Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 12/24/09 12:20
Chapter: Let's Get it Started

It sounds like Luna and Blaise are going to be good friends. I have one word to say to Draco and Ginny and that is "busted." How funny that they both need a Wake Up Potion and each one knows the other one needs it. It's early in the story but I wonder if Draco and Ginny even need interference from anyone to get together. Luna really likes to take action. I'm sure Blaise didn't expect to get her ears pierced that quickly. I'm still waiting for the storm. Wouldn't it be funny if the storm never came? Actually, it could be tragic if people think that it's not going to storm and they take off and travel and then it gets bad. That happens all the time. The distances are great enough that you can get stuck in the middle of nowhere in deadly weather. I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself because it's going to be a bad Christmas but I do have a new television that I love so I shouldn't complain. And, I can lose myself in fan fiction and my other books and writing. I do like being alone. I think I'll look forward and start planning for my birthday. If I can get about three projects done at work, then I can take a real long week end for my birthday--and maybe go book shopping:D Great chapter.

Author's Response:

I grew to like Boy!Blaise, but at first I was bitterly disappointed Jo didn't take the opportunity to create a sympathetic Slytherin female. She really had issues with that House.

Draco and Ginny don't need interference as much as an excuse. ^_~

I admire the way you can be happy planning ahead. I have things coming up in January that I'm avoiding thinking about. It'd be nice if I could borrow some of your type A attitude. :D

Reviewer: Fynnsmom
Date: 12/24/09 10:54
Chapter: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Thought I'd open my Christmas present early and start reading this story. It promises to be fun. It will take a little bit of thinking to accept Blaise as a girl but it can be done. I know I can accept Draco and Ginny. It sounds like Luna and Blaise already have a head start on their project. I'm just sitting here waiting for the storm. I'm glad we have another week of vacation after this. I hate having a blizzard take up my time, although the time off will do me some good. I do have a type A personality and I'm heavily into planning. If I have trouble sleeping I make myself relaxed and happy by promising myself I can plan for the next day, or for the next week, or the next vacation, or the next project--usually by the time I figure out what to plan for I'm sound asleep. I'm so pathetic:D but seriously, what's the harm? I also have a fear of being bored so I overload my life with stuff to do and eventually get something done. With this storm coming I'm afraid I'll get bored when there's absolutely no danger whatsoever of that happening. It could blizzard for the rest of the winter and I wouldn't run out of stuff to do. I'm such a nut:) Great chapater.

Author's Response:

You have snow, I have rain, and I'm glad I don't have to go out in it! No last minute presents to buy, just a candelight service later and a drive to look at lights. Family traditions made easier by lack of blizzard, heh.

Maybe your enforced R&R is the perfect time for you to write! You've got a children's book and fan fiction story simmering like potions in the back of your brain. One of them might be ready for a brisk stir or pouring into flagons (or onto the computer screen or pad of paper).

We are all nuts. :D Christmas makes me feel like one that's chocolate dipped, and I'm so going to be running my butt off in January to do penance (and I'm not even Catholic!)

Reviewer: Thelast
Date: 10/01/09 10:39
Chapter: Let's Get it Started

I've gotta say I'm loving this fic! I'm only on the second chapter but I'm hooked already =D Lovely writing!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's the longest fic I've ever written, and really made me wish Jo had written BZ as a girl. :D I'm thrilled you're reading it!

Reviewer: LunaLuna
Date: 09/05/09 12:23
Chapter: Dancing with Faeries

i love the comparisons to peter pan! so neat to read something by someone who thinks like me! i do believe in faeries, i do i do!

Author's Response: Yay, you believe in faeries! I don't believe they drop dead if some horrid person doesn't believe in them, though. They're tougher than that! :D

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/16/09 20:57
Chapter: Backlash

Your writing was spectacular. I could feel Ginny's confliction. I almost cried at the end.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much for feeling Ginny's conflict. Readers like you making writing even more of a joy. :)

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/16/09 20:30
Chapter: Things Revealed

If they hurt Draco I will personally kill them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Draco's tough...and he can give as good as he gets. :D

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/15/09 21:04
Chapter: Sixteen Candles

I like the Star Wars theme for this one. check out thumb wars if you haven't seen it they are really funny.

