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Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/30/09 21:50 · For: Partings and Other Sweet Sorrows
I meant it was too COLD to go out and watch the moon rise--not too old:D Maybe I have been riding around in my limo drinking from a flask:D

Author's Response: You're not as think as I drunk you are? :D My brain put the "c" on, so no worries. Have fun sleeping it off, heh.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/30/09 20:28 · For: Partings and Other Sweet Sorrows
Damn, I bumped the submit button too soon. I was about to say that you're right--if you look at a character from the outside, as an objective observer, they often don't look as good. Like Harry with Luna. Tomorrow we're going to see "Sherlock Holmes" and do some shopping. It's really cold but it should be a fun trip. There's nothing like going to a movie on a weekday in the afternoon. The height of luxury. Then some last minute shopping. It's too bad it's too old for me to go out and watch the moon. I like it best when it's real red or orange and then you look to the east and go "what is that" and it's the moon. Oops I'm getting carried away:P I'll see you at some point tomorrow. Fun chapter.

Author's Response:

It's only luxury if you have candy or popcorn at the movie. :D I'm partial to junior mints, myself. Let me know how you like Downey as Holmes. I wonder if I'll think of him as Iron Man putting on an English accent.

Since it was too cold for you to go out, we'll just cross our fingers the next Blue Moon occurs in balmier weather!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/30/09 20:22 · For: Partings and Other Sweet Sorrows
Is a melusine mirror what Sirius gave to Harry--and then Harry used it later to call Aberforth who sent Dobby to rescue Harry and company? What a great idea for wizard kids to keep in touch. My favorite part was watching the parents meet their children at the train station. Terry's family sounded shocked that he had such a "sexy" girlfriend or maybe they were shocked he had a girlfriend at all:) You know how parents can be. Narcissa and Eddy are just too funny. I can just imagine them standing there by a big limo, wearing ankle length furs, and drinking from a flask. I wish I could sit around looking fabulous and drinking all day:D Just kidding. I'd be bored so fast.

Author's Response:

Jo didn't name her communication mirror, but I love naming things, heh, so I did.

Terry's a Ravenclaw, so his parents made the false assumption that he was giving his studies higher priority than his social life. They'll learn how serious he is over the holiday, ho ho ho. 

Cissy and Eddy aren't good role models, but they are fun.

Yes, I can see you now in your fur sipping champagne, sighing in boredom...until you got drunk enough to think you could solve the world's problems and started making lists.... ;D

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/30/09 9:33 · For: What a Girl Wants
That ending was so sweet I got all misty-eyed. For some reason I didn't picture Blaise wearing a Santa hat though--I don't know why. Once again, Harry is just not making himself look good. He thought he was with Ginny and could just say things that were rude. With these potions it must be so hard to put the thoughts with the person you've changed into. I mean, underneath it all, Luna is Luna. I chuckled when Pansy ended up with a wizard with a drinking problem. That just sounded funny to me. Well, I've got a little list of things to do. I love lists. Then I have a hair appointment. Would you believe it's been a year since I've had anything done with my hair? After I broke my leg I didn't think I could hop up into the hairdresser's chair:) We're going to have Christmas this week end so I've got that figured out. I'll talk to you later:D

Author's Response:

I imagined the hat pushed way back, but with a hat, without it, doesn't matter. Only the mushy stuff's important. :D

There are so many times in the books that if you weren't seeing things from Harry's pov he would sound and seem like a complete twat. Pansy deserves romantic woes and I'm glad to play them for laughs. 

Have fun at the hairdressers, getting gorgeous for your Christmas party!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/29/09 21:53 · For: Quidditch and Love Lessons
Hey, I did know that this was a blue moon month. I saw that when I was putting up my 2010 calendars and was looking for the January full moon--I love to watch the moon rise. My daughters and I used to climb the hill behind our house and watch it rise when I lived in LA. Goths have to be organized you know:D Are our blacks coordinated and not clashing? They can't be too faded. God forbid the nail polish is chipped:D You can't wear your silver earrings with your gold--doesn't look right. Is our writing angsty enough? Is the brooding look just so? The pouty lip has be pouty enough. I've raised a couple of goth kids and they spent more time organizing their look and attitude than my older "little miss sunshine." I hope they don't read fan fiction:P I can hear it now "Geez Mom, could you talk about something else?"
Good night and happy blue moon!!

Author's Response:

Have you ever seen the movie Clueless where the girl uses her computer to assess what's in her closet and choose an outfit? You gave me a mental image of a Goth girl doing that with shades of black. No, too faded, no, materials don't "go" together. :D

I think most kids know their parents talk about them, and are resigned to it, heh. 

