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Reviews For Anniversary

Name: Marietta Mink (Anonymous) · Date: 02/03/07 12:35 · For: Chapter 7
Oh, it's really really good!!! New chapter please!!

Author's Response: I'm working on it, really!

Author's Response: I'm working on it, really!

Name: Marietta Mink (Anonymous) · Date: 02/03/07 12:28 · For: Chapter 6
This is turning out to be quite a fiasco! :P

Name: Marietta Mink (Anonymous) · Date: 02/03/07 12:23 · For: Chapter 5
Oh goodness, I quite like this story. :D

Name: Marietta Mink (Anonymous) · Date: 02/03/07 12:07 · For: Chapter 2
haha, me like!

Name: Marietta Mink (Anonymous) · Date: 02/03/07 12:04 · For: Chapter 1
Hmm, most mysterious! Good job!

Name: indracospants (Signed) · Date: 01/13/07 13:43 · For: Chapter 7
can't wait for the next part!

Name: indracospants (Signed) · Date: 01/13/07 13:42 · For: Chapter 7
can't wait for the next part!

Name: Babieblonde5629 (Signed) · Date: 12/30/06 15:38 · For: Chapter 7

Name: Babieblonde5629 (Signed) · Date: 12/30/06 15:26 · For: Chapter 6
oo i knew someone was going to see her

Name: Babieblonde5629 (Signed) · Date: 12/30/06 15:18 · For: Chapter 5
ooo draco is going to see her isntt he

Name: Babieblonde5629 (Signed) · Date: 12/30/06 15:15 · For: Chapter 4
omg *sob, sob*

Name: Babieblonde5629 (Signed) · Date: 12/30/06 14:54 · For: Chapter 2
o mi gosh

Name: Babieblonde5629 (Signed) · Date: 12/30/06 14:51 · For: Chapter 1
omg i am so confused

Name: sweeterthanhunny (Signed) · Date: 11/20/06 10:43 · For: Chapter 7
okay...please tell me draco misunderstood the situation....else that would be kinda freaky...i like thsi story!! I really do!!

Author's Response: I think Draco's pretty confused at the moment. *grins* I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for reviewing!

Name: relientk296 (Signed) · Date: 11/18/06 17:16 · For: Chapter 7
Chris Arnold is mad sexy.

Author's Response: That must be very nice for him.

Name: Emerald_Sea (Signed) · Date: 11/03/06 19:56 · For: Chapter 7
Ahh! Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm shooting for December. Thanks!

Name: LovelyxLena (Anonymous) · Date: 11/02/06 23:12 · For: Chapter 7
I don't want you to scathe me with harsh words.. But will you please update? Please? *hopeful smile*

Author's Response: I never respond scathingly to polite requests, I promise. I am working on the next chapter as time permits, but it will probably be at least December before it's out. This month I'm participating in NaNoWriMo, which, if you aren't familiar with it, involves writing a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. So, I don't know that I'll have much time for fanfiction until next month. It is coming though. Honest.

Name: Assilem82 (Signed) · Date: 10/27/06 2:32 · For: Chapter 7
I think this is a great story and I hope that you enjoy writing it as much as people obviously enjoy reading it!! I know I can't wait for you to update!! Pls do it soon!!! :)

Author's Response: My goal is to have the next chapter out by the end of the year. November is pretty booked up for me, though, so it will probably be December.

Name: amandahp (Signed) · Date: 10/05/06 18:27 · For: Chapter 7
if you're never going to update, why do you even bother writing a story? I know I've lost interest. So thanks for keeping us all waiting for nothing.

Author's Response: I write for my own enjoyment. If other people enjoy it too, that's great. If they don't, that's fine too. If you're just going to be rude, why bother leaving a comment at all? Grow up.

Name: dracoSEXY911 (Signed) · Date: 10/01/06 15:44 · For: Chapter 7
please keep writing this and soon! i love it!

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