Author's Response: I haven't seen it, I'll have to look it up on youtube.

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/14/09 18:56
Chapter: Holiday in Spain

Great writing. I feel so bad for Blaise. Lucius should just go die.

Author's Response: Lucius isn't a pedo, but he wasn't above making Blaise worry about it to try and manipulate her into getting closer to Draco. He definitely has control issues!

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/05/09 10:47
Chapter: A Bump in the Road to Love

I hate Terry at the moment

Author's Response: I don't blame you, he has jealousy issues to resolve!

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/04/09 17:14
Chapter: Love and Quidditch

I love Wesley!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I heart you for loving him! ^_^

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/04/09 16:43
Chapter: Happy Hallowe'en!

awwwwww!!!!!!!! Draco and Ginny are so cute together.

Author's Response: There's something about Weasleys and Malfoys. They fit brilliantly, whether it's Draco and Ginny or Scorpius and Rose. (I couldn't write Lily because she's Ginny and Harry's daughter, and wrong on too many complicated levels, lol)

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/03/09 14:08
Chapter: Affection and Aftermath

I love Wesley

Author's Response: Me, too! I'll confess, when I imagine the canon pairings, Rolf Scamander looks just like a young Cary Elwes playing a farm boy who became the Dread Pirate Roberts. :D

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/03/09 13:11
Chapter: Good Girls and a Bad, Bad Boy

aww the ending was so cute, but i feel sorry for Blaise

Author's Response:

Love isn't always easy, is it? It's definitely a bumpy ride to a happy ending for our couples, but I hope that will just make it more enjoyable in the end! :)

I think I forgot to say it before, but thank you so much for reading! This will always be one of my favorite stories. 

Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/03/09 12:47
Chapter: One step forward, two steps back

ahhh i just want them together. why does ginny have to be so stubborn?

Author's Response:

Human nature. Some couples fall hard and fast like Terry and Blaise and some fight it. :D


Reviewer: samspectacular
Date: 08/02/09 23:46
Chapter: Black Knight

omg i love this story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

Reviewer: listentoyourheart_09
Date: 07/25/09 14:47
Chapter: The Long Goodbye Part Three: Draco and Ginny

I would just like to say that I really enjoyed your writing. I loved how you incorporated the great Bard and some great Latin phrases. Book 6 of the series is my favorite , but I loved how you gave a different light to the story. It was great, thanks for writing it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading an AU story when book 6 is your favourite! I've always written with the canon available at the time, but things change, and I appreciate readers willing to discover a romance that develops in a different dimension of the Potterverse. :) And you like the Bard and Latin, too--icing on the fairy cake!

Reviewer: spilledpotion
Date: 06/30/09 2:46
Chapter: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

This is the story that got me hooked on D/G, which I now lovelovelove! You are full of awesomeness. :D

Author's Response: You're awesome for reviewing! Lots of people don't, especially when a story's been complete for awhile, and it really means a lot that you took the time. You made my day! *hugs*

Reviewer: Flying_Pheonix
Date: 03/11/09 15:36
Chapter: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

haha lol yeah!

Author's Response: ^_~

Reviewer: Flying_Pheonix
Date: 03/11/09 14:12
Chapter: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

lol definatley, with Luna staring off with a small, misty smile on her face

Author's Response: Or with her eyes closed, sighing blissfully in a way that makes Draco want to feed Ginny one and see her reaction! :D

Reviewer: Flying_Pheonix
Date: 03/11/09 13:58
Chapter: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

oh lovely.. i can imagine Draco giving Luna 'that is gross' looks while she eats chocolate covered crisps... hehehe

Author's Response: He'd probably raise his brow in a "what can you expect from a girl who wears produce as earrings" sardonic way. :D

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