Reviewer: popcorn
Date: 02/11/06 6:17
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

hiya hiya hiya!!!! it's really awesome... while i was reading the last paragraph i was like "oh my gosh she must do a sequel (well inlcuded ginny and harry)!". and since you'd like to ask us if it's okay if you'll do a sequel....i really approve of it!...oh my of the nicest story i've ever read...simple though but you captivated me.... TWO THUMBS UP!

Reviewer: harry_potter_bookworm
Date: 02/10/06 21:24
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

totally freakin awesome. I love ron/Hermione fan fics but this one takes the cake.100000000 is your rating

Reviewer: bigdreamer22
Date: 02/10/06 11:41
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

Awesome!! Your writing is fantastic! To bad that is is only a one shot... please do the Harry and Giiny one. Again this was very well written, keep up the great work

Reviewer: hermione_g_nerd
Date: 02/09/06 22:49
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

awesome, awesome, and more was VERY realistic...exactly as i would imagine jk writing it..u really have a gift...i can't wait to read your sequel!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Holly_LB
Date: 02/09/06 21:21
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

omg that was soooo good. SEQUEL!!! PLZ DO IT!!!

Reviewer: bttrfly8i8
Date: 02/09/06 18:53
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

This was great. I love one shots and this was the sweetest one yet. I'd love to see a sequal.

Reviewer: HermioneHair
Date: 02/09/06 14:17
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

Brilliant. Inspired. Fantastic. SEQUEL!!!SEQUEL!!!SEQUEL!!!

Reviewer: hpfan012
Date: 02/08/06 19:35
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

aww that was soooo good!! yes i would definetly like it if you were to write a harry ginny fan fic!!! this story was so sweet!! i love it!!! it is going in my favorites!! yay! 10/10

Reviewer: crazyfish
Date: 02/08/06 18:08
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

that was soooooooooo sweet! i think you should definitly write a sequel! and, i love that side of ron- he's brave, and he just does it without over thinking it

Reviewer: halfbloodprincess22
Date: 02/08/06 16:32
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

bravo! very sweet story. I loved it. :-)

Reviewer: BerthaJorkins
Date: 02/08/06 16:14
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

Great job! Your writing style is fabulous and I really hope that you write a sequel, as I am a huge H/G shipper! Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: lilyevans91
Date: 02/08/06 8:31
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

great job!! i think it portrayed wonderfully the feeling sof ron and hermione, and the harry part at the end was a good entrance to a sequel...*wink, wink**nudge, nudge* lol, anyway, great writing, i can't wait to read some of your other stories! (hp, that is--i'm not much into buffy the vampire myself, but that could be because i've never seen a single episode...)

Reviewer: bratface0201
Date: 01/25/06 15:10
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

Great story! Ron and Hermione seem very mature about it. You did a good job and I look forward to reading the sequel.

Reviewer: RupertsPheonix
Date: 01/23/06 16:23
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

Write the sequel because this is really good! You had me captured after the first word! Really, really well done. =) 10/10

Reviewer: Hermione Weasley_Ginny Potter
Date: 01/22/06 7:27
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

I loved that! You're a great writer. 10/10. I have question... where are you going to post the sequel? Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, or Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny?

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review!! I'm gonna make this story Harry/Ginny, maybe a little of them all together at the end? Or possiably another story dealing with the war against voldemort? I have no clue really!! It all depends on how well the story is recieved and how much time I have to write!! LOL!!

Reviewer: Hermytwin027
Date: 01/21/06 11:26
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

I really liked it - very emotionally mature Hermione and Ron! it's like the war has made them grow up a bit. A sequel would be great...get writing!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I'm currently writing the sequrl now look for it in a week or so!

Reviewer: Auror81692
Date: 01/20/06 14:34
Chapter: 3 A. M. Confessions

Ya know, I really enjoyed that, and it's going in my favourites. I really likeed that, it was so well written. That was honestoly your first HP fic? Since you're a really good author, would you mind evaluatiing my stories? Thanks!

Author's Response: Of course I'll look at your stories!!! Thanks so so much for liking it!! I was afraid it sucked!! rejected it three times and said it wasn't up to thier standards even though it had been betaed and tweaked several times!!

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