Reviews For Bruno Schmidt
Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 03/02/08 14:52
Chapter: Is this what they're like?

I have a bit of a problem with the way you wrote Bill, I always thought him to be a very likeable pleasant person, he seems alot like a Malfoy if you don't mind me saying.

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 07/19/06 20:06
Chapter: Is this what they're like?

Interesting... Can't wait to find out where you're going with this!! Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: I do like this chapter. I have a lot planned with Astra. She has a lot in common with Sirius, in a way. You inspired me to update, i have to get to work and finish the next chapter! Problem is, I have a chapter for my Hermione's Summer story that's been with my beta for like, two weeks now. ? Gotta find out what's happening. I'm very glad you like it!

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 07/19/06 19:36
Chapter: New Home

Poor, bored Bruno. I'm not sure "depressed" is the best way to describe how he's feeling, though.

Author's Response: where does it say depressed? and he is, though, doesn't being really bored make you depressed?

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 07/19/06 19:31
Chapter: The Interview

Love Bruno's parents... :) And Scamander was funny, too. I hope Bruno's character is developed a bit more, though, because I'm not really sure what he's like... YET. For some reason I've suddenly got the urge to go read "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"... :D

Author's Response: It's a great book, you should reread it! He has much more character, don't worry. Ishould hope he changes as he gets older, but the point here was that he's a rather quiet, reticent kid who doesn't reveal so much of himself. He'll be different at Hogwarts, perhaps.

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 07/19/06 19:30
Chapter: The Interview

Love Bruno's parents... :) And Scamander was funny, too. I hope Bruno's character is developed a bit more, though, because I'm not really sure what he's like... YET. For some reason I've suddenly got the urge to go read "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"... :D

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 07/19/06 19:24
Chapter: Feeding the Chickens

I like the story so far, it's very original and interesting. But before I continue to the next chapter... I read the A/N about the spell, but, even if the magic is simple, why would people in a small town in Germany have English words in their spells? I think (but this isn't really important, obviously) that it should either stick to latin (or something similar) or German. In case you're wondering, head is "Kopf" and forehead is "Stirn" in German.

Author's Response: You are absolutely right, it should have been in German. I didn't bother to think about that, oops. Pretend it's been translated. Thanks so much for reviewing, I am deeply grateful. I do hope to update soon- you have inspired me to try harder, its just that I've been working on something else. You made my day!

Reviewer: sunshine
Date: 06/14/06 21:40
Chapter: Feeding the Chickens

I'm so glad you updated...this is a really good story. I absolutely adore Astra's name. Keepp it up : )

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! Thanks so much for reviewing. I like Astra's name also, I was debating between that and Astria at first but decided Astra was better. She's a pureblood and her parents like the naming-after-stars tradition. Don't worry, though, she won't turn out to be Malfoy-ish. Reviewers like you make me happy, especially when I get so few still. Thanks!

Reviewer: flying_garden_gnome
Date: 05/14/06 11:10
Chapter: Feeding the Chickens

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for reviewing my story, so I came to check out yours. I am pleased to say (as I hate leaving bad reviews) that I really like this a lot! It is a very intriguing idea, using a character that none of us really know at all, because there can be many more twists and turns in this character's past. Speaking of which, I'm dying to find out what has happened to make Bruno such an odd 8-year old (the low voice, etc.) I love the way you put such detail into everything you describe (from the bucket swinging in his hands to the clearing of his dishes), and wonder if perhaps you could put a bit more of that into your dialogue. I hope you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism, but some of it seems a bit spare and unrealistic (mainly when Brunhilda talks.) Overall, this was a very strong and well-written first chapter and it makes me want to read the next chapters as soon as possible! I really hope this review was helpful, and that you don't get bummed by the lack of reviews. :)

Reviewer: Benny
Date: 02/26/06 10:26
Chapter: The Interview

Expect a reveiw on every chapter of every story by you. I do have a problem with this one. Scamder wrote the book way before Voldemort came to power. this is probably years before he published it too.

Author's Response: this is one of his many new, updated versions, which he does research for.

Author's Response: this is one of his many new, updated versions, which he does research for.

Reviewer: ElspethBates
Date: 01/30/06 13:47
Chapter: Feeding the Chickens

Interesting story idea. The only thing I'd really actively change is to work on your spells at bit more. You can always go to a English/foreign language dictionary online and try to come up with something a bit more interesting than Repairio Foreheadio. For instance, "resituo frons" means the same thing as the spell you wrote... it's just in Latin. Other than that you are attempting something completely new and interesting. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm very happy to get one! About the spell issue, in my bio I ask not to be criticized for that. Since I speak several languages quasi-fleuntly, I don't worry about making spells non-English. As I explained there (which I wrote a long time ago, anticipating this issue), the magic in Karstbaum is very skewed. The fact that the spell is like that shows how magic, when confined to indivduals who never went to school and who are unable to do magic beyond what is contained in one dusty old (innaccurate) book, becomes warped. How did it get that way? Bruno will hopefully discover this- because the problem is worse than it seems at first...I'm giving too much away here. As JKR says, "shockingly indiscreet." Thanks for your suggestion, though. Do you speak Latin? Or where did you get that from? Please keep reviewing!

Author's Response: I moved part of this to an author's note. Thanks.

Reviewer: Lilypudding
Date: 01/17/06 19:25
Chapter: Feeding the Chickens

I really like this! I think the idea is really original. This is such an awesome story, I don't understand why there aren't more reviews. I enjoy the world you created for Bruno. I've never read another story like that... such a brilliant idea!

Reviewer: Benny
Date: 12/18/05 16:55
Chapter: Feeding the Chickens

Gretings fr'm y'r br'th'r. He l'ks the st'ry just because you are my sist'r.

Author's Response: oh not again. I knew it! What's with all the apostrophe's? And I hope the story is good not just because you're my brother.

Reviewer: Dara
Date: 12/07/05 18:23
Chapter: Feeding the Chickens

For the first review of this story I'm going to make part of it sound like the ones you see on the back of books:Very creative, great writing, Leahr has got me hooked. I'll give this a 10/10 if you let me beta this story.

Author's Response: of course, you can beta! Thanks for reviewing! You're the greatest beta ever!

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