Reviewer: Bishop
Date: 02/17/06 15:27
Chapter: Life

Great addition, I am looking forward to an update to this for awhile and you lived up to it. Keep going.

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Date: 02/16/06 15:35
Chapter: Life

yay! i love this chapter! im sad for harry...i hope he finds his dad tho...hmmm...well, i cant wait for the next one! update soon!

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Date: 02/16/06 12:23
Chapter: Life

That was so good! Hey - first reviewer!!! PLZ UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date: 02/13/06 13:25
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

HEeya, cool this chappie, really liked all the elements, please update soon Ican't wait till chapter two. Pleasy UPDATE soon!

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Date: 01/15/06 18:35
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

even though i read the next chapter on, it would really be nice if u would update here and then add the third chaper!!!!!

Reviewer: andy
Date: 01/14/06 23:20
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

again! a realy realy good chapter but i am begging u to update soon!!!

Reviewer: Fading_Hollow
Date: 01/10/06 15:50
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

Hey there u really kicked my butt with all the info. about my own country! : P Thanks for telling me about the Aker thing though... I remembered the girl's name was Makhail which sounds very manly in Arabic letters, but Mikhail does sound like a girl..good choice..Keep it up!

Reviewer: Siriuslylupin
Date: 01/06/06 21:15
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

Wow! I'm a big fan of the "Phoenix Song" series, and a little surprised that you didn't let dead Harry stay that way. Ah well. I'm VERY curious about this J. Harold man, very VERY curious, and I'm starting to wonder how the part with the Egyptian girl and a Malfoy ties into the rest of the story. I applaud you for having improved SO much since writing the previous series; your word choice is a LOT better. However, you might want to consider getting a beta, there are quite a few spelling errors.

Reviewer: Fading_Hollow
Date: 01/05/06 8:17
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

Hi again. I just forgot to tell you that Makhail is not a girl's name, and also Akker isn't Egyptian. They don't sound bad anyway, but if you'd like help about anything Egyptian then you're welcome to send me! Again..I can't wait for chapter 2.. :' (

Author's Response: Thought I'd let you know, because you seem interested, I have a cousin named Mikhail, and she's a girl, my name is infact also a boys name as well, which I got teased much for growing up, sometimes I have to wonder what our parents were thinking... Anyhow, Aker, mythologically is actually a branch of Egyptian werewolf. The name is taken from the Egyptian word for trustworthy(ikr). The myth, is that the line desended from the Lycaons, but possessed different traits, they actually turn into wolves, and they tend to have a golden or desert color hue to their fur. They are also said to be uneffected, except for a magic boost when it comes to the full moon. They also have a love of wisdom, philosophy, and magic. Ok so maybe I'm giving too much info, but I hoped it helped a bit. :)

Reviewer: andy
Date: 01/04/06 18:28
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

Again REALY good story but please put a new chapter up SOON

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Date: 01/02/06 22:05
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

update soon please! i love these stories!

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Chapter: The End of the Beginning

Will you be updating soon? Love the story!

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Chapter: The End of the Beginning

brilliant whens the next chapter!!!!!

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Chapter: The End of the Beginning

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Chapter: The End of the Beginning

Oh, me God! This is such a brilliant story. Love it, love it, love it. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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Date: 12/15/05 21:38
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

He's DEAD!! But ALIVE!!! BUT ALMOST DEAD AGAIN!!!! i share this username with my friend who's been dying for me to read this story, ugh you are killing me with the suspense this is a really good story!!!!

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Date: 12/13/05 6:53
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

OMG!!! I love this story!! Pleasepleasepleaseplease PLEEEEEEEASE post the next chapter soon I want to know what happens next

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Date: 12/11/05 6:33
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

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Date: 12/11/05 6:32
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

*mouth open* Oh... my... GOD!!!! I love this story, even though it's the first chapter, it's the BEST!!!! PLZ UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!

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Date: 12/10/05 20:45
Chapter: The End of the Beginning

...*speechless*. Wow this is really great! I hope the next chapter gets posted soon, please keep working hard (though I have no doubt that you already are). Bravo!!!

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