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Name: siriusneeds (Signed) · Date: 04/25/06 19:36 · For: Sorting
You are brilliant! I am loving your details. It tends to make the story better for me. You know the old addage "the devil's in the details" I also love long stories since I have no life of my own except to read fanfics. It's what i live for. Thanks for a great story so far. Cheers!

Author's Response: Why thank you. It is indeed long, and I'm glad to hear you're finding the detail level cozy. Happy reading!

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 04/22/06 19:47 · For: Sorting
I especially enjoyed Severus having the exact opposite wishes as Harry's at the Sorting. It fit in nicely with him finding Gryffindor the house of "mean-spirited arrogant berks". The counting of seconds at the Sorting seemed just the sort of thing a little Snape would do. Lastly I also liked the pointing out of interesting people at the Slytherin table. It seemed so natural. I'm still uber-impressed with your writing, although a bit apprehensive about all the warnings attached to this story. There were a lot!

Author's Response: For some reason Harry and Severus seem to insist on having similar moments that turn out very differently. Both are independent enough to argue with the Sorting Hat, and a bit mistrustful of it. Both find themselves dropped into a radically different world from their lives at home. Percy points out professors and acts like a large and very pompous watchdog for Harry; Lucius -- well, he's Lucius, and that's another matter altogether. I'm glad you're enjoying this, and appreciate the feedback! (Yes, lots of warnings. The birthday thing is an unusually light bit for me, and for Severus for that matter.)

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 20:01 · For: Soap on the Hogwarts Express
Wow, once again, a lot was put into one little chapter! Sirius was certainly a big meanie-head, if I may say so. But it was done well. Not a I'm'-a-horrible-person meanie-head. Just...Sirius. The comparison of picking up friends to playing jacks was great. And where he wanted to stuff all his problems in the trash bin with thier "feet sticking out". Very funny. I love that Lily has a toad, mostly because it was unexpected. I think that is enough raving for one review. Haha. This chapter is definitely another very large number out of ten!

Author's Response: Lily just had to have a toad. Hagrid said they went out of fashion years ago, but for them to have ever been in fashion, someone like Lily would have had to have one. And it said so much about her, too... Again, thanks for the really nice review!

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 19:45 · For: The Letter
After reading that chapter, I now feel hopelessly inadequate as a writer. That was...excellent. It's canon, but still very unique. I love Mrs. Snape's character. You gave the reader a TON of information on Severus and his family in just one chapter. It really makes you think, too. One million and a half out of ten!

Author's Response: *blush* Aw, shucks. I'm really flattered now, and as always proud of the "makes you think." I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far. See what you got into by reading one little humor fic?

Name: woomama (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 13:02 · For: Afterward
I really enjoyed this story. I love reading back stories on Snape and seeing everyone's opinion on what makes him the way he is. I think he felt let down by Lily, when she chose James. But then I can see her side of it too. You are an excellent writer. Your stories are engaging and pull the audience in so that they fell a part of the story. I am putting you on my Fav Authors List.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! And for the nice comments! I'm still figuring out some things about him at odd moments (there's not much else to do while driving, and I do too much of that) so expect more one-shots and stories as time passes.

Name: Briar_Rose (Signed) · Date: 04/18/06 14:27 · For: Sorting
Wasn't the willow planted after Remus was bitten?

Author's Response: It was planted before he came to Hogwarts, which was some time after he was bitten. How's that? And nice to see you've gotten to the big fic, by the way...

Name: wishiwereaweasley (Signed) · Date: 04/10/06 0:41 · For: Afterward
I have spent the better part of last night and most of today reading this fic, something I'd been meaning to do for a very long time. You've efficiently sucked away my weekend. So first, let me say that your Snape is officially my canon Snape. Everything happened just as you said it did. It was so heartwrenching...I cried when he made the Unbreakable Vow, andwhen he went to the house to save Lily and when he was trying to banish her from his mind. But you added the right balance of humor in their banter and in Snape's little spells. Marx indeed! Anyway, very well done and right onto the favorites list.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks, and the weekend where it's so hard to get to any fics at all at that! SOOOO flattered. I thought it was fair to believe that Severus had a sense of humour once upon a time -- toenails, for heaven's sakes? -- and though Sirius might never have thought much of it, it would have shone through more for a real friend. We've even seen glimpses of it in canon, but Harry doesn't know what he's seeing. You cried in all the right places, it seems, which is a good thing to know as a writer (though I always feel a little guilty about it.)

