Reviews For The Time is Now
Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/27/06 19:45
Chapter: By the Light of the Silvery Moon

yayayayyyayyyayyayayayyyayy ahhhhhh yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy i am sooooo happy there not searisly hurt yayayayayayayyayyayayayayyayayay

Author's Response: HHHURRRAAAHH!!

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/27/06 19:32
Chapter: Oubliettium

eeeeeee he is please good eeeee i have hope but snaoes still not my fav person

Author's Response: Oh Snape is a tough one to figure out, isn't he? How about - he's not evil, nor is he anyone's favorite?

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/27/06 19:23
Chapter: Lost and Found

awwwwwwww so sweet soooo terafing please let every one be okay pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Author's Response: Oh, I sure hope so!! Read on, read on!

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/27/06 19:09
Chapter: Street of the Dragon

hmmmmmmmmmmmm nothing to say exsept lupin and tonks better not be dead!!!

Author's Response: Hmmmmm....I guess you'll have to keep reading, huh?? :-)

Reviewer: Augusta Wilfry
Date: 09/26/06 18:21
Chapter: The Best-Laid Plans...

i want fudge! harry too!i really like your story

Author's Response: I so appreciate that - thanks for taking time to read and review, it's nice as an author to get feedback from your readers.

Reviewer: Augusta Wilfry
Date: 09/26/06 18:17
Chapter: Consideration, Conversations and Chuckles

yaaaay! harry the almost star of the show!

Author's Response: You enjoy the rotating POV? Hope so!! Thanks for reading and reviewing...

Reviewer: Augusta Wilfry
Date: 09/26/06 18:07
Chapter: A Midsummer Night's Musings

it's like email, those owls!

Author's Response: Yes, I suppose it really is, isn't it? :-)

Reviewer: phoenix_trills
Date: 09/24/06 19:01
Chapter: Dream a Little Dream

AHH!!! Ok, I beg of you, get a few more chapters up very very very soon! Please? :-]

Author's Response: oh, the fluffiness, ain't it grand??? I am working on a chapter right now, and should be back to my usual one-a-week from here on in!

Reviewer: phoenix_trills
Date: 09/24/06 18:53
Chapter: In the Wink of an Eye

*sigh* so sweet and tear-jerking. I want to cry...

Author's Response: Yeppers. You get a little back story on Snape, AND a long-awaited reunion...

Reviewer: phoenix_trills
Date: 09/24/06 17:25
Chapter: Oubliettium

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! SNAPE'S NOT A TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! That just made my day. Haha...

Author's Response: Don't ya just love it?? I have SO much fun writing Snape - I think JKR has created such an interesting character in him. Can't wait for you to read Chapter 34...

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/24/06 11:47
Chapter: Curiosities and Treasures

gasp ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh tell me shes okay!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh i hate snape sooooooooo much right now!!!

Author's Response: Oooh. This was, by far, one of my FAVORITE chapters to write. I really enjoyed Hermione and Fiora meeting, and my terrible cliffie (well, not for you, since you can read ahead, but for the readers that were reading it originally!) Save that hatred, that's all I'm gonna say...

Reviewer: magicalmuggle818
Date: 09/24/06 11:21
Chapter: Dream a Little Dream

this is one of the best fan fic stories i've ever read and i'm very hard to please lol please update soon coz i can't wait

Author's Response: Well!! I like pleasing people that are hard to please, it gives me a sense of accompllishment!! Hurrah! I am working on the next chapter right now, so no fears! It should be posted this week, cross your fingers!

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/24/06 11:17
Chapter: We'll Always Have Paris

that seemed sader than it shuld have.

Author's Response: Oooooh, but maybe I am foreshadowing something?? (That's the only hint I am giving you...)

Reviewer: phoenix_trills
Date: 09/24/06 1:27
Chapter: Kreacher of Darkness

I've got chills. I think my hands have gone numb. This is one incredible story.

Author's Response: Oh no! I hope your get sensation back to your hands!! ;-) Thanks SO very very much for the kind review, I am glad you are enjoying it so much.

Reviewer: phoenix_trills
Date: 09/24/06 0:47
Chapter: Hermione's Hunch

Wow. This is a lot to take in....hehe, I feel like Harry

Author's Response: It is sometimes, and I just keep throwing more information at my readers. THanks for sticking with it!

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/23/06 19:41
Chapter: Fiora's Letter

eee this is geting very intresting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh goodie, you are getting to a good part..thanks for reviewing each chapter, by the way!

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/23/06 19:28
Chapter: A Witch Born, Or A Witch Made?

ahg they have to be safe please tell me they eloped pleaseeeeeeee

Author's Response: Hmmmm. Well, I wish they had eloped, and marriage MIGHT be in Lupin and Tonks' future -but, unfortunately, that's not the case here! Read on, read on!! The adventure begins....

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/23/06 19:16
Chapter: Night Thoughts

awwwwwwwwwww soooooooooooooooooo sweet

Author's Response: yeah. Like I said, I try never to forget this is a romance fic...

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/23/06 19:08
Chapter: Kreacher of Darkness

hmm i realy dislike kreacher but fell bad he died is that normal ?

Author's Response: I think it's normal - Kreacher wasn't evil. He was just very misguided, and well, um, possessed by Voldemort. Ron did what he had to do, though Hermione doesn't understand that yet. That's the problem with fighting a war, or whatever - very few people are TOTALLY good or TOTALLY bad. It's hard.

Reviewer: bookworm123
Date: 09/23/06 19:00
Chapter: Number 12 Revisited

ahhh evil kreachr he is evil i hate him soo much!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, he's a bit crazy, isn't he?

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