Reviews For Sliding Drawers
Reviewer: vampirebabe
Date: 09/03/06 0:07
Chapter: Sliding Drawers

hehe ive never watched sliding doors before but it sounds good.
this is a great story but i was a bit confused at times with your writing, wat with the "cockrels" thing i still have no idea what that passage meant.

okay im also a little confused with the snape dressing thing, was time altered because of him wearing the pants instead of going out in just boxers, and b/c of him not wearing socks or just one? which one? perhaps you should have just said somewhere at the end notes thing, "time was altered because of his dressing options" instead of "time was altered because of the pants" leaving the shoes/socks out, or do the non-socks have any signifigance at all?

i still lurved this story, excellent plotline...lots of potential if you were more clear on somethings, maybe you ought to edit it a bit... hmmm

Author's Response: Time was altered because of his underpants.

Reviewer: Jenn22291
Date: 08/30/06 17:56
Chapter: Sliding Drawers

Heyyyyyyy! Nice story, you know, but, no offence, really, it's just kind of like a cool type of story without anything to do with Starwars or fishing really. Next time, Maybe? lol.

Author's Response: I'll bear that in mind...

Reviewer: Rampant Muggle
Date: 08/29/06 18:57
Chapter: Sliding Drawers

HAHAHAHAHA.... that was great.... ohhh man. Genius.

Author's Response: Glad to be of service!

Reviewer: TOMROHT
Date: 08/28/06 17:20
Chapter: Back To The Future!

Hmm...I love all of it...

This chapter was a little less random musing and a little more action...I don't know how I feel about that...

Unfortunately, there was no inapproriate language to prompt the infant Hermione to exclaim, "Ron!" Or was there...?

So, is this the end of the whole story? How sad, if so...

Ah, would be utterly preposterous to drag it out for years and years and years and years...

Nice job!


Author's Response: I know, I was rather upset about that too, but I thought the grand finale should probably be a little less words and a little more action. Still, I like words. Don't you? As to the infant Hermione...well, I reckon her poor Muggle parents have had enough stress by this point. And yes, this is the end...the phrase "quit while you're ahead" rather sprang to mind. And so, thank you...and good night! *Vanishes in a swirling of robes*

Reviewer: LunaRoxDaRadishes
Date: 08/27/06 16:52
Chapter: Back To The Future!

OMG this was soooo funny! I love funny things! They're so funny!

Unbeknown to either of them, a Muggle director named Robert Zemeckis was passing the window at the time and was hit with a sudden brainwave, resolving to catch the next plane home and begin writing his latest screenplay.

That was probably MY favorite line in this.
Loved this, as usual! Keep up the (funny) good work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I shall certainly keep it up, even though I must now move onto pastures new!

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 08/27/06 16:25
Chapter: When Lily met Sevvy

Dear God, this is funny!

Author's Response: Result!!!

Reviewer: LunaRoxDaRadishes
Date: 08/24/06 22:28
Chapter: Back To The Future!

Yay! I love that movie! Can't wait to read! ...Oh yeah, almost forgot *does first reviewer dance*

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! A review before it's even up! How can the chapter possibly live up to expectations? *Faints*

Reviewer: vikkidragon
Date: 08/02/06 14:50
Chapter: When Lily met Sevvy

Erm...wha...erm...Hermione...Harry, and Ron...infants...SPEW, erm, Aberforth, you have a very confusing mind that's hard to follow.

Author's Response: Oh well *shrugs* you can't please everyone...

Reviewer: LunaRoxDaRadishes
Date: 07/27/06 17:59
Chapter: When Lily met Sevvy

lolroflmao...that doesn't even begin to sum it up, but it comes pretty close! Update soon!

Author's Response: Ohhh don't you worry, I will!

Reviewer: lunascope24
Date: 07/23/06 22:48
Chapter: When Lily met Sevvy

'Miles away, the infant Hermione was heard to say indignantly, Its S.P.E.W. to the eternal puzzlement of her parents.'---BRILLIANT! hilarious!

Author's Response: Hee hee I like to throw in little links to present-day Potter! Thank you!

Author's Response: Hee hee I like to throw in little links to present-day Potter! Thank you!

Author's Response: Hee hee I like to throw in little links to present-day Potter! Thank you!

Author's Response: Oops! Pressed the "submit" button a few too many times there...

Reviewer: savy
Date: 07/23/06 8:49
Chapter: When Lily met Sevvy

this is so random, i love it!

Author's Response: Random's the way to go, methinks!

Reviewer: savy
Date: 07/23/06 8:48
Chapter: When Lily met Sevvy

this is so random, i love it!

Author's Response: Random's the way to go, methinks!

Reviewer: nickynackyneevy38
Date: 07/20/06 12:41
Chapter: When Lily met Sevvy

gd story, very funny!

Author's Response: Merci beaucoup!

Reviewer: Book Worm
Date: 07/20/06 7:20
Chapter: Sliding Drawers

I was killing myself laughing the whole way through, it was really well written! I have to say though...Snape in a lacy black thong? I've got nightmares now. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! Actually I got the inspiration for Snape in a thong from a website I stumbled across, which was a coincidence as I'd already written 2 chapters by then! You can see it here, it's really witty fan art.

Reviewer: TOMROHT
Date: 07/19/06 21:52
Chapter: When Lily met Sevvy

*chucklesnortHAHAsnortsnortchucklegiggle* Wow...


Author's Response: That's almost as good-a word as Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Reviewer: TOMROHT
Date: 07/19/06 21:43
Chapter: Domestic Bliss

I just love's nice to laugh...and to giggle somewhat manically while others look on...oh well...


Author's Response: Hee hee laughing when other people about is hilarious! I was reading a "Barry Trotter" book (have you read those? They're the funniest spoofs around!) on a train and I had to keep finding ways of turning laughter into coughingfits/violent sneezes etc. Good fun.

Reviewer: TOMROHT
Date: 07/19/06 21:32
Chapter: Sliding Drawers

Ha ha ha ha hilarious! There were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments, and I sure do love to laugh...while this story is somewhat crude...I can't help but like it...nice job.


Author's Response: I'm glad it made you laugh! I would've been somewhat embarrassed if all the bits that made ME chuckle were damp squibs as it were! Long live scatalogical humour!

Reviewer: Gred_and_Forges_girl
Date: 07/19/06 0:12
Chapter: Sliding Drawers

I, personally, am glad Snivellius is having a horrible day. He deserves it, the greasy slimeball. lol. Brilliant fic, by the way.

Author's Response: Thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, though I must confess I am one of the "Snape is not evil!" camp!

Reviewer: just_the_contrary
Date: 05/27/06 14:54
Chapter: Domestic Bliss

This is hilarious. I love the pants and the Pantomancy - very ingenious. Keep up the great (and funny!) story!

Author's Response: Cheers m'dear. Chapter three is going through the machine as we speak!

Reviewer: Firebreather
Date: 05/10/06 15:41
Chapter: Domestic Bliss

Really weird, but interesting.

Author's Response: As are many things in life!

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