04/30/06 17:30
Chapter: Chapter 6: Marrying and Merrying

thank you for a wonderful story

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to drop a note for me.

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