The blue moon was gorgeous, and in the late afternoon, it actually looked blue against the sky. Ah-woo! 

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/29/09 21:16 · For: Quidditch and Love Lessons
As I watched Luna interact with Harry and Wesley I thought about how easy it is for flaws to hide behind perceived love. I think some of Harry's flaws are becoming more apparent to Luna. I loved the Cassandra character. There are so many goth people I've known and loved--I was kind of goth myself--the long black hair, dark make up, black clothes. One time a counselor called me, concerned about Demelza. One of the complaints was that "she's always wearing those dark clothes." There were other more serious issues that we dealt with (teen angst stuff) but I had to smile at the "dark clothes comment" as I looked down at my own clothing and myself in the mirror. I also loved how Draco turned his saving Ginny into a heroic act for himself. It was heroic but to turn it into something against the Gryffindors was very creative. I wasn't out driving too much today. I was going to go to work but decided to work on stuff at home. The snow started to blow and I didn't want to get stuck with it blowing across the road. Once I started on my writing project at home I didn't want to be bothered. The earlier "snow day" comment was about all the times we've gotten out of school early only to spend so much time clutching the steering wheel, praying to get home safely. Geez, I'm so cranky tonight. That's why I read an extra chapter:D I'm anticipating going back to work. I don't know why I can't totally work by myself--why do I have to deal with other people and be nice to them:P I'll be OK when I get back and get my desk organized. I just know that there's going to be lots of stuff to do and I'm going to need information from lots of people and I'm going to have to play nice to get the information. Oh well, I will plod along and the rewards will come later:D Spring will come and the flowers will bloom again.

Author's Response:

Harry's biggest flaw is he doesn't appreciate Luna like he should.

The organized Goth. Love it! :D If you're ever in a library and want an entertaining read that gives insights into people, check out Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You. I wear a lot of charcoal, black, navy and grey, and dark clothes are associated with neuroticism...which might have a grain of truth to it. :P

Did you know tonight was a blue moon? Makes me want to go outside and lift a glass in toast to werewolves real and fictional. :)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/29/09 19:04 · For: Snow Day
It was funny to think of Draco's personality inside of Colin's body. What was the earlier comment--Draco didn't know if he could sneer with Colin's lips:D It was also funny when the usually shy "Colin" was behaving a little more aggressively while interacting with the Gryffindors. Although, Colin was kind of tricky with the whole rubbing noses thing--was that a bold Gryffindor move? I don't mind snow days. In fact, I love just sitting inside watching the snow fly, especially when I have nothing else to do. What I hate is the long drive home when there's an early release day because of the weather and trying to dig out after the storm. I don't actually dig out but I have to wait for someone else and then I worry about falling. This was a fun chapter. Thanks for sending a section of your alternate Snape/Lorelei stuff. That was some of your earlier work? You just can't write anything halfways clumsy or bad can you:P

Author's Response:

So on snow days you're not heading for the sledding hill? :D After your awful fall, I don't blame you. Mobility is something people take for granted until they lose it.

Thank you for the lovely compliment, but when I first started posting my dialogue formatting was wack. :P I guess it's a tribute to authors that I could've read so many books and only remembered the stories, not the mechanics of writing. I started to edit the story once, but I didn't get past ch 7, and now I think I won't ever do more because subconsciously I like seeing how much I've improved, and I like that people keep finding the story and reviewing to say they enjoy it, never mentioning the formatting errors. Encouragement like that is priceless!

So there was an early release day, or were you speaking in general? Long drives that would be short drives if the weather wasn't bloody-minded and people didn't slow to a crawl are truly sucktacular. If you experienced that, I hope Fynn was extra affectionate when you got home to make up for the stress. 


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/28/09 20:17 · For: Love and Quidditch
That was a wonderful chapter. I loved the addition of muggle cheerleading. Who woulda thought? Of course, Lorelei was the sponsor of the cheer team:D And, of course she's going to "show" Snape how the routine goes. I think I chuckled the most over that thought. I think the funniest thing was the reaction of everyone to cheerleading. It's something we see everyday but they had no clue:) Luna could've told Blaise to wear a scarf if she's going to lean out of the stands. I loved what Terry turned the Room of Requirement into. I wouldn't have thought of that. This chapter was chock full of interesting stuff. You really outdid yourself. Well, I think I'm off to work tomorrow. I'll just feel better going in and organizing my stuff for next week. I'll get a bunch done on my grant proposal too. I love to be lazy but I love my organization better. See you tomorrow at some point.

