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Reviews For Avenged Sevenfold

Name: Shana (Signed) · Date: 05/03/06 21:48 · For: Fall From Grace
it was AWESOME! can u add to this story. i reallly want to find out wat happens next. Great story

Name: hermione davi (Signed) · Date: 05/02/06 23:22 · For: Avenged Sevenfold
wow!!! good job... really nice. love it
youre an excelent writer:D thanks a lot

Name: The Sith Lord (Signed) · Date: 05/01/06 16:14 · For: The Suffering
This is great keep writing

Name: hilfan (Signed) · Date: 04/30/06 10:13 · For: Fall From Grace
WOW gosh u r the next JK Rowling i absolutely adored it god u r lkike the BEST

Name: Faded Immortal (Signed) · Date: 04/28/06 9:03 · For: Trial by Fire
This is really good so far! If you ever need a beta reader, email me at secretlyslytherin@mugglenet.com . :)

Name: livingbreathingdream (Signed) · Date: 04/26/06 15:30 · For: Trial by Fire
*has just noticed she says "Oh" a lot*

Name: livingbreathingdream (Signed) · Date: 04/26/06 15:28 · For: Trial by Fire
*blushes* Erm… oopsie? It seems that, in an attempt to emphasize a few choice words in my last review, I’ve… um… boldened *has discovered ability to invent words* the rest of the page…


AHH!!!!! *feels honored* YAY! You responded! I was hoping you would! But don’t feel obligated to write back to this one, you just KEEP ON WORKING ON THAT NEXT, UNDOUBTABLY BRILLIANT CHAPPIE!!!!!!

Oh, and I do believe it’s my civil duty to boost the morale of my favorite author at every given opportunity, Missus SecretKeeper, ma’am. *draws gun from holster* And I dew b’leive it’s YER civil duty ta keep a-crankin’ out them thurr stories, ya hear?

*ditches Western accent* ANYWAY… ooh! You even put suspense in your responses! *… and Malfoy, who’s looking for-- (I can just picture you catching yourself here) someone else…* Now THAT is the evil genius that makes you the superb, cliffy-creating, so-good-you-want-to-hate-them-but-can’t-because-they’re-just-too-freaking-good author that you are.

HALFWAY?!?!?!? Ah, well it's definately a glass-half-full halfway instead of glass-half-empty halfway. Is the word "halfway" starting to sound really weird to you, too, or is it just me?

Oh, and I hope to brighten up your day with another review for your next chapter soon… *nudgenudgewinkwink*

*~*~* LBD *~*~*
(Oh, and thanks for shortening my name! My poor ickle fingers were getting tired of writing... *snort* Yeah, I don't even believe myself there, but I still like it!)

Name: livingbreathingdream (Signed) · Date: 04/25/06 10:20 · For: Fall From Grace
AGH! *beats self up* A NEW CHAPTER? AND I DIDN'T FIND OUT TILL NOW ?!?!?!?!? *sighs* Not to worry; a few sentences from the brilliant (*gasps sarcastically* I haven't said that one before!) SecretKeeper and I was perfectly fine.

What are you? *suspicious look* Really? Some kind of... machine that just cranks out another amazing (again, look at all the new words I've learned!) chapter after another? Is that even legal? I hope it is, because I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Every second that Harry and Hermione are together is just… faultless. I love how you’ve developed their relationship- picking up the shattered remains of our beloved ship from the HBP-fiasco and molding them together into something… beautiful, new, yet at the same time, familiar. Some stories *blushes* (a bit like some of my attempts) just rush in, throw them together with some soap-opera-esque dialogue, and spoil what could be a delicious, ripe fruit (oh god, excuse my metaphorical babblings) by ripping it off the vine prematurely. *grimace* Anyway, Harry + Hermione + time + an inspired author (that’d be YOU, chicky) = extraordinary love that makes sense. In other words, 2 + 2 = 4. It’s that simple!

Another thing: I was expecting this to be the climax of the story, I really was. Both with Voldemort and Hermione (*rips hair out* WHEN WILL WE GET A KISS?!?!?!? WHEN, YOU SNEAKILY EVIL WOMAN?!?!?!?!? ), I was expecting the main problems to be pretty much resolved in this chapter. *laughs* Poor, simple, naive me. There’s so much more! We got over the little hill (warning: here she goes again…) and now, we must climb Mt. Everest. And you know what? I’m looking forward to every step of a sentence.

