Reviews For A Whole New Light
Reviewer: gbutlergirl
Date: 01/26/06 15:44
Chapter: Apology Accepted

Hey! I really liked this chapter. It was really cute. I do agree that I'm not exactly sure how the second half added to the plot, except for saying that Sirius was happier, though. But you did a good job. Keep up the awesome work and update soon! Oh, btw. When are James and Lilly going to get together? They started going out in seventh year, which is when this story takes place, right? Just curious. I'd like to see a bit of that story, too. But good job!!!!

Author's Response: yeah sorry i guess the second half of the chapter was too long so my point was lost....nd this story takes place in their 6th year, but james and lily will come up more a little later (just not get together)...thanx 4 the review

Reviewer: TheDazzler93
Date: 01/26/06 13:53
Chapter: Apology Accepted

Thats so cute

Author's Response: thanx!! :)

Reviewer: Songbird
Date: 01/26/06 5:46
Chapter: Apology Accepted

I thought I would clear up my last comment. The first half where Jenny forgave Sirius was beautiful. I really like how you write them. I particulary (sp?)thought the part where Sirius realised he missed Jenny by him was really sweet. I was just lost as to why the next part of the chapter was about visiting Moony in the hospital wing. I hope that makes sense.

Author's Response: yeah it does... and the second half of the chapter is not really that important to the plot.. it just shows how close they are cuz james and remus knew what happened b4 sirius even told them, but peter didn't... nd u kno just to clear up that moony is ok after his transformation...but yeah i c how the chapter is kind of long just to show that, sorry bout that

Reviewer: Songbird
Date: 01/26/06 5:36
Chapter: Apology Accepted

I like how each of your chapters flow on, though I do wonder how this chapter is significant to the plot. Sorry if you think I'm being picky, I'm just trying to be helpful. I love the fact that Sirius is lighter and happier because Jenny forgave him. Well done

Reviewer: Blo0m
Date: 01/25/06 22:03
Chapter: Marauders at Midnight

hey! great chapter yet again! ... poor sirius.. the first time he actually tries it ends up being difficult... well.. he doeas deserve it ! .. well anyway! i just love the way this story is going .. and its great that u update so fast because usually when a person has to wait too long for a chapter they kind of get put off the story .. well thats just me anyway cant speak for the others! i just really like this story .. i never used to read marauder stories untill i stumbled across yours .. now ... i just love them ! all thnx to u and ur great fic! so keep it up and i hope to see an update soon! 10/10~ *+*Blo0m*+*

Author's Response: hey thanx... im glad i could get u into the marauders' stories because i think they are really great... nd if mine was the first one u liked, well... thats just amazing for me!! thanx for all the reviews

Reviewer: gbutlergirl
Date: 01/24/06 17:32
Chapter: Marauders at Midnight

It is amazing how you can update so quickly. It takes me forever to get my chapters written and then checked and then posted. My chapter 2 has been in queue for three days! You're awesome! Well, great chapter! I loved the little midnight jaunt of the bunch. It really added to the story. I just feel so sorry for Sirius. He just can't get a word in edge wise with Jenny. Its great! My only thing is that the fat lady's name wasn't Violet, it was her always drunk friend whose name was Violet. But that whole part with the picture was great. Good job! And thanks for reviewing mystory. I have 100 reads and only 2 reviewers. Thanks for being one of them! I can't wait for chapter 7! 10/10

Author's Response: i write the story even b4 other chapters r accepted so that when they do get accepted i can just add immediately... but yeah the chapters do seem to stay in the queue for a while... my last one was in it for 2 days... i guess lots of people are writing these days...nd about violet: *winces slightly* yeah i remembered after the chapter was submitted that that wasn't her name.. just at the time it seemed to fit... nd then i didn't feel like changing it, i mean who knows?? maybe Violet used to be the portrait... i cant wait for an update on your story!! thanx again for the review nd correction

Reviewer: TheDazzler93
Date: 01/24/06 14:29
Chapter: Marauders at Midnight


Author's Response: aaaw thanx...