Author's Response:

You consider being "lazy" watching a movie after cleaning house and working on quilts. Type A lazy. :D

Yay! You like the Muggle cheerleading! In the Snape Lorelei fic she does indeed show him the routine...and the outfit...but when I went to cut a clip to paste here, I copied a section that came before it when Snape lets his mind drift in class. In this story Blaise and Terry are compared to Tarzan and Jane, while in the other fic, Snape and Lorelei are compared to Hades and Persephone. ^_^


Even in an advanced class, there were those few students who would socialize if not restrained by their professor's constant vigilance. Prowling around looking for the slightest infraction of correct procedure kept the Potions Master's attention fixed upon the subject at hand. Toward the end of class, however, when all that remained was to sit at his desk and wait for flagons to be filled, labeled, and turned in for testing, his mind felt free to wander. In his imagination, Severus meandered out of the classroom, out of the school, across time and space until he reached a place of myth and legend.


He moved silently through his Underworld palace, brushing aside the servants who wished to inform him of their mistress' whereabouts. No words were needed...he could hear a faint echo of a haunting melody, and knew that following it to its source would lead him to his love. Briskly descending the exterior steps and following the path that connected one end of his kingdom to the other, Hades ignored the fork leading to the right. His love was not in Tartarus- the plain of judgment. The Vale of Mourning was likewise avoided.

Black robes billowing in the perpetual twilight, the Lord of the Dead continued through the Asphodel Fields where common souls wandered like shadows in the gray mist. Eyes darker than the night saw through the ghostly haze and guided the man onward to the place where his faithful guardian waited. Absently patting Cerberus on one of his many heads, Hades walked further. Whispers from the field of unburied souls on his left came to him upon the cool wind. They too had seen their mistress pass this way. Lifting a hand in acknowledgement, the ebon haired god made his way to the marsh. Silently, the ferryman Charon lifted his pole in a steady rhythm to propel the boat carrying his Lord across the water to the far bank. Nodding his thanks, Hades disembarked and traveled down the path once more.

Tiresias, the seer, sat upon his sacred rock and asked if any assistance was required. A faint smile curved thin, clever lips as the Underworld Lord shook his head and lengthened his stride. He reached the plains of passing time. The dark figure glided along the trail obscured by waist high grass without disturbing a blade. At another fork in the path, one way led to the Elm from which False Dreams Cling. The tree rustled, inviting him to come and experience visions whose only limit was his imagination. A sneer twisted masculine lips. He chose the way that led to the Grove of Persephone.

Strolling through the Elms from which cling What Dreams May Come, his pace grew quick with anticipation. In the middle of the grove, a field of the softest flowers from Olympus grew in sunlight more radiant than that which shone on Elysium. Black hair and robes rippled as Hades crossed the space eagerly. In the center of the field, his love waited.

The soft humming of a poignant tune stopped the moment the reclining goddess of spring saw his face. Opening her arms, she sighed. "Beloved".

Dropping to his knees, the King of the Underworld gathered his Queen into his arms.


Aw, romance...even though it's AU. :D

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/28/09 11:39 · For: Happy Hallowe'en!
I liked this chapter best in this book so far. There were so many wonderful things. I loved the description of the Slytherin pumpkin. Celtic knots are so beautiful. Cissy and Eddy are hysterical. You almost have to feel sorry for Blaise and Draco. In another way, having mothers like that makes you a better person if you strive to not be like them. As the lyrics to "Judith" go--you're such an inspiration for the ways that I would never want to be." I think I paraphrased a little--I think there are some "evers" in there. I'm so glad Blaise and Ginny were able to exchange places. The evening rituals sound like so much fun. Adding Lorelei and Snape at the bonfire was a great touch. Excellent chapter. To be honest, I don't really like songfics that much. I think song lyrics make us think of a story but I find the actual insertion of lyrics in a story like they're the central part of the story to be annoying. I usually skip over them:D

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you liked this chapter! You paraphrased perfectly. Eddy and Cissy (like Eddy and Patsy of Absolutely Fabulous) are role models of what NOT to be as a parent and human being, really, although I do like them, and think they'll grow on you like mold. :D