And one last thing: PLEASE submit this under General Fics. It would be a crime if you didn’t.

Ta-ta ‘till next time… and that’d better be SOON!

Author's Response: LOL!! *DIES* Awww, LBD, you absolutely crack me up! *Can't Stop Laughing* That was one of the best reviews I've ever gotten, partially because of the enthusiasm, and partially because of the humor! "What are you? *suspicious look* Really? Some kind of... machine that just cranks out another amazing (again, look at all the new words I've learned!) chapter after another? Is that even legal?" LMAO! Awww, thank you!! And I adore your "metaphorical babblings," you have no idea how much they just brightened my day. :) And, you're quite right about this not being the climax... I was actually VERY nervous about putting a battle sequence in the middle of a story [I'm nervous a lot, aren't I?] but to keep my plot, I really had no choice. But I am oh-so-glad you liked it. Alas, there are hurdles yet ahead... the romance aspect of the story is going to start REALLY showing, more than ever, and that in and of itself is going to cause some issues. ;) Not to mention, Charlie and Ron are passed out, AND! Don't forget about McGonagall! She's still at Hogwarts looking for Draco, who is looking for-- something else. *snickers* So yes, there is plenty left of this story to tell, but I daresay we've reached the half-way point. Depends on where I choose to cut this off; haven't quite decided that yet. Anyway, thanks again love, you NEVER cease to make my day ten times better with your reviews! And I shall have to check out your stories now! When I do, I'll be sure to drop a review as well. ;) <3, Sadie

Name: Kissthescene (Signed) · Date: 04/25/06 5:40 · For: Fall From Grace
Wow! Im seriously breathless. I'm starting to think your J.K Rowling in disquise. This was absoulutly exquisite. One of the best ones I have read in a while, One of the best plots, Thats for sure. I can't wait till you write more. Im going to be on the edge of my seat until there is more. This is seriously amazing. Im such a H/Hr Shipper so this is serioiusly fantastic! Keep writing! I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! *blushes* What amazing compliments! I'll be sure to write as fast as I can to take you off the edge of your seat. ;) <3!

Name: Pearl_Moon (Signed) · Date: 04/24/06 14:58 · For: Fall From Grace
This is without a doubt, THE best fic i have ever read. Your plot, descriptions and interaction between charactors is amazing. Please continue i am desperate for more! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Author's Response: *blushes* Wow! *blushes more* Thank yoooou! What enthusiasm! I love it. :) I'll get writing ASAP... I don't plan on the next updating taking as long. <3

Name: Hokey (Signed) · Date: 04/23/06 17:02 · For: Fall From Grace
This chapter was absolutely amazing, just like the previous ones. I couldn't help but getting caught up in the story, feeling and thinking about the things Harry did. All the emotions, feelings and details that you put into writing, they're so realistic! I can't even try to find a way to say how talented a writer you are, I think close to 100 reviews is convincing enough. I'm just hoping that you'll keep writing, and update this fic soon. Keep up the GREAT work! =) 10/10

Author's Response: 'ello Hokey! Thank you SO much for your review! I love hearing from those who've followed this story from the start... gives me a good idea as to how, exactly, I'm doing. And I'm glad you think everything's realistic! That's definitely been one of my more important goals. :) I appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think... so thanks again, dear. <3!

Name: blackhairedweasley (Signed) · Date: 04/22/06 18:00 · For: Fall From Grace
Ok, I have to tell you that I really love this story. What I love most about it is your attention to detail. Not only in scenery, but also in emotions, in facial expressions, and the tones of voice that is used. I think that this is a very ambitious undertaking, and I believe you are doing an excellent job at it. A7X would be proud.


Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much Nox... I agree, it is quite the ambitious undertaking. To try and unravel years' worth of canon and make it believable... definitely one of the greater challenges any fan fic author can attempt. But it warms me and inspires confidence to know you're happy with how it's gone so far. "A7X would be proud." Wow, thank you. *hug*

Name: HPAndHG4ever (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 19:36 · For: Fall From Grace
That was amazing!! I loved all the emotion in this chapter! You have such a great way of leaving a reader wanting to read more!! You really have a future in writing!! PLease update soon!!! I give it a 10000000000000000000000000000000/10!

Author's Response: Why hello there! Wow, I'm so glad I didn't disappoint! And even more glad you think I have a "future in writing." *BLUSHES* Thank you, truly. I'm only sorry I can't do more to thank you besides the dedication I gave in this chapter. <3!

