Reviews For Promises
Reviewer: water sprite
Date: 01/25/07 5:08
Chapter: And So it Begins

ooooooooooo fight fight fight!!! that last bit there was thrilling! Thanks for updating so fast, *cough* bribe...what? who said that?Luv!

Author's Response: Thank you! And yeah, I wasn't going to let it go another year.

Reviewer: smilesallaround
Date: 01/24/07 23:21
Chapter: And So it Begins

OMG! this is brilliant! i want MORE if you want me to beta it my email is cheers!

Author's Response: O thank you but I already have a beta!

Reviewer: wishingforthehallows
Date: 01/24/07 22:49
Chapter: And So it Begins

Oh my gosh UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!

Author's Response: Right after finals I promise!

Reviewer: mandiedoll
Date: 01/24/07 22:42
Chapter: And So it Begins

I really like your story, especially the way your plot is working with the switch between the two different POVs. I especially liked the bit about the ring "only being in the Quibbler." Just like normal tabloids -- every so often something is true.

Keep up the good work :-)

Author's Response: thank you, i try.

Reviewer: lovingu4ever
Date: 01/24/07 20:41
Chapter: And So it Begins

Geez way to leave us hangin! Great chapter by the way I was wondering what had become of the dream team! I really hope your planing on updating soon, because if you aren't, well it's just cruel! Not to mention Ginny what going to happen to her while this battel is progressing surly something!! And the baby was it born and if so where is it! please update

Author's Response: No the baby is not born yet. The next chapter should be up sometime next week or the week after. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Nutters4Potter
Date: 01/24/07 20:30
Chapter: And So it Begins

Great installment.

Author's Response: thank you very much

Reviewer: lovingu4ever
Date: 01/24/07 20:26
Chapter: Nightmares Within Oblivion

Hmm. Very cool chapter. I didn't see the whole pregnacy thing coming until like a minute after reading the kill the three of you part. Props for that it's usally way obvious to me but great job. And the whole 'hopeful Beozor' part, even though it's a serious moment made me laugh. I don't know why it just sound so silly! And I love it! so what about Ginny did that all really happen because I really hope it didn't because that would be really sad. well NEXT CHAPTER! :D

Author's Response: just after finals! I (hope)/promise! And thanks for the review!

Reviewer: allison10235
Date: 01/24/07 18:51
Chapter: And So it Begins

Wow.........this is really awesome.........Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: thanks, it'll be a week or two though. finals. argh.

Reviewer: sideburnlover
Date: 01/24/07 18:45
Chapter: And So it Begins

Ah! Major cliffhanger!

Author's Response: I know I'm cruel aren't I?

Reviewer: pheonix14
Date: 01/24/07 18:23
Chapter: And So it Begins

i really like it. i cant wait for the next chapter!!!!

Author's Response: thank you! I can't wait until finals are over so I can work on the next chapter!

Reviewer: hpfan012
Date: 01/24/07 18:14
Chapter: And So it Begins


ugh how could you... evilness! you must belong to slytherin like me!

anyway, awesome! awesome awesome awesome! you are an amazing author! update soon before i die!


Author's Response: thank you. This makes me feel so much better after I just had a fight with my parents! Still mad at them but I'm better now! And thank you for the high compliment!

Reviewer: Hermione529
Date: 01/24/07 18:10
Chapter: And So it Begins


Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad I made you :)

Reviewer: Lorien
Date: 01/24/07 17:29
Chapter: And So it Begins

Great chapter. Slow build to a good cliffie. Update soon...PLEASE

Author's Response: I'll try. I can't work on it until finals are over (friday, eleven am, I'll be typing away!)

Reviewer: blue eyed dragon
Date: 01/24/07 16:32
Chapter: And So it Begins

And so it begins... haha, that's the name of the chapter! I used it because it makes sense, and so did you! Great minds think alike. 9.99999/10

Author's Response: :) Thank you. I'm so happy this got approved! YAY!

Reviewer: harryginnyforever
Date: 01/24/07 16:28
Chapter: And So it Begins

Gah. My god.

Harry, don't die. Ginners needs you to help her wake up. And have your child.


Author's Response: thank you! I "Ginners" ? lol. I love that.

Reviewer: asifloveisit
Date: 01/20/07 21:37
Chapter: And So it Begins

ooh i love this story...go on get it administratedd...
good luck with the rest!:)

Author's Response: thanks! I'm eagerly waiting for the email.

Reviewer: Sea_Lily
Date: 01/20/07 3:15
Chapter: Nightmares Within Oblivion

your fic is really good kep up the good work i can't wait to read the next chapter

Author's Response: thankyou! And I just submitted the third chapter, hopefully the mods will approve it!

Reviewer: bite
Date: 01/18/07 13:42
Chapter: Nightmares Within Oblivion

Very good chapter, I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: thank you.

Reviewer: hpfreaks69
Date: 01/11/07 20:22
Chapter: Never

It was really good! Can't wait 4 more!

Author's Response: thanks! I'm just waiting to hear back from my beta, if I don't hear back in a day or so I'm going to check to see what her turnaround time was and email her to see if she's died.

Reviewer: eaglebird
Date: 01/11/07 14:20
Chapter: Nightmares Within Oblivion

This was one heck of a good chapter. So much has happened ..... and so much was unexpected. I expected the pregnancy, but the spider and the Voldemort curse is a very real and chilling twist. I hope Ginny keeps up with her fiery and strong defense against the Dark Lord. You left us in a bit of a cliffie. The baby has died in her dream, no? But is the baby still okay in Ginny's coma state? In Ginny's dream where she thinks Harry has died and she has killed Voldemort, presumably Voldemort can still come back in her dream if in real life he is still alive. Or does th edream coincide with real-life Harry defeating Voldemort?

Author's Response: Ginny's dream was seperate from real life, but she thinks it's real (don't tell her!) And I'm not sure about the final battle scene yet because I want Ginny to be there, but she's in a right state! So, I don't know.

Author's Response: and thanks for the review

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