Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/20/06 19:08
Chapter: A Bribe of Sorts

I really got a laugh out of the "tea plantation during the rainy season" joke. As usual, Snape's actions and perspectives as an adult are expertly and logically set up while maintaining his role as the hero of the story...hence why this is pretty much one of the best fan fictions ever.

Author's Response: Wow. Totally flattered. He's always struck me as a character that would be perfectly logical if we just had all the facts -- which we never will, I'm sure. He's certainly perfectly logical from his own perspective, anyway, and aren't we all the hero of our own stories? Thanks for the review. I'm glad you're enjoying the read!

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/20/06 17:30
Chapter: What Is Deserved

I'd been waiting for the "Snape's Worst Memory" part for ages...and now I'm about to burst into tears over poor Severus...and I never cry over books.

Author's Response: Aww. Sorry -- er -- good -- er... Well, anyway, I'm glad to find that he's become a sympathetic character for you. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/19/06 20:47
Chapter: Defensive Moments

I started reading this story more like a novel than a fan ficton, which is perhaps why I was slacking when it came to reviews. This chapter certainly had a lot of crazy stuff in it. The Marauders are being crazy-jerks! I was upset! Your Madam Pomfery is wonderful, she fits in perfectly with the way JKR portrays her. I'm finding the "Dumbledore's Initials" jokes nearly impossible to follow, perhaps because I am simply lacking in Snape's intellect. Hmmmmm... I also like Lily's lines about how everyone "has some good quality or other if you look hard enough". It reminded me a lot of the diary of Anne Frank (which I just finished reading). Will she keep that perspective as the war progresses? I shall see...

Author's Response: Sign of a true geek -- I actually worked out Dumbledore's numerology and then that of a couple of vegetables. "Broccoli" did seem to work, which is the sort of thing math geeks love and nobody else gets. I'm glad you like this Pomfrey, and Lily's outlook on most of humanity.

The Marauders are indeed being jerks, but they probably feel pretty justified in it from their own perspective. It doesn't make them right in the grand scheme of things, necessarily, and of course Severus doesn't think much of it. I doubt James ever told the others exactly why he's so furious, so the rest of the gang just assumes the worst and behaves accordingly. Boys can be pigheaded when it comes to matters of embarrassment in front of girls.

I certainly don't mind if you start reading as though this is a novel! In fact, thanks! That's rather flattering. And also thanks for the review. I like seeing where you've gotten to.

Reviewer: BlondieFangurl
Date: 05/16/06 21:43
Chapter: Birthday O.W.L.s

Mean old Eileen. If I was Sev`s mom I`d coddle him. And get him better shampoo. And condtioner. The clarifying kind. That should do the trick.

Author's Response: She is a nasty piece of work, isn't she? Thanks for the review! And the mental picture of anyone at all trying to coddle Severus!

Reviewer: BlondieFangurl
Date: 05/15/06 14:50
Chapter: The Black Feather

Hmmm... When I first read this I was sad for Sev but now Im wondering how Lucius came to do this. Must be one of those cycles where the hurt goes and does it to others. Poor Lucius... Poor Sev.

Author's Response: You know, I've gotten far enough into Lucius' skull to know why he did what he did at the time, but getting far enough in to know about cycles of violence is just better than I've ever wanted to get to know him. Maybe, though. He might just be a vile control freak all on his own. Thanks for the review, and quite possibly another plotbunny...

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/13/06 11:29
Chapter: Levicorpus

You write very entertaining Quidditch games, which always seems like a difficult thing to do. So, bravo! Poor Snape, all bashed up. Was that intentional of James. Anyways, Iiked the way you wrote that last bit, with the crash and Snape's focus on his poor smashed broomstick. And lastly, Huzzah for levicorpus! I was waiting for that to make an appearance!

Author's Response: You know, I'm still not sure if James was being recklessly indifferent, deliberately dangerous, or just honestly not paying attention to where his rival was right that instant. Thanks for liking the Quidditch games -- I can certainly see why JKR got sick of them, though.

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/13/06 11:25
Chapter: Nonverbal Notes

So if this is kept up, it certainly explains Lily's exceptional potions skill, and perhaps Snape's as well. The "nonverbal notes" were rather clever, the "dialogue" there even more so. They are quite extraordinary students, aren't they?

Author's Response: Practice always helps, doesn't it? Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/13/06 11:14
Chapter: Wands Away

Wow, a lot of set up for Half-Bood Prince here...the experimentation, the "Prince". Not to mention the "no need to call me Sir" comment. And the term "marauders". It was all placed into the plot very nicely, I thought. I love seeing things from inside of Snape's head, its such a different perspective!