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/27/09 21:38 · For: Affection and Aftermath
I bumped something on my keyboard and lost the review to this chapter and went somewhere very strange in cyberspace. I hate it when that happens. Anyway, Thinky is such a cute name for the Ravenclaw elf. I think Blaise and Terry are such an outstanding couple. I didn't think Terry had it in him to hex Draco like that. He really must be protective of Blaise. How creative to have Blaise pass messages to Ginny. Although, if I was Terry I don't know if I'd tell Blaise what I did to Draco. Maybe I would, hoping to impress her with how much I care for her--but hexing her friend? I really like the Wesley character. I hope he gets his firebolt:D You know, I think someone got carried away with that HPFF issue. What horrified me was that someone got kicked off the website for a while for doing something that was probably innocent. I'm pretty sure the author is a middle-aged woman with older kids. I just couldn't imagine not being able to read fan fiction. In my world, not much shocks me. I've led a full and wonderful life:P I don't know if I'll see Sherlock Holmes until New Year's myself--maybe the 31st. One of my sisters wants to see it and I suppose Jesse will go also. I may go to see Avatar again though. That was really good--not the most creative idea in the world but entertaining. Now, the Muse cd is called The Resistance. The whole cd is pretty good. I think I could write some songfics from it. I've often thought I should make a verbal recording of stories I'm writing. I always read what I've written out loud--and that applies to grant proposals too. And, I've given that advice to other people whose work I've edited. Why can't I just take my own advice?? Great chapter. I'll see you tomorrow. It's that time of night again:D I can't believe I try to give my dogs a nice bedtime:P I told you I was nutty--a caramel turtle:D

Author's Response:

Nutty, yet filled with caramel goodness! :D

I learned through frustrating experience to both click "Remember Me" when logging in (so the computer won't automatically time you out after a couple of minutes when you're typing a review and then eat it when you hit submit) and to copy the review or reply just in case the site goes wonky and says "you are not authorized" after I've spent time to type out my frick-a-frackin thoughts! 

I hope you'll love Wesley by the end of the story. I have a soft spot for pirates, from Captain Blood and Captain Jack Sparrow to the Dread Pirate Roberts in Princess Bride. ;)

Wow, a mature writer worrying about being stalked? Did she kill off a character and fear being kidnapped like James Caan in Misery? *eyeroll* 

Songs can inspire but I think they distract when they're quoted within a text. It yanks the reader out of the story to read the lyrics...reminding them it's "just" a story when you want them to be experiencing it as though the characters were their avatars, so to speak, heh.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/27/09 18:32 · For: Truth and Consequences
If you haven't listened to The Resistance by Muse you should give it a try. There are parts of it that remind me of Queen. Anyway, of course Snape had to happen upon the love struck couple. I'm beginning to enjoy those moments almost as much as I do a Howler:D I'm sure Terry is convinced that nothing untoward happened between Blaise and Draco. Damn, you made his anger sound sexy. I loved the discussion of Draco's name. Of course he'd be named after something celestial if his mother's a Black. I also loved Draco's discussion with Slinky and Slinky's delight that Draco was so Slytherin. I've said that sort of thing to students before--I didn't ask you if you wanted to do this--or I didn't ask you if you'd like to do this--I NEED YOU TO DO THIS!! AND DO IT NOW!!! Always, with a smile and a giggle or maybe a raised eyebrow:P I had a student once who admitted he liked watching my eyebrows--they indicated the climate of the room:D I do hope we can communicate by e-mail. I was horrified once while reading in HPFF. A reviewer told one of the authors s/he had lost their account for a while because they had tried to contact the author personally. The reviewer went on to say s/he had printed out the author's stories and carefully bound them and how they were bound. It sounded a little stalkerish to me. But, obviously, they weren't both agreeing to write. I really would like to discuss my writing with someone. Wow! My Dad came over around noon and cleaned out my walkway and driveway. I actually went out to the corner store for some Coke Zero and talked to some people. I hadn't talked to anyone since Wednesday evening when Jess and I wrapped up our marathon. Fynn and Sam are better company than most people but our conversations got a little one-sided. I laughed at your response to my last review. You have such an imagination. I do too, but it doesn't go on paper as well--I think I might be more of an oral story teller. When I decide to tell a story or just talk about something in general people often gather around:D I don't watch a lot of crime shows anymore either--I don't watch a lot of television but tonight I'll watch the Jesse Stone movie. I love Tom Selleck. Now, Alan Rickman or Tom Selleck can come and visit me any day--and I'll even let them park stupid. Somehow I have the feeling they wouldn't park stupid though:P Later, my friend. Great chapter, by the way.

Author's Response:

Love is our resistance
They'll keep us apart they wont stop breaking us down
Hold me
Our lips must always be sealed

I do like Muse, and lots of British bands, including Queen. Nice lyrics! 