Marx! And thanks for reviewing!

Name: xenophiliac (Signed) · Date: 03/09/06 17:25 · For: Scrivenshafts
Didn't Severus tell Voldemort about the prophecy...? Well I'm proud of Snape for showing his faith in Dumbledore. Now I suppose he'll go onto being doublespy. She reveals her true opinion of Snapes intentions. I liked teh chapter alot.

Author's Response: A little action now and then, a little duel in the defense of one's life and friend -- it clears out the system when one has been leading a static life. I'm glad you liked the chapter! Thanks for reviewing!

Name: Kiwi_Chick (Signed) · Date: 03/09/06 2:36 · For: Afterward
Great ending! I love e the last chapters they tie in sooo well to the hp series. My heart went out to Snape when he said it was him that suggested the charm to protect the Lily and he knew he had to get in to help them but he just couldn’t do it in time. I was almost in tears when he realised Lily had been murdered and I was willing him to get there in time to save her! lol even though I knew that he obviously can't. Snape has fast become one of my fav characters coz of your story. I hope you keep writing!!

Author's Response: You just landed right on the moment that may have been the very hardest to write -- trying to get through the charm and failing. Thank you for reviewing, and for letting me know that worked for you! And yes, I seem to still be writing. It's like chocolate. I just can't stop.

Name: GoddessOfSlytherin (Anonymous) · Date: 03/09/06 2:36 · For: Afterward
I'm just speechless. Can't believe it's over.

It'll be so fun to read this over again shortly before book 7 comes out, so we can finally find out how much you were right about! I am glad I was able to read it as it was posted instead of all in one shot. It gave me more time to mull your theories over--and adopt many of them myself.

Just so you know, I've rec'ed this fic to virtually everyone I know, all the slash-happy mamas on my Mothering boards, and your banner is emblazoned across my MySpace :D I hereby pledge my undying loyalty to your Severus, and my unending devotion to this and all your other awesome fanfics too. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the promotions! Wow! I'm going to have difficulties reading book 7 at all after investing this much into this take on Severus. Which is not to say I won't read it, of course. I'm glad reading it as it came along worked for you -- I'm the sort of person who likes to gulp down a whole story and reread bits later for pondering, so the serialization format worried me a little. Thanks for reviewing and spreading the word!

Name: Kerian (Signed) · Date: 03/08/06 13:44 · For: Afterward
Wow. I'm so incredibly sad that it is over, but I'm soo thrilled that I had the opportunity to read this amazing story! You have truly created a masterpiece and you should be soo incredibly proud of yourself! Severus grew up so well, and I really love the idea of his first opinions on seeing Harry, and the idea that he has been kind of a special Uncle to Draco since he was little. This is truly amazing and you did such an amazing job of creating a true, full story while also keeping it in canon. Congratulations on finishing and I soo hope that you have a sequel of some sorts on the way, just give us a few one shots pleaseee! Great Work!

Author's Response: Thanks! Mostly I'm feeling a little disoriented -- post-story blues or something. That suggests I'd better do another one, doesn't it? There's a couple of things brewing; hopefully one will turn up a real potion soon.

Name: woodwoman (Signed) · Date: 03/08/06 12:08 · For: Afterward
Thanks so much for writing a brilliant story. It's great to have a version to fill in the missing pieces! I really enjoyed the unique point of view, the creative way you answered all the burning questions we've all had for ages, and the way you ended where we began with Sorcerer's Stone. You made a Severus fan out of me, that's for sure - but more importantly, you made me a fan of your fantastic writing and your dry wit. I've read your other stories and found them brilliant, so I have no doubt any spin-offs or one-shots you create from this masterpiece will be just as excellent. Thanks for writing this and taking me along for the ride!