Author's Response: Thanks! The "Sir" scene in HBP struck me as very odd. Harry overreacts in public to having a wand pointed at him, and gets a detention for it, all perfectly fine, but he also wisecracks that line and what he gets for that seems to be a joke hidden in the detention (which he doesn't get.) Only Crabbe the Contemptible has ever needed protective gloves to deal with flobberworms, and every sixth-year student knows that. It made me wonder who else had said that, and to whom. Whenever Severus does not have an immediate comeback for something, we have evidence later that he was probably sifting out six un-Professorish thoughts before saying what he's expected to, rather than "Wish I'd had an Invisibility Cloak when I was your age..."

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/13/06 11:00
Chapter: Nonverbal Notes

So if this is kept up, it certainly explains Lily's exceptional potions skill, and perhaps Snape's as well. The "nonverbal notes" were rather clever, the "dialogue" there even more so. They are quite extraordinary students, aren't they?

Author's Response: They are indeed. Bright kids and with a tendency to channel it maybe somewhere not utterly approved while being quite bright enough not to get caught at it too often. It seemed odd to me that every other subject has the possibility of the homework "Practice," but in Potions you are pretty much dropped in the cauldron to see if you sink or swim. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Celticmuggle
Date: 05/10/06 13:46
Chapter: Vinegar to Wine

I'm surprised nobody has left a review for this chapter yet. I think it shows a very canon Snape the way he uses logic to keep from facing his feelings *very Snape*. I liked how the skillet made it all seem real, its often the small details that stick out most to me. That he found comfort with Lily was really needed after all that happened between them, it shows who your true friends are. Hearing about a mischief making McMonagall was interesting and would would make a good one-shot. The toad test brought a bit more humor to the chapter and seemed very Lily-ish.
Thanks for a great read.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing -- today is grey and icky and overbooked and really needed this! McGonagall as a girl may yet get a good one-shot or several; she hasn't stopped in for tea since I suggested this, though. The toad test and its timing on revelation were among the first things I learned about Lily, as I write horribly out-of-order. She thought a little levity might help more than another round of tissues. It often does. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this chapter, and that it now has a review.

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/08/06 16:33
Chapter: In Which Severus Redecorates, and Malfoy's Weakness Is Discovered

That was really funny, especially the way some of the sudents were willing to pay. I'm willing to bet that a lot of the pure-blood Slytherins have no concept of money. The only thing that bothered me... if the ceiling had that spell put on it, wouldn't it just show the dirt, plants, algae, etc that has accumulated on it insted of a lovely view of grindelow and squid? Just a thought. The whole idea of looking up at the lake was a really cool one, though.

Author's Response: Dirt, plants, algae... erm. Does the Great Hall's ceiling edit out leaf-drift? Somehow the mud lacks a certain aesthetic appeal, so I'm going to hand-wave and pretend it's part of the roof, although a view of the muck has its own comedic potential, I admit. The very best view, though, is of Malfoy's face, and Severus intends to savor every Knut's worth of that! Thanks for reviewing again!

Reviewer: covenant
Date: 05/07/06 22:00
Chapter: Afterward

Bloody brilliant! Couldn't even stop to review each chapter. It was hard enough waiting for the next chapter to load so I could read it all in one sitting. I could swear I was reading a JKR prequel. I'm one of those that thinks Snape was acting on Dumbledore's orders when he "killed" Dumbledore in OOTP. You are a really great writer. Don't give it up!

Author's Response: Thanks! And I'm glad to hear the "Couldn't stop" especially. There's another long fic in the works (or maybe more than one, there are some one-shot things that won't quite settle down) and always the bunnies. More will follow soon, I'm sure...

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/05/06 22:00
Chapter: Quidditch in the Rain

I wrote a top-notch review for this chapter and my stupid computer had to go and prevent me form submiting it. So I'm bitter. Sorry, had to complain. Okay, lets see what I said before....This chapter had a lot in it. I agree with Severus that November is a terrible time for sports. Much too cold. His interactions with James are still fascinating, and the traveling cockroach cluster was quite funny. Are he and James all downhill from here? *sigh* I wasn't surprised to see Bella shooting down the crows, but Severus's abiltity to repress emotion astounds me, especially here. I would have completely freaked out (and probably been killed...but of course I wouldn't have had the foresight either). The questions at the end definitely are puzzling. *Walks off staring at the ceiling in a thoughtful manner and runs back to say...* Good chapter! Me gusta.

Author's Response: !Gracias! The computers do that to me sometimes too, but this review does just fine. James... My intuition is that a person who was almost a friend and betrayed that trust is worth a lot more bile than a person who was never a friend in the first place. *Sigh* indeed. Severus represses a lot of emotion, more or less storing things up for more (or less) useful times, and this is a year later, too. He's had a lot of time to wall things away. Thanks again for the review, and I'm very happy to learn that you are staring thoughtfully at your ceiling.

