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Name: Kerian (Signed) · Date: 03/01/06 18:33 · For: Put On Your Anxious Face
Poor Maeve is REALLY taking this hard, it seems like things are going to change a lot between the sisters. I thought that her parents seemed incredibly real with their caution and confusion over this new world. The little addition of Magoon's clothes was a nice touch. I like that you didn't way down the story with a description of what happened in each store, or have her run into every person she would later know. That has always seemed a bit ridiculous to me considering how many people could be there on any day. Anyway, great update! I look forward to seeing who Phedra jumps in with!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you didn't miss the shopping. I didn't either. Yeah, Maeve is pretty upset, although she is a little bit of a drama girl. *pats Maeve on the head sympathetically* Thanks again! That was all great to hear!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 02/28/06 15:06 · For: Put On Your Anxious Face
Hooray! I'm first! lovely! I liked the parts about Maeve especially. dunno why. anyway.... I forgot. 10/10. oh and out of curiosity, when did you submit this to the queue? I'm wondering how fast it's going now, is all. 10/10! I already said that, didn't I? oh dear...

Author's Response: Too many Mardi Gras activities for SOMEBODY!!! Only joking. Um, it takes anywere between one to three days for my chapters to get posted. I sent this chapter in on Monday afternoon and read your review Tuesday evening.

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 02/16/06 11:10 · For: The Most Contrived Prank
Hi, school has delayed me from reading this wonderful chapter, I really enjoyed it! This story is my favourite Marauder Era story, it is so, so, good! I love how you write, you are very talented writer; 10/10, au revoir.~*~

Author's Response: I know the feeling. School delayed me from writing. Boo-hoo. As for this being your favorite Marauder Eras story...well, there are some other really good authers in the genre. Try rockinfaerie or Kimberley. They write really well.

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 02/13/06 14:08 · For: The Most Contrived Prank
oooh yay! go notabanana! wait, this is a Marauder era fic right? so when Phedra gets to Hogwarts... oh fun! poor Maeve! I can imagine how i would feel if my sister was magic and i wasn't. But i haven't got a sister and my letter from Hogwarts has been lost in the mail for... almost 4 years. but it will come someday! yay 10/10 and... now ive lost my train of thought. oh yes! adding to faves now!

Author's Response: Wow, that made me laugh! I know how you feel about the missing Hogwarts letter. Nearly six years for me. *sigh* haha! I'm goin' on a faves list! Thanks so much, I'm excited!

Name: Kerian (Signed) · Date: 02/07/06 8:49 · For: The Most Contrived Prank
Poor Maeve will be incredibly lonely, as a younger sister whose sister is now in college I know the feeling! I hope that Phedra keeps up a lovely sending of letters and Zonkos gifts ;) I'm very excited to see who Phedra fits in with at Hogwarts- a good friend of Lily's perhaps? Well done! OO and are we going to see a trip to Diagon Alley for supplies?

Author's Response: Hmm...perhaps letters but certainly not zonko's gifts. That would probably be illegal seeing as Maeve hasn't shown any magical prowess so far. Yes indeed, there will be some Diagon Alley in the next chapter. Not too much though. Thanks a bunch!

Name: Wise Owl (Signed) · Date: 02/06/06 4:12 · For: The Most Contrived Prank
Excellent! You've effectively placed her in the marauders era!!! Brilliantly done! I loved the interaction between the sisters (it is so true to life!) One minor mistake I found:

Then envelope was made of an odd sort of material that was rather yellowish, and had no stamp.

I believe you mean "The" not "Then". Other than that your writing was flawless. I particuliarly enjoyed the way you described the atmosphere. I suppose her parents must have suspected some thing was up with her, but I felt like they gave in too easy. Than again, she probably is quite extraordinary and has done other things that caught their attention and defied their logic! Poor Maeve is gonna be without her sister! Awww they'll miss each other! Yayyyyy for us though...next stop...Hogwarts! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: I'll get right on the type-o. That the second one found in this chapter. How embarassing! *hides face in shame* Her parents had definitely noticed something was up, and yes they did give in rather fast although (to my credit) her father did ask for more information. Yes, Maeve is gonna be a little lonely. Despite the way they egg each other on, Maeve really looks up to Phedra in that litte-sisterly way. Hogwarts is on the way (I am all too eager to get her there)!!!

Name: rockinfaerie (Signed) · Date: 02/04/06 9:09 · For: The Most Contrived Prank
"She could hear her mother fiddling around with face creams in the bathroom down the hall, and the newspaper was spread out over the table."