Lovebirds can't get too carried away, :D, and Snape's icy voice cools teenaged passion instantly. I imagine your raised eyebrow was just as effective as our Potions Master's for controlling students, if in a much less hate inspiring way. 

If you're an oral storyteller you should read your stories aloud. If they "sound" right, you know you're on the right track, if they don't, you edit. 

TV shows demand too much of a commitment for me. They want you to arrange your life around them and I'd rather be writing or watching a film that doesn't mind if you love it and leave it. ;)

I have my email listed on my author page. It's hotmail, which I like because it's portable, not dependant on a particular internet provider, and separate from any family email account. No one reads my emails but me. If an author's email was a shared account with her dad or husband (or any other paranoid loved one who watches too much Law and Order) who saw an email from a stranger and feared she was being stalked, I can see why she would report the reviewer. She was probably told to do it or else have the internet cut off. 
I prefer to think the author was coerced rather than the paranoid one who freaked out over something that was probably friendly, not stalkerish, and could have been resolved with a simple reply rather than having the person's account deleted. 
Tom Selleck and Alan Rickman probably have drivers who park wherever they're told, heh.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/27/09 9:36 · For: Good Girls and a Bad, Bad Boy
One of my favorite parts in this chapter was the one with Moaning Myrtle. That was nice of Draco to step out of the tub and give Myrtle a view of his god-like body:P Remember the scene in one of the early movies when Myrtle told Harry that if he died he could share her toilet? Jesse and I really laughed over that scene. I also liked "Slim Slytherin." I had a black cat once, named Shade. We often called him Slim. Poor Pansy. She's never made to sound attractive, although the thought of her traumatizing unsuspecting drunk boys on their way back from the bathroom was pretty funny. So, who is the mysterious photographer? It sounds like Draco and Ginny might come through this OK. Great chapter. The snow's finally stopped here and it doesn't feel that cold outside. I know because little Fynn got caught on the steps and I had to go out in my pajamas and slippers (don't forget the warm, fuzzy robe) and set him free. I wonder how long it will be before I can leave the house. I guess it doesn't matter. Maybe it'll be later today. It looks like someone got stuck on the road that goes past my mother's house. Either that or they parked really stupid:D The snow plows are out but I need my Dad and his snow blower. I may take your advice and find a snow plow guy. I need to be able to go to work without worrying about getting stuck in a snow bank on my way to the car:) See you later.

Author's Response:

She's probably peeked a number of times, heh, but nothing like the Full Monty. :P

I loved that part in the book, and had Astoria use the line to Draco when she was mimicking Myrtle. 

Aw, poor Fynn. He sounds like such a character--no wonder he inspires great literature! (or he will, when you get back to writing. ^_~) 

Parking Stupid sounds like the title of a short story in a Woman's World type magazine. A woman looks out her window, sees a car that looks like it got stuck on the road that goes past her mother's house, sheds her fuzzy robe to dress and go out to help, telling her dog Fynn that it had better not be some fool parking stupid. There's no one in the car, so she goes to her mom's for coffee and to ask about the car and finds the owner--who is there to see our intrepid heroine. He misread the address.

Now why he's there...hmmm...he wants to publish her children's book. He has family in the area, figured he'd "drop by" and got caught in the snow. You have to fill in the appearance. My imagination is casting an Alan Rickman look alike. ^_~

Get the snow plow guy. You never know who might be trying to find your house!


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/26/09 21:35 · For: One step forward, two steps back
I really liked this chapter. I felt kind of sorry for Draco. I know he's not used to asking girls out and having them turn him down because they don't want to be seen with him. Why is it that drinking always seems like a good solution to one's problems but it never is. I'm surprised that Blaise and Draco being in bed together hasn't spread through the castle--although there's still time I guess--house elves gossip too don't they. I really chuckled at the thought of Luna leaning far out in the stands to watch Harry fly and having to be pulled back in by her scarf. I just noticed the Law and Order SVU show with Carol Burnett is on--talk about a relationship between a nephew and his aunt!! I can assure you my relationship with my nephew is nothing like that one!! I chuckled again when Ron asked about the chocolate mousse. Hermione could be taking these opportunities to educate the boy:P Luna's comments are always so funny. I love her in the movies too. I would love to read some of your earlier work--as you offered. I realize I'm going to run out of your writing at some point. Maybe when I do run out of things. I'll miss my conversations with you, although maybe by that time you can comment on my written efforts. Well, it's that time of evening to get my little guys ready for bed and me too, I love getting ready for bed, with my big fluffy robe, when it's cold out. It's also the time of evening when I read, even a little bit--my favorite thing. Great chapter. See you tomorrow at some point.

