Reviewer: KneazleWeazl
Date: 09/03/07 19:12
Chapter: The Letter

this is really good. very well written.

Reviewer: boo_kat
Date: 08/21/07 12:31
Chapter: Afterward

I absolutly loved this story! I've read it many times over. I work in a store that has a toy section, and we sell those silly Groucho Marx glasses. Everytime one comes through my register I laugh and remember your story. Thank you!

Reviewer: chocklit
Date: 08/12/07 0:38
Chapter: The Letter


Reviewer: Spaced Out
Date: 08/08/07 0:51
Chapter: Afterward

I honestly love this story. It's powerful, poignant, compelling, believable--you get into Snape's head and make sense out of what you see, and make the reader get it, too. Just absolutely brilliant.

Reviewer: SortingHat47
Date: 08/06/07 20:27
Chapter: Afterward

Without question, the most delightful, compelling, and best written piece of fan fiction I have ever read! Truly a masterpiece!

Reviewer: hokiesis
Date: 08/04/07 0:49
Chapter: Afterward

You made me late for work because I couldn't stop reading :)

This fic is among my favorites, and I normally don't really go for pre Harry stories, or angsty ones. I love the depth you put in your characters, and how you manage to make Snape sympathetic and even likeable. I also like the last few chapters, where Snape is trying to deal with Lily's death--I don't think I've ever read another fic that really captured the emptiness you feel after a death like this one.

Now I"m off to read a whole bunch more of your stuff :)

Reviewer: Veneficus Verus
Date: 07/31/07 1:56
Chapter: In Which Severus Redecorates, and Malfoy's Weakness Is Discovered

XD thats hilarious...I love this story! I can just imagine the dark and dismal dungeon ceiling suddenly looking like an aquarium that happens to hold a Kraken! Good work on writing Snape, he's my fav!

Reviewer: Nez
Date: 07/29/07 18:09
Chapter: Soap on the Hogwarts Express

hey! I really love all your Severus stories so far!
Loved this chapter, tho it's so sad to think they were nearly friends. Is Severus doing Legillimency already? Early talent indeed!
And, oh, is Remus' bully Vernon the Vernon? Dursley?
Absolutelly loved it. A great deal of missed chances in poor Sev's life.

Reviewer: Kickthemoon
Date: 07/28/07 19:38
Chapter: Afterward

New reader of fanfiction (hadn't even realised it existed a week ago!) and this has set some standard!

I read this after a week after finishing DH - and it seems more canon than that!!

Great charactisation, and great development of characters - espcially of course Snape. There were loads of bits that I loved, but you did kinda manage to answer a question I've always wondered about: how did Harry, Ron and Hermione fail to recognise Snape's handwriting??!

Anyway, love it loads and any suggestions that a Snape loving reader would like to read next are appreciated!

Reviewer: Spaced Out
Date: 07/22/07 8:28
Chapter: The Letter

I've just read the 7th book and had all my opinions of Severus Snape confirmed. I've been thinking of this story for a few days now, it's one of my top two favorites I've ever read on here, and I'm going to be reading it again. Although I might save up all my reviews (although I'm sure I reviewed the first time around) for one big lump review at the end. Snape is still my favorite character, and you still write him best. Cheers, and hope you have fun with book seven. :)

Reviewer: blinding_darkness
Date: 07/12/07 9:37
Chapter: The Letter

This story stood out like a one-legged House Elf trying to tap dance (in a good way of course)!
Great job!!


Reviewer: SlytherinBlood
Date: 07/11/07 11:48
Chapter: Quidditch in the Rain

I never quite imagined that snape would turn out to be a seeker, but people surprise you:) WHAT is wrong with James? he's just scared that stupid Sirius is gonna taunt him about being nice to Severus. Siriously, Sirius should just stop behaving like a complete prat. I like how Great you are at describing normal days, days without action at all, but still make them interesting by a conversation or a simple impression.

Reviewer: SlytherinBlood
Date: 07/11/07 11:41
Chapter: The Black Feather

awh that was really sad. snape's only pet - dead. I'll bet it was bellatrix who decided to put an end to the pet-having-a-pet problem. Malfoy is really moody - I can't figure him out. sometimes he's close to nice and then he turns and punish little Severus with the cruciatus curse - cos that was what he did, right ? Anyway, good chapter!

Reviewer: Bealmira
Date: 07/11/07 7:47
Chapter: Afterward

There are so many little pieces of this story that make me love it. Just little snippets of scenes that make it so much better than other fanfiction I've read. It really is the little things, I guess.

The way you tied in parts of the actual books is wonderful. The little details you slipped in, like the sectumsempra and the whole James and Lily relationship were both right out of the book, but fit so well into this story.

One of my favorite little tidbits in this story was in one of the last chapters, after Lily and James died, right when Snape gets back from Azkaban. He looks up at the picture of Lily on the mantle and she wavesÖ It's just a little thing, but it was so wonderfulÖ

I thought it was especially clever of you to work yourself into this as Snape's pen name. Applause for that.

All in all, I think this ranks in my very favorite fanfiction. I am sad that it doesn't go on further, but equally satisfied with the ending. (Though 46 chapters is nothing at all to scoff at.