Author's Response: You're welcome! And thank you! I still have the vague feeling of having missed a few burning questions, so there will certainly be more one-shots and spinoffs. Thanks for coming along on the ride!

Name: Blackpenny (Signed) · Date: 03/07/06 10:43 · For: Afterward
I really enjoyed this story and am sad to see the end. I can think of no other piece of fan fiction that I'd want to have in book form. On the other hand, so much fodder for sequels and speculation. I would love to see a one-shot about Severus's shopping trip to London or find out what happens when his personal effects are searched. Write more when you can, please!

Author's Response: There are one-shots galore brewing in the mind-pot, but for some reason the thought of a foray into seventh-year fics make me nervous. That's Jo's territory, and the muse tends to clam up. Expect a good flurry once the tax forms are filled out and the masters document is submitted!

Thank you so much for reviewing. Quite a few of yours have really made my day!

Name: Gingerbread Man (Signed) · Date: 03/07/06 9:24 · For: Afterward
Chapter Review: new significance to Harry's eyes! Do you think that this is what JKR meant when she said that Harry having his mother's eyes will be important--that that will involve Snape? (Sorry if that's been theorized before--but it's the first time it's occured to me!) Blanket Review: wow, my very favorite fanfic! I couldn't choose a favorite part, but I loved it when Snape redecorated the Slytherin dormitories, the imagary there just sticks in my mind. I'm a sucker for fun details like that. I also loved the dialogue, especially between Snape and Lily. He has a talent for making a lot of meaning come across in a few words, and they sort of made their conversations like games. And I liked reading from Snape's general outlook--sort of cynacle and reserved, but with a deep-rooted love for Lily and, I think, care for people in general (even if he won't admit it). And also . . . you get the idea: the whole thing was awesome!

Author's Response: Thank you! I enjoyed the Slytherin redecoration particularly too; it just sort of fell out of the pen and made me laugh without passing through much conscious mind first, which is always fun. I've enjoyed moments like that a few times in the course of being the Severus Snape Personal Secretary (or at least that's what it feels like.) Weird, but cool. I'm not sure if this is what JKR means us to think or not, but she certainly left plenty of room for it.

I am very flattered to have written your favorite fanfic (and several other people's, it seems! Wow!) Severus is flattered to be so well-received, I think. Both of us raise our coffeecups on high to you all. Thank you for reviewing!

Name: ellidiot (Signed) · Date: 03/07/06 8:47 · For: Afterward
I cannot believe it's over. :( please keep writing anyhow, there are many incidents in the books I'd like to see from this accurate Severus' point of view, not to mention book 7 possibilities. A brilliant fanfiction that I've enjoyed no end x

Author's Response: "accurate Severus" -- aw, shucks. More writing is a certainty. I can't seem to stop. Where it will wind up is another question altogether. Thanks for reviewing so loyally throughout!

Name: ProfPosky (Signed) · Date: 03/06/06 22:13 · For: Darkness
This seems so real to me. Oddly enough, I don't find any of this a reason for Snape to hate Harry. Harry didn't do anything. Merely being alive is not an act of malice, especially not when you are a year old. For Snape to feel unbearable rage, and to need a focus for that rage, yes, but that is not the same as having a reason to hate Harry. Let's face it, he is raging at himself. So what is Harry, then, if he is carrying some of Snape's rage at himself? That Patronus...Why doesn't it find him in the dungeons at Hogwarts - or did it, and he was too out of it to notice? Why can't he read the message? Why does the patronus keep finding him? How? And, of course, what is in the message, besides the identity of hteir secret keeper? I don't expect you to answer these questions, but I am enjoying thinking them. You have set things up nicely in so many ways here. I find myself wanting to TELL Snape - "Take it back - take back flying, take back anything you loved that you can - if you don't, you idiot, they won - do you really want James to have won?" Obviously he can't bring back Lily, but it is interesting that he allows his hatred for James to ruin any pleasure at all he might have gotten out of Lily's child - well, forgive me for saying it, how very Male of him... I do feel for him, absolutely. Nice work. Can't join you in the common room - I'm not a Ravenclaw. I am a Snape Fan - I suppose it is only my maturity being called into question! ProfPosky

Author's Response: Oooh, lots of questions! I've been thought-provoking -- how fun!!! I've theorized elsewhere that Severus glares at everyone like that, and thus Harry may have been jumping to conclusions. Plus, of course, Harry is "almost exactly like James." You know how disappointed Sirius can be when Harry isn't...