Author's Response:

What happens in Slytherin House stays in Slytherin House. :D Any other house, fuhgedaboudit!

I had to stop watching Law and Order/CSI shows. I loved the mystery and human drama, but all the man's inhumanity to man got depressing. I don't read Patricia Cornwell anymore, either. I want to stay more romantic than cynic. :)

We'll just have to talk via emails versus reviews/replies, about writing, and weather, and cabbages and kings, and why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings. :D

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/26/09 18:30 · For: Getting Closer
I smiled at Snape wandering around in the dark again--or I should say, looking for people in the dark. How sweet for Luna to get distracted by Harry casually saying he liked her. I chuckled at her imagined news headlines. I had to shake my head at Draco and Ginny, stuck under the Slytherin table and Ginny's boldness. No one's going to believe this relationship:)Well, your readers will but their friends won't. I made some progress today. I straightened some things out in my bedroom. That has been a room that I open the door and throw things in. Shocking, but true. Then I watched HBP in the afternoon. Late this afternoon, I finally went upstairs to what I call my "studio" and actually got some quilt borders sewn together. That doesn't sound like much but I haven't been upstairs for about a year--since before I broke my leg--so even just going up there and looking around would've been good. I have to get used to going up there and working again. Tonight I want to pull out my papers for that small grant. I applied, successfully, for that same grant three years ago so I have the writing I already did. I just need to change the focus a bit. I hope to get that done tomorrow since I probably won't be able to get out until Monday. If I can get a draft done of my query letter that will be really good. I'd say Fynn's book is a good half to three-fourths done. I just need to get a start on stuff. I think I finally realized that I am pretty much over my broken leg so it's time to get back into everything. I will keep your advice with regard to the query letter in mind. Pretend it's for someone else--and it is--it's for Fynn. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

That seems to be a trend for me, having Snape go hunting in the dark, heh. Absolutely, this won't be an instantly accepted relationship. It won't even be an instantly proclaimed one. I had some readers when it was posting want that to happen, but I think I eventually convinced them the way it happens is better...and more believable (at least in this dimension of the Potterverse). ;)

Wow, to go up there again and work after such a long time is cause for celebration! I'll have to pour some Diet Dr. Pepper into a champagne glass and raise it in a toast since I don't have champagne and any other glass wouldn't do the occasion justice.

Fynn is worthy of a large grant, :), but even a small one will be a triumph in this economy. Write well and prosper! 

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/26/09 10:09 · For: Dancing with Faeries
That was a fun chapter. I could picture the faery ring and faeries. It was like watching a movie. Lorelei sounds like a very strange, perceptive person--like she has more divination skills than Trelawney has. I hate it when strange smells make me sick. What movie did you watch last night? I was almost tempted to watch HBP again but I resisted. I can't promise about this afternoon though. I should be off to see Sherlock Holmes but I think I'll still be snowed in today. I do think the wind's gone down--it doesn't feel as cold. Fortunately there are matinees all next week. I might even see Avatar again. Then, I think I'm done with movies for a while. I don't think there's anything real enticing coming out. Thank you for the idea about the turtle quilt and a children's book. There are some other odd things associated with that quilt that could be woven into a story. I've got a couple of assignments for myself to take me through tomorrow. There's a short grant proposal due on the 31st that I could finish and I should draft my query letter for Fynn's book. There's lots to do--then I can fool around after the storm's over:P Great chapter. I'll see you later today,.

Author's Response:

Happy Boxing Day! I'm glad you can visualize it. If you're ever bored and/or curious enough to overlook dialogue formatting errors, I'll send you a link to my first ever fan fic Simply Irresistible which is Snape/Lorelei and loads of other povs.

I'll probably go see Sherlock Holmes on New Year's Day (to get away from football games), so if you see it, tell me how you liked it. I think it'll be an interesting AU sort of story where Holmes is shorter and as physically adept as he is perceptive. 

Have you finished Fynn's book? If you get stuck writing your letter, pretend it's like a grant for someone else and you'll do brilliantly!

May the storm be short and the snow not icy. I'm off to try to write, if I can stay away from a new book, Orson Scott Card's How To Write Science Fiction and Fantasy. I've read his characterization and viewpoint book, and a few of his novels, so I know I'll like his style, although I'm more interested in fantasy than SciFi.

