Reviews For Who Has to Know?
Reviewer: zhengjiamei
Date: 09/17/12 3:37
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

awesome!!! your writings often haunt me during the night and i can't sleep sometimes. XD no regrets, though! :)

Reviewer: slytherinsocks
Date: 06/23/11 18:28
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

I am in need for another chapter

Reviewer: midnightblack07
Date: 10/14/09 0:03
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

Wow, very well written :)
I like the way you delved into Draco's twisted mind (but oh, isn't that why we love him so?? lol)
btw, I started reading A Thousand Words yesterday and it seems awesome, can't wait to get through it!!

Reviewer: ILRW4
Date: 08/23/08 20:05
Chapter: Who Has to Know?


Reviewer: HPFangirl71
Date: 07/25/08 11:56
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

I love this one!! Especially the ending!! Its funny how guys always they have the control in relationships only to find that its us who do the controlling!! LOL Gonna add this one to my favourites!!

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 06/07/08 15:42
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

Amazing. I loved the way you incorporated the lyrics into the fic. But even without the lyrics, the story is great. I loved it, especially this quote:

“It’s now my turn to understand. She isn’t the one enslaved.

I am.”

Beautifully written!

Reviewer: groteskq_fatality
Date: 04/26/08 3:28
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

ha.i love it.
loved the whole enslavement thing.

Reviewer: DracosDeadlyPoison
Date: 09/26/07 0:33
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

Yaqy!! (Yes, Yaqy, not a typo) Tis was awsume for a One Shot!! I love Dirty Little Secret, so I surely like this Fic, good work!! ^-^


Reviewer: Ron x Hermione
Date: 07/29/07 19:54
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

Wow, once again your story amazes me. You're an amazing writer, annie.

The first thing that drew me to the story was, of course, that the author was you, and then the fact that it was a song-fic with one of my favourite songs in it, and then that it was a Hermione/Draco, a pairing that has recently became serious to me.

I shouldnít be doing it. But Iím doing it anyway.

I adore the words you've used--- they show that Draco is unsure himself of what he is, what he's doing . . . he knows that he shouldn't be doing it, though he does. I like the uncertainty that you've built on Draco's characterisation--- I think you've got him portrayed brilliantly here. In the books we see Draco as a guy that always wants to be left alone, is very secretive . . . especially in Books 6 and 7. It's perfect here because he's sneaking around with Hermione and he knows that he shouldn't be doing it.

Moments later, she is shaking beneath me as I kiss her with a vehemency and passion that scares even myself. Her hands, cut by the times I pressed them against walls and floors covered with jagged rocks, clutch onto my shoulders, nails digging into my skin in a way that only spurs my lust. Her hips, bruised by the times I gripped onto her so forcefully that she cried out in pain, are thrust up against mine as I pin her against the wall behind her.

Aw, this is terribly sad. Because of Draco's sad and naturally (even kind of abusive, neglectful) homelife, I can actually see him being abusive toward a friend or girlfriend, though Hermione it's sad to see it being done to. You have that paragraph perfectly--- it;s amazingly descriptive and I can see all of those things: the bruises, the cuts, the rocks that he cut her on . . . I can see all of them happening, and you've done a great job with that.

When I return to the common room, my friends greet me excitedly. My friendsÖwho am I kidding? Theyíre not my friends. They donít give a damn about me.

I like this--- I can actually see Draco feeling this way about 'friends' like Crabbe and Goyle, and possibly even Pansy. Good work.

Then again, she doesnít live an easy life either. It never fails to amuse me that the friends she once loved are the ones most determined to uncover what Iíve been doing in my spare time. I suppose thatís why she gave them up: my little secret doesnít harbour the strength to divide her heart in two. So now she lives only for me, because she has no one else.

I find this especially sad as well, but kind of odd. Why would Harry and Ron abandon her? I understand that Ron would possibly be harbouring some sickening feelings toward Malfoy because of how long he's liked Hermione, but to actually abandon her as a friend and not talk to her? Not confide in her? I can't see this--- I think that they would be a bit awkward for a while, but they would eventually come to terms and, realising that she was a friend, respect her wishes and tolerate Malfoy.

The same look I had trouble placing earlier this evening is in the eyes of the image I envision. Sensuality, desire, andÖ

I really like how you've got Malfoy leading a double life--- we already know that he did in Half Blood Prince, and that makes it more apparent that it could happen with the romantic aspects in his life--- Hermione and Pansy, and he's torn between them. Even though he abuses Hermione, I feel that he actually truly does love her, and that drives him to hurt her to punish himself. Though Pansy, I think, he just keeps and uses for her own pleasure, he also keeps for himself to ensure that nothing else is going on between him and someone else--- especially a Mudblood, something that a certain Dark Lord would possibly have him murdered for.