As for the Patronus scene, I'll just prompt things along with a couple of words: vision quest. Happy thinking!

And this reply is getting long, because I love chatting about writing. Pity you're not a Ravenclaw, I think you'd probably enjoy our Snape-lookalike-society of avatars. Ah well. Feel free to quiz on the Advertise page if you want, or PM away -- you have intriguing observations. Thanks for reviewing!

Name: Aussie Muggle (Signed) · Date: 03/06/06 21:14 · For: The Letter
Oops- forgot to say... BRING ON A SEQUAL!!! :)

Author's Response: Eeek! (But yes, probably... Or some other such creature)

Name: Aussie Muggle (Signed) · Date: 03/06/06 21:12 · For: Afterward
Oh my goodness- it's finished!! How bittersweet :) I only found fanfiction a month ago (sad, I know- blame it on my previously dodgey internet connection), but I have been steadily making my way through the droves in the time elapsed :) This has been one of my favourite stories, if not my favourite, through this time- to the point that I have been checking for updates daily!! It is sad to see it end, though I must congratulate you extensively on such an achievement. 46 chapters is no mean feat!! And to keep your audience captive the whole time... wow. I could go on about your wonderful writing style (imagery, portrayal of characters, plot, emotional content, perspective...) but that would take too long! Plus, I wholeheartedly agree with all the wonderful things your other reviewers said!! I shall end my waffling here, and go re-read your story! Again, congratulations! 10/10! Aussie Muggle P.S- I signed up specially to review your story! Just to prove how wonderful I think it is! :)

Author's Response: "Waffling" much appreciated! And welcome to MNFF! 46 chapters -- I'm so obssessed... Happy rereading, and thanks!

Name: Slian Martreb (Signed) · Date: 03/06/06 21:09 · For: The Letter
I have never beforefelt prouder to be a part of anything in my life. *raises espresso* To many long nights and longer comments; to Severus, Snape, the Professor, Professor Snape, Professor Severus and The Prince! *adds bat* To Blattigrew and Snonks; to Mark and Carter and Annie and PWP moments! To tears and laughs and snorts of shocked disbelief; to carrots and potatoes that don't kill you; to the things that don't kill you and only serve to make you stronger (or stranger...). To the obvious and the obscure; to never tying Lupin up again if Severus values his life. To pictures being worth a thousand words and a wizarding portrait being worth a thousand regrets....To Eileen, Toby, Narcissa, HWDNDTBN, DD, Hawk, Black, Potter, Bella, LeStrange and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. To Lily and Lily Jr. To the eventual Sabrina. *nudge, nudge* Ladies and gents and faithful reviewers: To 'In the Eyes of Others!'

Author's Response: Interesting location of DD in there... *takes bow* I'd like to thank my mother and my father and Ed and my beta reader and... *trips on formalwear and resumes normal personality* Thanks for the review, and yes, Sirius may tie up Remus all he likes.

Name: Spaced Out (Anonymous) · Date: 03/06/06 20:40 · For: Afterward
Oh my... it's over... Excellent ending; you left the way wide open for a sequel ;) *hint, hint*. Well, I just want to say that I've enjoyed this story tremendously, I think you did a teriffic job, and this is now one of my favorite fanfics of all time; and though I'm sorry to see it end, this way I shall have the pleasure of rereading a complete story, instead of just individual chapters. ;) Brilliant job.

Author's Response: Sequel? Egads. Thanks for the glowing review! I'm glad you find the story worth rereading.

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