Reviewer: fireflower
Date: 01/24/06 11:02
Chapter: Marauders at Midnight

Awesome fic m8! I was sure that it was a good idea to ad u to my fav's!! I love the way he never gets to apologise to her...its quite funny! But i hope this time she listens! Thanx for reading m fic too, ur the only one who reviews it! Thanx! Keep up with the fic! 10/10

Author's Response: thanx... i just wanted to show how even Sirius doesn't always get what he wants when he wants it...kinda.... but newayz ur fic is fantastic i cant wait for an update... thanx again

Reviewer: gbutlergirl
Date: 01/23/06 17:44
Chapter: Unsaid Apology

Aaaaaw! Poor Sirius! I want to cry for him. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. I love Jenny though. She's just what he needs. Congrats on another great chapter!! I have seen so much improvement since the first chapter, and that makes this fic that much more fun to read. My only critique (I'm sorry, but there always has to be something) is that there were a couple of times that you could have combine two sentences into one. It would make the fic more fluid. Sorry. All my friends say I am way too mit picky. I guess I can't help it, and what's worse is that I know my writing isn't the picture of perfection. I guess that's why there are reviews. Too help us get better. Well, again, congrats on another great chapter!! I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm rootin' for Sirius all the way! Well, until chapter 6...

Author's Response: yaay! another review from my most faithful reader!! lol well anyways i'll try to fix the fluidity problem.. and i luv it that u critique my work or how else would i know how to make it better? thanx again for the review....Sirius should be having better days coming up.. I couldnt make the hero suffer too much

Reviewer: Blo0m
Date: 01/21/06 23:15
Chapter: Five More Minutes

hahahhah .. this is a really great story ! keep it up .. i cant wait to see what ull come up with next... hahha sirius ... gosh... he is... hmm : "He decided to apologize to her later, maybe." .. MAYBE?? ahh .. thats just mean! the bastard :P but u gotta love him! hehehe .. yet again great story! and i hope to see an update as soon as possible!!! 10/10!

Author's Response: thanx alot!! i really luv getting reviews from readers...lool i know, even when Sirius is doing something really mean/snobbish/ or just obnoxious the fact that he's Sirius keeps you loving him... the next chapter has been in the queue since yesterday so i hope it gets approved soon

Reviewer: Her My Own EE
Date: 01/20/06 5:25
Chapter: Five More Minutes

Sirius, the idiot boy wonder, can't see he likes the girl and then is blatantly mean to her. I think that he can't see that he is in love is my favorite part of this story. However, I hope some hexes him into oblivion for being so mean.

Author's Response: lol i get what you mean but c'mon would you REALLY want Sirius to get hurt? even if he does deserve it..

Reviewer: GinnyRox
Date: 01/20/06 0:13
Chapter: Five More Minutes

Great chapters! Please update soon!!! 10

Author's Response: thanx!! the next chapter should be up shortly!

Reviewer: gbutlergirl
Date: 01/19/06 18:02
Chapter: Five More Minutes

Me again. Good job on chapter four! I loved it! I especially loved the "the owl ate my homework" joke. This chapter was really funny! Great job!! But you kinda left me aangin' and now I want to see what happens with Sirius. Update soon, please!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanx!! yeah i was debating between two endings, but this was less of a cliff-hanger so i chose this one. thanx for all of the reviews i really appreciate them!!

Reviewer: Blo0m
Date: 01/18/06 22:01
Chapter: Infuriating, Immature Git

woops .. i submited the review to the wrong chapter.... it was meant to go to chapter three... ahh .. well .. sorry! .. anyway .. yet again great story! keep it up, and i hope you update soon! *+*BloOm*+* 10/10 !~

Author's Response: thats ok.... the next chapter is in the queue

Reviewer: gbutlergirl
Date: 01/17/06 21:36
Chapter: Infuriating, Immature Git

I know it must get quite annoying to check your reviews and see that I have reviewed every chapter, but your story is really good!! Sirius sounds sooooo sexy! Good job!! Update soon!! Oh, btw, how do you get your chapters up so soon? How long did you wait for them to approve your first chapter and post it? Just wanted to know. Sorry if that's a little off topic from my review. AWESOME JOB anyway!! Its sooo cute!!

Author's Response: thanx.. and i luv it that u review for every chapter!! the first chapter didn't take long at all to get up, it was up the day i submitted it. but the second one took longer. it just depends on how many stories were submitted at the time and if there are any moniters checking the stories at the time you submitted!

Reviewer: TheDazzler93
Date: 01/17/06 14:08
Chapter: Infuriating, Immature Git


Author's Response: The nexy chapter is in the queue!!

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