I loved this part! It was very skillfully written, and described the atmosphere of that morning perfectly. I also loved the part, a few lines later, where it shows the father staring at the grain in the wood. Anyway, all very impressive! Oh, and I think the name Martin Magoon is very funny, and just the kind of name you could expect a wizard, who introduces himself to a family of apparent Muggles, would have. I'd like if he had stayed a bit longer though, as it is a total revelation to the parents, and perhaps he could have explained more to Phedra about Hogwarts, but in all it was great! I especially loved your inclusion of the younger, more socially adjusted sister, Maeve, as it provides a very good contrast to Phedra, and the part where Phedra grudgingly explains that she won't be having any friends over for her birthday. It showed her isolation and lonliness, in spite of the fact that two years have passed since we last saw her. A deserving 10!

Author's Response: What a great review! I liked Martin Magoon's name too. It reminded me of a dog that used to live next door to my family a long time ago. I suppose he could have stayed longer, but you will get a little more info on what else happens with Mr. Magoon's visit in the next chapter. Not too much though. Thanks a bunch-and-a-half for the "deserving 10". I love to hear that!

Name: rockinfaerie (Signed) · Date: 02/04/06 8:58 · For: Musical Chairs
Hey! This chapter was really good - you portrayed the change between what Phedra was used to in her old home, and the new words and mannerisms of England very well. And you did a good job of portraying her lonliness and shyness at her new school, and what's it's like to be senselessly picked on. I think the names Phedra and Maeve are absolutely lovely (I was even planning to use the latter in Red, but used Sadhbh instead) - but just found that the name "Candy" for an English schoolgirl in the early 1970s is a little bit hard to believe. Then again, it conveys her brattishness (perhaps that's not a word) rather well, so it works! Anyway, I'm off to read and review the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah! You read it! I am so glad you liked it. Yes, the "Candy" thing is coming back to bite me in the butt. Quite a few people are complaining about it and the name really wasn't that important to me so I'm definitely going to change it. Thanks so much for the review!

Name: MereRanger (Signed) · Date: 02/01/06 15:55 · For: Musical Chairs
I haven't found a good story in quite a while but yours had me hooked from the first paragraph. I feel like I know Phedra- the whole outcast at a new school is completely identifiable. I'm really looking forward to your next chapter!

Author's Response: My story had someone hooked! That is something that authors love to hear! I'm glad you could identify with Phedra. I wanted to make her lonely in the muggle world, and it is so easy to become a bit of an outcast in school systems. Luckily for you, the next chapter has just been put up! Thanks so much for reviewing

Name: lil_evans (Signed) · Date: 01/27/06 18:41 · For: Prologue
Hello! I love this story, so interesting and original! I like the stuff you put in about tea- that was funny! So she's a witch, but doesn't know it...kinda like Philosopher's Stone. Cool.

Author's Response: Lots of people are comparing this to Philosopher's Stone. Its funny, really, the way people interpert things. I didn't intend for it to be like that, but there you go! Thankfully no one has called it an "American at Hogwarts" story yet, like the mods did, because I did NOT intend for it to be like that. Thanks for "interesting and original", thats great to hear!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 01/25/06 19:55 · For: Musical Chairs
oooh goody again! lovely kinda-not-really P/SS plot! and I actually know a real person named Phedra... although I think she spells it Phaedra... but what ever. this time you get a gazillion and one stars! oh, and that thing with tea reminded me of this Monty Python thing i saw once..."I DON"T LIKE SPAM!" or something like that. lol. can't wait to see where this goes!

Author's Response: Double-blinded by stars! Wow, thanks! Yes, your friend probably does spell it Paedra. Thats the way my spell-check always wants to make it, anyways! Hmmm...I didn't intend to put any Monty Python references in there, although I LOVE Monty Python! Thanks again!!!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 01/25/06 19:47 · For: Prologue
oooh that was intresting... wonder what can happen... or, from the look of things, what already happened. heehee love the chestnut thing. 10/10 and a gazillion stars! ~ saveginny417

Author's Response: Ahhhh!!! Blinded by the gazillion stars you put up! Everyone seems to be liking the Chestnut thing. I couldn't be more glad that I thought of it. Thanks!!!

Name: Kerian (Signed) · Date: 01/24/06 17:31 · For: Musical Chairs
So are Phedra's parents both muggles? Poor kid! I really hate little bullies like that, but that was certainly not a good start to a new school year. Is Maeve a witch as well? Update soon please!

Author's Response: No, Maeve is not a witch. As you will see...she adjusts much better to the move than Phedra, and really becomes quite a popular girl in the muggle world. She's more outgoing, and she's younger, and she hasn't destroyed any chairs, which helps.