See you when you have time to fool around! :D

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/25/09 16:29 · For: Black Knight
I'm sure the last thing Ginny wanted was to be rescued:) Thank goodness it wasn't Ron. I hope she has nice dreams. I'm kind of surprised that Blaise let Draco hex Terry the way he did. Although I guess hexes can be reversed. I was thinking of a time about 10 years ago. My son had beautiful long hair--almost down to his waist. He was living with me while attending college at USD and I taught there. One morning I woke up and he had shaved his head. It was a strange thing to behold since he'd had long hair for most of his life. He was a rugby player for USD and he said his hair kept getting in the way. I think he might have been getting tired of it too. I'm listening to Muse right now and I have a feeling they wrote some of these songs for a movie. I'm thinking they might have wrote them for The Host. I heard that was being made into a movie. I can't wait to see if I'm right. I know Stephenie Meyer loves Muse. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

No, "Rescue Me" is the last song Ginny would sing in that situation. That Blaise let Draco hex Terry (even though it could be reversible) proves she's correctly sorted into Slytherin, despite Hufflepuff tendencies. :D

Did you keep a lock of his gorgeous hair? I would have, and if he'd asked why, I would've said, "Voodoo, if you don't clean your room." :P

I have to go pop some popcorn to watch a movie, but I'm glad I checked email, and I hope you've had a blessed Christmas!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/25/09 11:24 · For: Oh gods, a Gusher
I truly love Howlers. So, I loved the Gusher. That was unexpected and very funny. I think Gushers are more embarrassing than Howlers. With a Howler, you know you've done something wrong and of course you'll be punished. A Gusher is more personal--we never know what makes someone happy. It could be something really small or really strange and it's probably something private. Maybe we've embellished something to make someone happy or said something about someone to get back at them. The Malfoys do have manners. I'll give them that. It was so nice of Draco to help Blaise get through the embarrassment. I have a feeling that Colin knows what's going on. I feel I should apologize for saying that your Christmas ritual (the lights) didn't sound that great. That didn't come out right. What I meant was that the rain must have taken some of the enjoyment out of it. I knew when I wrote it that it didn't sound right. About music and quilts, a couple of years ago I made a star quilt for my youngest daughter. It had a huge turtle, a sacred symbol, embedded in the center of the star. Whenever I worked on that quilt I listened to Amotion by A Perfect Circle. For some reason, it felt like some sort of power came out of the music, affected me, and went into the quilt. When I gave the quilt to my daughter I told her that the quilt had power--that it would protect her and comfort her. Star quilts are special anyway, but this one had something more radiating from it. This was a wonderful chapter--I loved the introduction of the Gusher.

Author's Response:

Don't worry, I knew what you meant! It wasn't quite Christmas Vacation comical, but there was definitely a wacky 'WTH are we doing' air to the proceedings. The windows had to be rolled down to see...not the best thing in a rainstorm, heh.

Aw, that's a lovely story about the quilt. It would make a great short story or children's book if you somehow tied the meaning of the quilt to something that happens to the daughter afterward, made the promise come true.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/24/09 21:53 · For: Protesting Too Much and Testing Potions
I was trying to think of the name of the show Dawn French was in--she was a vicar. I really liked that show but it seemed like they didn't make very many of them and always showed reruns. Do you remember the one when they thought Elton John was coming to perform at the fair? I'm not sure testing that potion was such a good idea for Terry and Blaise but at least Blaise knows how Terry feels about her. Luna's conversation with Harry was pretty funny. I know Luna's a Ravenclaw but why does she wear a lion hat in the movies? Quite frankly, your Christmas outing didn't sound real great, with all the rain, although it was an outing. I do like the change of seasons here, having spent 7-8 years living in LA. I just have a little different, positive, feeling about this winter. Despite the fact that I'm afraid of slipping again (and I'm gradually getting over that) I have more energy. I feel like doing stuff--that's all I need, a feeling to do more stuff:P Am I trying to drive myself and everyone around me insane? I have visions of myself as this little spinning top that is going to spin so fast it'll fly into space:D Have you heard that song "Uprising" by Muse? It's pretty cool. I would love for you to beta my Bellatrix story. Maybe she is somewhat like me and that's why I'm so fascinated with her. That's something to consider. I spent the evening cleaning so I could write or work on star quilts tomorrow--do you know how many quilts I have that need finishing touches? Well, there are three that need a little bit of work--maybe in one of the next reviews I'll tell you about the one for my niece's little girl--it's so pretty. And, I have quilts to finish for two students. Then there are the quilts that need a lot of work. You know, I haven't steamed any egg nog--but I made mulled cider and hot buttered rum for a couple of evenings of our marathon. My nephew asked for my recipes for his mom:D Fortunately, both of those drinks are so sweet you can't have very many of them--well I can't anyway. Well, I must say, I had a productive Christmas Eve. I'm going to have dessert, listen to a bit of Muse, and get my little guys ready for bed. Tomorrow's a wonderful new day. See you then. I am so blessed. I wish the very same for you.

