Reviews For Going Insane
Reviewer: harry_victoria
Date: 08/25/07 6:55
Chapter: Going Insane

:O Oh my god. That was so sad. I love stories like that, it makes me get all tingly! You are really an amazing author, great job!


Author's Response: Yeah, I love sad stories too.. Hmm, I love to write them, actually, not to read them... but nevermind.. Thanks a lot for the compliments *blushes*. Your reviews really made my day!

Reviewer: HarryPottterLoverr
Date: 10/28/06 21:07
Chapter: Going Insane

aw.. that's so sad.. like truly truly.. it was really good.. bu treally sad ='(

Author's Response: Oh well, thanks a lot for your nice review, and sorry if it was so sad.. ^_^

Reviewer: durr_durr_durr
Date: 07/21/06 1:35
Chapter: Going Insane

That was really beautiful.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks a lot! ^_^

Reviewer: Whatsername0306
Date: 06/08/06 14:19
Chapter: Going Insane

i loved it...once i finally understood what was going on...

Author's Response: Eheh.. Thanks a lot for your nice review.. I wanted to make it a bit misterious at the beginning.. ^_^ LOL!

Reviewer: Tinka Blinka
Date: 05/22/06 16:16
Chapter: Going Insane

thats so sad....he tortures her so badly...WHY DOES RON HAVE TO DIE?! YOU EVIL BUM!! WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm sad now....thanks alot...kdding, i wouyldnb't have gone to the dark angsty section if i wanted aw happy story...good fic, it's really well written!

Author's Response: Oh, hey! Thanks a lot for your cool review, let's say that it scared me at the beginning, I thought you didn't like it.. Anyway, thanks again! ^_^

Reviewer: Snitch713_713
Date: 03/03/06 11:05
Chapter: Going Insane

I'm crying. It's so incredible sad. You write amazing, I really liked it.

Author's Response: I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about the fact that it made you cry... I mean obviously it was meant to make people cry, but I feel so guilty when I read that everybody sheds tears on this ff.. Anyway, thanks a lot for your nice review. ^_^

Reviewer: Sootyface
Date: 02/20/06 15:15
Chapter: Going Insane

Beautiful. lost for words. This one of the only three Fanfictions that have ever made me want to cry. This is amazing. I hope you'll consider writing something else one day - I will keep an eye on your account for anything else you may write.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks a lot for your review.. Actually I've already written other ff, here you can find another one-shot which, I think, is sadder than the one that you have read.. Anyway, thanks a lot again!! ^_^

Reviewer: Harrysgirl21
Date: 01/26/06 10:37
Chapter: Going Insane

I just found this story and I have to say it was excellent. I thought Hermione's Sacrifice was sad, this one was heartbreaking. Poor Harry, poor Hermione, poor Ron. I was in tears by the end of it. You are an excellent writer, I hope to see another story soon, though try not to make it so sad! Just kidding. :)

Author's Response: Oh, thanks a lot! Have I already told you that you are really nice? Well, I hate to read sad stories, but I can't help writing them, so, sorry, but if I'll write something else it will be surely moving.. ^_^!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks a lot! Have I already told you that you are really nice? Well, I hate to read sad stories, but I can't help writing them, so, sorry, but if I'll write something else it will be surely moving.. ^_^!

Reviewer: pandafan81
Date: 12/15/05 22:40
Chapter: Going Insane

Very powerful. I had tears in my eyes reading this one. I just feel so bad and hurt for them. Very well writen, good job!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you soo much! You are really nice! ^_^

Reviewer: fireflower
Date: 12/10/05 10:21
Chapter: Going Insane

Wow, that was amazing! It was so moving! Poor Haary, hermione and ron..... that was the best entry i have read so far! Amazing but heartbreaking! 1000/1000!!!! :-)

Author's Response: Oh, well, everybody is so nice with me, I don't really know what to say except for a big thank you. Yeah it's a little bit sad, though..

Reviewer: TantePotter
Date: 12/10/05 5:58
Chapter: Going Insane

What a good story! Good, but sad... Poor Harry! And poor Hermione for that sake, for having to see Harry like that!

Author's Response: Oh, well, thanks a lot, you are really nice and you always know everything I need to know... I'm still wondering how you do that..

Reviewer: nodidistelle
Date: 12/10/05 5:22
Chapter: Going Insane

Non avevo notato che eri italiana. Brava davvero, e' incredibile

Author's Response: Hey, grazie mille per i tuoi commenti. Che carina. Sei davvero gentile!

Reviewer: nodidistelle
Date: 12/10/05 5:20
Chapter: Going Insane

I really wanted to stop reading at some point... it's heartbreaking. Really good.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot.. ^_^

Reviewer: Franodo
Date: 12/09/05 16:20
Chapter: Going Insane

Ohhhh this made me cry! Beautifully written. *10*

Author's Response: Oh, well, my friend was crying too when I made her read it. And then she was mad at me because I never write something funny.. Anyway thanks for your nice review!

Reviewer: tonksrocksmysocks
Date: 12/09/05 12:55
Chapter: Going Insane

Wow, that was the best entry I've read, so far. I can't beleive english isnt your first language, you write it so well.

Author's Response: Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much both for saying that you liked my story and for all that nice things about my English. *blush*

Reviewer: auror_girl
Date: 12/09/05 11:47
Chapter: Going Insane

ahhhhh bless! *sob* poor harry! poor hermione! poor ron! good story!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, you are really nice. ^_^

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