I love this story--- once again, another one of your masterpieces. I look forward to reading another. Another favourite to add!

~Lindsey :)

Reviewer: Eye of the Snake
Date: 07/13/07 21:47
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

*claps* Excellent

Reviewer: Eye of the Snake
Date: 07/13/07 21:46
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

*claps* Excellent

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 07/04/07 8:53
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

Rather disturbing, but very well-written. I like how you don't really know who the characters are until the very end, how it could really be anyone. And it's amazing how you show the twisted thoughts of the abuser, and how the reader feels disgust for him, but somehow empathizes (to some extent). Really a well-written fic! And very sad... and very twisted...

Reviewer: BloodRayne
Date: 07/03/07 18:24
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

Wow, Annie. That was amazing. Truly amazing. It displayed a side to Dramione that I cannot say I have ever seen before. It makes me wonderÖwhy does Hermione succumb to him? I donít see it in her persona. Is Draco threatening her with something?

I love your writing style. Itís haunting. I adore the Draco/Hermione interaction. Itís just creepy, how he manages to so calmly control her like that. Ron and Harry have left her because she is Dracoís girl now, havenít they? So terrible, yet written so wonderfully. Draco is scary, and Hermione is very submissive (although unlike her character, perfect portrayal of an abusive relationship). Does Hermione only want sex from Draco? Again, it doesnít seem like Hermione at all.

That and another thing I have to say: I think the story would have been better off without the song lyrics. I found them an annoying interruption in a story that is written so beautifully it didnít need outside help to give it emotion. Besides, I know the song Dirty Little Secret and I think it has a bit of a funny undertone to it, not at all suiting for this enchantingly dark story.

I close my eyes, letting the sound of my sharp intakes of breath fill my ears and the image of her face fill my mind. So innocent, so pure, so perfect. Pure unlike her blood.

This anticipation of Dracoís is perfectly balanced by the fact that he still remembers a Mudblood. Draco likes people fawning over him, wanting him. He still knows and realizes Hermione is a Mudblood, yet he wants her and her submissiveness that he pushes it out of his mind. Lovely characterization of Draco here.

Moments later, she is shaking beneath me as I kiss her with a vehemency and passion that scares even myself. Her hands, cut by the times I pressed them against walls and floors covered with jagged rocks, clutch onto my shoulders, nails digging into my skin in a way that only spurs my lust. Her hips, bruised by the times I gripped onto her so forcefully that she cried out in pain, are thrust up against mine as I pin her against the wall behind her. All of it is for my pleasure and mine only.

This is justÖit has an extremely strong impact. There is passion, and there is slight romance, but it all has a demented feel towards it, like a love that isnít quite right. There is something brazenly wrong with it, and I love that the abused wants her abuser Ė I donít think she realizes what he is doing to her. She is blinded by passion and Ė dare I say it?- love. The way you describe this love encounter is memorable. Itís a subtle way of saying Draco has hit her many times before, and abuses her physically as well as sexually.

She understands. Naturally. After all, sheís mine.

So Draco. So selfish and arrogant of him to claim a human being as being something that belongs to him and him only. I salute your Draco characterization!

Itís now my turn to understand. She isnít the one enslaved.

I am.

This line made me want to scream, the beauty of it. It is beautiful and poignant. Draco finally coming to the realization that he is as much a slave as Hermione is. It touches upon him saying before that he and she are very similar. Now they are both enslaved Ė Hermione I donít think realizes it, and now Draco has just discovered it. Itís just a very powerful line, just like your entire fic.

Once again, I cannot possibly say how amazing this fic is, how powerful, haunting, and unforgettable. I have never seen abuse portrayed so subtly, yet managing to make such a lasting impression. Youíre a wonderful writer, my dear.

Reviewer: gothsympathizer
Date: 06/17/07 13:49
Chapter: Who Has to Know? was ok, i think if it was a bit longer and more happened, it would have been better.

Reviewer: JuliaWitch1000
Date: 05/24/07 11:32
Chapter: Who Has to Know?


Reviewer: Seducer
Date: 05/22/07 3:30
Chapter: Who Has to Know?


Reviewer: lilu022
Date: 05/11/07 23:15
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

oouh! ilove this, wicked ending :)

Reviewer: durr_durr_durr
Date: 05/11/07 12:37
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

Whoa. As Always, very nice.

Reviewer: the muslim DarkLord
Date: 04/29/07 6:09
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

i lovvveeeethat song=)
havent heard it for what seems like years
cool story
went along with the song pretty well

Reviewer: AquafinaGina7988
Date: 03/27/07 22:49
Chapter: Who Has to Know?

holy crap amazing.

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