Name: Wise Owl (Signed) · Date: 01/24/06 14:19 · For: Musical Chairs
Ohhhh...how cool! It's just like Harry! We started off in the first book with him not knowing he's a wizard! So than Mark and Susan must be muggles right? Or else Susan would know how her daughter had managed to move that chair! I have to say, Phedra's emotions and feelings are so well-written! I almost feel like I'm her...taking a big sigh and trying to hazard yet another day! Ok I'm ubber impressed you get a 10/10 (as if there was any doubt!) Update soon!

Author's Response: You said uber! YES!!! One of my favorite words (although I'm sure you've noticed). Yeah, Mark and Susan are muggles. I'm glad you think the emotions are good. I try really hard to make it real. EEEEEE!!! I'm so excited people are liking this!!!

Name: Wise Owl (Signed) · Date: 01/24/06 14:09 · For: Prologue
Another story that the OWL has now got on her radar! Wow...your words flow just like JKR's! I am so impressed by that!!! This woman must have such an interesting story!!! And she ended up in Ohio (of all places!) I wonder what happened to her to make her so depressed/sad...and she has only one slipper poor thing! 10/10 and I'm off to read the next chappie of course!

Author's Response: Wise Owl!!! Lovely to see you, I must say! Even more lovely to get praise from you! Yes indeed, there is only one slipper here...and it WILL make a comeback (I'd better make it impressive, too, or a lot of people will be dissapointed). I'm so glad you're reading/reveiwing! Thanks!

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 01/23/06 21:37 · For: Musical Chairs
I'm first, YAY!! I really, and I mean really love this, this chapter was very absorbing, there were a lot of details, and beautifully written. But I am wondering how did you come up with the name Phedra Bagely? It is very unique, and beautiful. I am so going to put this fic in my "Favourites". 10/10 you deserve it, Anna!!

Author's Response: Awww...I feel all warm and tingley inside. I hope this doesn't ruin the magic for Phedra's name for you, but it came up after a long search on a baby names website. I love it too, even if my spell-check doesn't! I found Bagley in a similar way. I was so glad to have found a name I liked, usually I have issues with names when I write! I"m so glad you put me in "Favorites"! Thanks so much for both reviewing and favorite-putting!

Name: Kerian (Signed) · Date: 01/21/06 19:36 · For: Prologue
Wow, this has completely caught my attention. I'd love to know who this woman is! Is the story going to be mostly flashbacks or a mix of the past and present? Update soon Im really curious! A strong start, great little addition about Chestnut Lane not having chestnuts!

Author's Response: *smiles* Yeah, I had to mention the "devoid of chestnuts" part. What neighborhood or street actually has the things on its sign anyways? Haha. The story is going to be almost entirely flashbacks but there will be more Chestnut Lane...eventually. I don't want to say too much. I'm so glad you reviewed. Reviewers make my day!

Name: Kimberley (Signed) · Date: 01/21/06 13:27 · For: Prologue
Your prologue is so compelling, it's already caused a dozen ideas to start rattling around in my head of what this story could be about... it was short and sweet and yet I never got the impression it wasn't enough. Signs of a true author, that. For some reason, the imagery with the pink bed-slippers just really did it for me, I am so intrigued.

Author's Response: Hee-hee, pink slipper! I hope all those ideas rattling around don't give you a headache! Wow, I have the signs of a true author, how exciting (walks around with a sign saying "true author" hanging around my neck) I hope that the next chapter is up to the standard everyone is seeing! Thanks so much much for reviewing!

Name: rockinfaerie (Signed) · Date: 01/21/06 10:39 · For: Prologue
This is amazingly written. It's so detailed without being too heavy - the descriptions are really great, and it's overall a brilliant introduction. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Wow, I've read (and loved) some of your fics so, coming from you and all, that is crazy high praise. I submitted chapter 1, so hopefully you will be able to read more sooner than later. Thanks so much!!!

Author's Response: Wow, I've read (and loved) some of your fics so, coming from you and all, that is crazy high praise. I submitted chapter 1, so hopefully you will be able to read more sooner than later. Thanks so much!!!

Author's Response: Oops, sorry, didn't mean to do that.

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 01/18/06 14:19 · For: Prologue
Wow, I am absolutely speechless, this fic is so compelling, very enthraling, you definitely have my attention, I love how you wrote this chapter, 10/10, UPDATE SOON, au revoir.~*~

Author's Response: Wow! My first reviewer EVER!!! I am so, SO excited! I thrilled that you like my story. I have midterms next week and am therefore very busy, but I will REALLY try to update soon. Thank you so very much for reviewing!!!

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