Reviewer: MaraudersAffair
Date: 06/02/06 20:54
Chapter: Crumbling Walls

Ok, so you asked for some constructive critizism. First off, you really write the characters well. I love the inner dialogue and even though the whole romance between Lily and James is quite cliche ( but come on, how could it not be?) I find myself salivating over every emotion, interaction between the two. When I'm reading though, I find myself wanting more detail. Instead of just saying Lily was happy, discribe the feeling. I don't know . . . all around the scenes are great and I love this story so far!

Great job!

Author's Response: Yes! I feel the same way! I am so dissatisfied with this story sometimes because of the lack of detail. I try, and am still trying, but mostly I go overboard and end up taking out a lot of 'excess detail'. But I really thank you for the c.c! Now that is a breath of fresh air. And I appreciate the compliments. I can't wait to read your review of the next chapter! Thank you so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: ValorOrgulloso
Date: 06/02/06 20:48
Chapter: Crumbling Walls

OOH! This is a really sad and happy chapter! Lily's prophecy was horrible! But I loved it all the same! It makes me want to read more! Update soooooooon!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You make me feel special!

Reviewer: MaraudersAffair
Date: 06/02/06 20:44
Chapter: Crumbling Walls

Wow, that was really good.

Please continue!

Author's Response: Thanks! The 'wow' at the beginning really pleases me!

Reviewer: babekitty_92
Date: 05/28/06 23:59
Chapter: Cruel To Be Kind

eeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!!!!!!! LILY AND SNAPE??????? EWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Ah, now that's off my chest, that was a great chapter, even the thing with Snape and Lily, i can see how it may work in with everything, and was that snape's motive for joining Voldemort?

Author's Response: Yep, Lily and Snape. I'm glad you liked the chapter. I've sent the next to the mods, and I can't wait to read your reaction to it. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: babekitty_92
Date: 05/28/06 23:45
Chapter: Tangled Up In You

haha, so sweet. I think Miss Lily is getting a shock soon, eh? That was great, I really liked it and I love the whole concept of the Truth game.

Author's Response: Thanks! The game of Truth is a really good idea, and I only wish I had thought of it first. Truth belongs to an amazing writer by the name of Sarah Dessen. But I'm glad you liked the chapter.

Reviewer: babekitty_92
Date: 05/28/06 23:37
Chapter: It's In Your Face

silly girl!! Go with him! go with him! That was great, I really liked it, well done.

Author's Response: Yeah, she's quite silly sometimes, especially where James is concerned. Thanks for the compliments & the review!

Reviewer: babekitty_92
Date: 05/28/06 23:22
Chapter: Truth

oh-oh, has little Lily developed a crush? oooooooh! nah, that was really good, I love your descriptions and detail, it's fantastic. Well done

Author's Response: Mm, I think she has! Thanks; I was really nervous and bothered about my 'lack' of details, but you've made me feel a bit better about myself. Thank you!

Reviewer: babekitty_92
Date: 05/28/06 23:15
Chapter: The Cloak and the Dream

hee hee, suffer James! Actually, don't, you're too cute of a character.... Anyway, great chapter, loved it

Author's Response: Yeah, I think it's wicked cute when hott guys suffer or cry or something...I think that's why I'm in love with Harry; he's in pain so often...sad...

Reviewer: babekitty_92
Date: 05/28/06 23:04
Chapter: Reunion

very sweet, and i feel so bad for James!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, James' situation is definately one to be pitied. But he himself can definately hold his own, as you'll see later.

Reviewer: lumos_aeternum
Date: 05/28/06 21:49
Chapter: Cruel To Be Kind

Hi, I wanted to repay the courtesy you have shown me on my fic. I like your story. It really takes an interesting look at a critical time period in the HP universe. Although, in a literal sense, Severus dating anyone disturbs me, Lily is the only person I could have seen doing it. She's just that sort of person. I love how you work the emotions, carefully crafting them into the situations we all know will be. Excellent. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thanks! I feel really honored that you read my story and actually liked it! Wow. Thank you for such a positive review! And I can't wait for the next chapter of "Aftermath"! Soon?

Reviewer: padfootnflawks
Date: 05/25/06 18:47
Chapter: Cruel To Be Kind

WOW Lily went out with Snape!? EEEWWWW!!! bad mentle images!!! your story is slightly AU (lily was populer, James was an only child so on) but i like it never the less, your beganing was awsome!!


Author's Response: Mmm, I've realized it is slightly AU, but i like writing it all the same. I'm glad you liked the beginning, but are you implying that the rest of the story stinks? ;)

Reviewer: hrry4lyf
Date: 05/20/06 13:48
Chapter: Cruel To Be Kind

No!! Anything but Lily and Snape!!...
But its ur fic.

Author's Response: I know, that pairing rather disgusts me, but I believe that Snape really did love Lily in the H.P books, so I had to put it in this story.

Reviewer: hrry4lyf
Date: 05/20/06 13:43
Chapter: Tangled Up In You

heheheh! the last sentence made me crack up!! *still laughing*

Author's Response: Yay!

Reviewer: hrry4lyf
Date: 05/20/06 13:37
Chapter: It's In Your Face

I kinda like the fluffiness:)

Author's Response: Good, there's a bit more coming up! But not too much more, that'd be gag-worthy. ;)

Reviewer: hrry4lyf
Date: 05/20/06 13:31
Chapter: Truth


Author's Response: Yeah, rather sad, rather cute. ;)

Reviewer: HPdiva
Date: 05/18/06 20:06
Chapter: Cruel To Be Kind

Great chapter. Please update soon...the whole lily and snivellous relationship was very amusing.

Author's Response: Thanks, glad I provided entertainment.

Reviewer: Potter_freak0515
Date: 05/17/06 22:04
Chapter: Cruel To Be Kind

I feel so bad for Jame!!! And I guess Snivellus. Still, he came to Hogwarts knowing more curses than half the seventh years. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah. My rendition of Snape doesn't garner much of my sympathy, but "real" Snape definately does. Update at the LATEST by next Wednesday. Thanks for R&R-ing!

Reviewer: GillyWeedEater2006
Date: 05/17/06 21:23
Chapter: Cruel To Be Kind

What Happened? Please write more!!!!!!!!!!
Your hopeful fan,

Author's Response: You'll find out! I have two more chapters written, I just need to figure out if I need more details or additional chapters. But I love your enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing!

Reviewer: ValorOrgulloso
Date: 05/17/06 20:24
Chapter: Cruel To Be Kind

This is a very different twist than all the other stories! Very unique!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was hoping to be one of those who differentiate from the "typical" Lily and James story. Glad you think so, at least! Merci for R&R-ing!

Reviewer: GillyWeedEater2006
Date: 05/17/06 19:16
Chapter: It's In Your Face

Why did she say No?!?!?!

Author's Response: Because she's a stubborn idiot who's scared. ;)

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