Reviewer: SlytherinBlood
Date: 07/10/07 8:51
Chapter: Getting Along

I'm glad that James is behaving somewhat properly towards Severus and I love the idea that Lily and snape were to become friends. That would make sense. the slytherins are nasty though, but I guess they were never the big heroes of goodness anyway. it's entertaining that Bellatrix is a bossy slytherin queen, not even lucius dare anger her:) great chapter!

Reviewer: SlytherinBlood
Date: 07/05/07 16:41
Chapter: Sorting

Hmm. This was a really interesting chapter. The sorting was really something, I liked it. And dear old Lucius Malfoy. I couldn't have pictured him clearer than you did, thanks for that. I think what I liked best was when Lucius introduced the interesting people of Slytherin House to Severus, in a way, that just said so much more about Slytherin House than a thorough description would have. I dont know why though, it was just excellent. The house is a mystery, I'm really annoyed that it's nothing more than the house of evil people in the HP books (no offence JK,) and I firmly believe that there is so much more to it, I mean, Andromeda, Sirius' favourite cousin resides in Slytherin so it can't be that bad. So therefore, I hope that you can give it some glamour in this story. I look forward to read and find out! for the first time, I think someone should kick Sirius' ass, please give Snape that one pleasure:)!

Reviewer: SlytherinBlood
Date: 07/05/07 15:34
Chapter: Soap on the Hogwarts Express

I always wondered how Snape and Sirius/James(/Remus/Peter) started to hate eachother. It's sad, really. But the way you let Severus and Sirius have a fallout when they'd almost only met eachother was perfect. But how sad is it, really. Snape, the outsider in the muggle world AND the wizard world. no wonder he seems so bitter. Argh, you totally forget that this isn't part of the book! great job:)

Reviewer: Kunoichi_008
Date: 06/30/07 10:58
Chapter: Afterward

I absolutely enjoyed this story. It was very well written and their personalities and traits were convincingly spun. I also liked how Snape's past was horrible, unforgivable and unforgettable but that it was expressed in a way that suggested he would be able to rise above it with just a touch of simmering resentment. All in all this is one of my favorites! =)

Reviewer: Koluka
Date: 05/28/07 16:11
Chapter: What Is Deserved

I like the story, but I hate james ^^

Author's Response: *giggle* Thanks!

Reviewer: h_vic
Date: 05/13/07 16:16
Chapter: Afterward

Sorry that I havenít had chance to review each chapter of this amazing story as I read it, but if Iím honest I probably shouldnít have been spending the time reading let alone reviewing Ė but I couldnít help it! Iíve been using this story as revision bribery Ė an hour of contract law and then treat myself to another chapter.

I donít even know where to start saying everything I want to say about this story, itís just so fabulous. I think itís probably the best thing Iíve read on Mugglenet (and thatís definitely saying something as there as so many good stories here). Itís beautifully written, carefully characterised and the plot is so subtly woven with canon and striking originality. Iím having a really hard time keeping this separate in my head from canon. Normally I mostly manage to keep fanfiction well separated from canon but this has just so utterly become Snapeís back-story for me that if anything in DH counteracts it then Iíll be utterly confused!

For the first time, youíve managed to turn Severus Snape into a real person for me. My character analysis of him had never previous gone beyond: sullen; hates Harry and probably not actually evil. But youíve actually got me interested in him and somewhat shockingly left me having a great deal of sympathy for him. There were so many points where his future seemed to hang in the balance and one push in the right direction would have saved him that I could forget while I was reading it that we already know how badly things would end for him and so many points where I just wanted to save him and give him a hug (I hate to think of the look on Severusí face at that comment Ė canít imagine heíd take kindly to such a sentiment!). You do such a fabulous job of drawing out all the good things about him that Harryís point of view never shows us that he has become someone Iíd actually quite like to be able to sit down over a cup of tea with and discuss the finer points of the application of modern chemistry to potions (the chemistry graduate in me absolutely adored the fume-cupboard and chromatography use and got a little hyper during that chapter!).

There is some wonderful subtle humour throughout that matches Severusí dry, sardonic style and complements the dark bits perfectly Ė and my goodness are the darker parts dark! My hatred of Lucius Malfoy now knows no bounds, I think, and the whole Hadrian plotline broke my heart, as did Severusí realisation that it was his fault that Lily died. As for the ending, well, floods of tears Ė it was just so cruel that Severus and Harry could have had a friendship that they both so desperately needed if it hadnít been for one initial unfortunate eye contact.

Actually, whilst Iím on the subject of Lily, I thought your portrayal of her was brilliant Ė the ĎSaintí joke was such a nice nod to the usual way she is portrayed yet you captured that cheekiness about her that she is supposed to have and made her a lot of fun.

Ok, I think Iíve run out of superlatives now and Iím beginning to sound like a hopeless fangirl, so Iíll leave this here but in case you havenít yet gathered Ė I loved this story!


Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! I hope the revision went well. I spent a good bit of time in chemistry and biology laboratories, which may have something to do with my Severus-fanship. And DH is probably going to confound me utterly; I'm almost scared to read it. I'm glad you enjoyed this, and appreciate the lovely long review!

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