Author's Response:

The Vicar of Dibley! I don't remember that episode. Was everyone in a dither? :D

Ever watched Fiddler on the Roof? In the opening song they sing, "Tradition! Tradition! Tradition!" I'm never going to have "a quiet home, a kosher home" (even if I was Jewish, heh), but Christmas Eve candelight service and drive to admire light displays is something neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail (couldn't resist using the postal service motto) keeps me from enjoying, even if the "joy" is black humor over the lights barely seen.

I like Muse! Do you have a playlist of music to craft by? It's an intriguing idea, choosing different music for different quilts depending on who the recipient is. I'm impressed that you have multiple quilts going at one time! You really are a multi-tasker. The top simile is cute, and if you fly into space that's proof you're Super Woman.

I hope you and the guys have a warm, snug "winter's nap" and a wonderful Christmas morning!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/24/09 19:52 · For: A Kiss, A Dance
I was afraid that Terry was going to be overly jealous and think that Blaise was interested in Draco. I wish I could've seen the look on Blaise's face when Terry confessed he'd been watching her for years. As always I get a kick out of Luna. I almost think she likes to appear spacey on purpose but that she's constantly watching other people and knows exactly what's going on. I can picture Draco and Blaise dancing. I can imagine that all Malfoys did receive dancing lessons:P Great chapter.

Author's Response:

I think Luna's dreamy and otherworldly, and at the same time plays that up when it suits her. Harry never got that. He was always mystified by her knack of saying uncomfortable truths. :D

Malfoys dance, have fine penmanship, and know more curses as first years than anyone but Snape ever knew. 

Merry Christmas Eve! (Have you steamed any eggnog lately?)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 12/24/09 16:30 · For: Getting Girly and Green Eyed
That was certainly a fun chapter. It's funny how Professor Hands keeps calling on Luna because he thinks she's not paying attention and she always gives a good answer. What I found interesting was the discussion on robes. You would think that robes are kind of baggy affairs but I guess they can be tailored to show off one's figure. There's one other author I've read who talks about robes like they're fashionable--I always get a kick out of that. They are closing the North/South interstate within SD and the East/West one from Sioux Falls to Chamberlain (halfway across the state) at 7:00 and issued a blizzard warning for most of the state. They're now trying to get everyone off the interstates. A lot of church services have been canceled. I'm glad I'm tucked in at home with all sorts of things to do. I'm still not impressed with the weather--do I live in an alternate universe? I should go out and play in the snow--wish I had a couple of big dogs. They love the snow. How did you get so smart and how did I get so lucky to find you as a friend? You always cut to the heart of the matter. Sometimes I start to think that I'm the only one who's busy (although I know that's not true) and then you remind me that other people have stuff going on after Christmas too. It's my stupid personality. I tend to solve a lot of issues subconsciously and I'm constantly thinking about stuff--again, God forbid that I get bored--and problem solving and planning. Actually, this could turn out to be the best Christmas ever:D I do need to pull out Fynn's book and my fan fiction. I have my desk top back and writing should be easy. I'll see you later. I'm so enjoying this book:P

Author's Response:

Some girls try to hide their body baggy clothes, and I saw Blaise as that type. Snape's robes were always snazzy and tailored, so I think robes are like any other clothes, if they're made of fine materials and tailored to fit, they look and hang better.

I lived in San Diego for a couple of years and after awhile, 70 degrees and blue skies got boring. We had to drive up to Big Bear to play in the snow. You probably have so much snow it's hard to get little kid giddy about it. You think about trying to get your car out of the driveway and slipping on ice, not making snow angels. Here it rained so hard Christmas lights looked like Impressionist displays, and there was a tornado warning, too. Holly jolly weather it isn't, ho ho ho!

I think we're simpatico and the luck is mutual. I'd never think you believe you're the only one who's busy. You were sharing, which is very different! 

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that everyone who can't be with you lets you know frequently how much they miss you! Let me know when you have fan fiction that needs beta-ing. I'm really interested to see how you write Bella. I think you might have an insight into her character. Bella was a type A, too. :D


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