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 05/05/06 21:30
Chapter: The Black Feather

Malfoys constantly-surprising attitude towards Snape makes him all the more terrifying. Of course, I can't say I wasn't a little bit terrified of Severus when he killed the ants like that. I felt so bad about Ink, but worse for poor Severus Thats about it. Short chapter, really. Bueno.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. It's a rather -- sobering -- chapter, isn't it? It's interesting that you're the first person to mention finding Severus himself a little terrifying at this point.

Reviewer: siriusneeds
Date: 04/30/06 20:08
Chapter: Afterward

Beautiful and bloody brilliant. I absolutly loved the whole thing. 10,000 if I could. Cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you! I wondered how long it would be before you hit the end, and appreciated the reviews along the way. Cheers!

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 04/30/06 8:58
Chapter: Getting Along

This was very funny, very good. I especially liked the part where the Slytherins were trying to tuck his father's choice words away for later. That and Malfoy hoping that he could get his room back due to flying mishaps. I found the "bolting" during flying lessons a little confusing, I had to go back and reread. Lastly, I found James's interactions with Severus to be very interesting. It should be fascinating to see how their relationship progresses. All in all, great chapter!

Author's Response: I'll ponder the 'bolting' -- you're probably right and it could probably be better. Thanks for the review! (Again! Wow!)

Reviewer: siriusneeds
Date: 04/28/06 15:17
Chapter: A Lesson in Memories

Just wow! You really do know how to breath life into these characters. I'm really enjoying this story because you've kept JKR's plot lines in. I like how Severus has to learn Occlumency from Dumbledore just like Harry. Curiosity made Alice follow the rabbit I would like to know do you write anything not HP related? Your too good not to.

Author's Response: Thanks! I do occasionally write things outside the HPverse, with nothing published since... 1987. Lately I have been too obsessed with this particular toy to write anything else, sad to say. It's been good training, though, and once school is out maybe something -- er -- lucrative? -- will get written too. If anything original gets published, probably everyone will hear the squee, never mind the excited posts that will follow.

Occlumency -- I suspect that whomever you learn it from is someone you will feel awkward around afterwards, sort of like meeting your therapist on social occasions. Teaching it probably isn't much better, really. It would be horrid knowing that many secrets, and having yours known. So, I used it as a means of distancing Severus from Dumbledore, no matter how much they trust each other. It would just be difficult to try to be friends after that.

Thanks again for reviewing!

Reviewer: siriusneeds
Date: 04/27/06 13:15
Chapter: In Which Severus Redecorates, and Malfoy's Weakness Is Discovered

Just like a reverse glass bottom boat. I love this chapter. Brilliant. Severus is just so cunning and cleaver. You write him perfectly. Cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you! You know, I love this chapter too. JKR says she chuckled wickedly while writing Luna as a Quidditch announcer; I chuckled wickedly through this one and am grinning now.

Reviewer: Wiccan
Date: 04/26/06 19:58
Chapter: Afterward

I don't usually review individual chapters of completed fics. I mean, what can I say...loved it, what happens next? Instead, I settle down for a nice long period of escapism...if the fic is good. Now...was this good? No, it was fantastic and one of the two or three best I have ever read...and I read a lot. There is only one complaint I have. This particular story should be followed by at lease three sequels of the same length or longer. Truly...I would be delighted to spend a month or three completely immersed in the personalities, emotions and circumstances that you have created. I'm sorry my humble compliment is so inadequate...if I had wordcraft like yours, perhaps I could tell you how very special this is. I will, of course have to reread it in a month or two. There were so many things that I might have glossed over reading so late and I would hate to miss any of your subtle implications. (loved the glasses! when DD said 'the silliest spell...I knew immediately!) Until then, thank you so very much for the superb entertainment.

Author's Response: This is a most flattering review. Your complaint is duly noted and filed for future reference. (Eek! Sequels! Help!) For now, I seem to be writing a lot of one-shots... I may have to spend some time checking out the Crones, too, as my quick look at the website was delightful!

I'm glad the glasses tickled you -- they seemed to be in the same general vein as the toenails, and therefore IC. *Sudden thought of how odd that would sound to someone who hasn't read the fic...* Thank you!

Reviewer: siriusneeds
Date: 04/25/06 19:36
Chapter: Sorting

You are brilliant! I am loving your details. It tends to make the story better for me. You know the old addage "the devil's in the details" I also love long stories since I have no life of my own except to read fanfics. It's what i live for. Thanks for a great story so far. Cheers!

Author's Response: Why thank you. It is indeed long, and I'm glad to hear you're finding the detail level cozy. Happy reading!

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