Name: Astrid Skywalker (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 15:29 · For: Fall From Grace

Sadie... I swear, if any writing agent or publisher hated your writing style, I would rip them apart with my bare hands.

This is definitely worth me wrestling with one Remus Lupin last night in the last few minutes of our conversation. I should tell you, he's definitely ashamed that he tried to pull me away from the computer because despite his past self getting more and more attracted to Hermione in Clair De Lune, he still found the development between Harry and Hermione very, very, VERY heartwearming indeed.

Where doth mine praise for thee begin again? I cannot even find the words to describe your brilliance. The plot twists you create are so astounding that you leave your readers staggering and breathless for more. Your ability to work your way through such a rich plotline is very impressive, my dear, and you never EVER cease to amaze me.

Hermione continued to lift Harry’s sleeves, comb through his hair, and run her fingers along his back I read that sentence and SPAZZZZZZZZZed. WOW. I was waiting for a kiss, Sadie, a KISS, but NOOO... they were just checking for each other's injuries! And yes, if you think I'm crazy, maybe I am, and your story has drove me nutso. /incoherence.

You shall never hear the end of my fangurl praise, I'm telling you. My next step is to build a shrine for you in my bedroom. Yes, I don't care what Remus says, blast him. Sadie, your dreams of being published are achievable, VERY achievable. If these dreams won't materialize, we can only blame it on other outside factors, because you have talent. Talent that, time and time again, leaves me positively amazed. You can write. Don't ever let this talent go to waste.

Author's Response: LEI!!!! *HUGSPOUNCETACKLEHUG* You.are.amazing. BAH I can't control myself! Thanks soooo much my dear, you've been THE best support system throughout this story. *blushes at "you have talent" remark* So do you, most definitely, which is why it means oh so much to know you think the same of me. You're an incredible writer, and equally good friend [that's saying something], and all around a true gift to the world. Though, I am sorry there was no kiss. *snickers* I like to build up... can ya tell? Of course you can. You're the EXACT same way. *glares at CDL* :) LOVE YOU!

Name: silver_tears134 (Anonymous) · Date: 04/21/06 12:32 · For: Fall From Grace
This is definitely the most amazing Harry/Hermione I have EVER read!!! You are certainly a skilled writer. You have something...different from JK, something better, much much better. I really mean that.

I know you have been getting quite a bit of reviews, but I hope you find time to read mines. ^_^

Author's Response: Well hello silver_tears! Yes, I definitely read your review, and was absolutely thrilled at what you had to say! Most amazing HHr fic? Better than JK?! Oh my goodness, my cheeks will be scarlet for a month! That's quite possibly one of the best compliments someone could give an author. Thanks again, I really appreciated your review, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. :)

Name: silver_tears134 (Anonymous) · Date: 04/21/06 12:31 · For: Fall From Grace
This is definitely the most amazing Harry/Hermione I have EVER read!!! You are certainly a skilled writer. You have something...different from JK, something better, much much better. I readlly mean that.

I know you have been getting quite a bit of reviews, but I hope you find time to read mines. ^_^

Name: Darth Potter (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 9:37 · For: Fall From Grace
I'm gonna need a thesaurus soon to find more words to describe how great each chapter is. This chapter was just phenomenal and i really liked the battle at the beginning, every necessary detail was there. I'm not really good at speaking my mind, so I'm sorry if I don't leave like a apge long review. I just wish I had your talent, so I could actually formulate my ideas into stories. I really like the Harry/Hermione development in this chapter. Keep it up, I can already feel JKR's growing worry at some comeptition.

Author's Response: Ahh, Mr. Darth Potter. :) Another faithful reviewer whom I think about whilst I write. Your ending line there, about being JKR's competition... wow. *blushes furiously* Thank you so, very much Darth, I can't tell you how good that makes me feel to know you think so. You're amazing, thanks for all the encouragement... *hug* I hope you like chapter nine just as much... something tells me you will. ;)

Name: mspadfoot89 (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 9:02 · For: Fall From Grace
I seem to run out of words every time I read a new chapter of this story. Or maybe words are simply not enough, maybe they just can't do this story justice. As of right now, I am in tears and I can definately say this is your best yet. This felt like a chapter right out of the books and I can go as far as to say it was even better.

I loved what you did with the Horcrux and the Horcrux Theory--I just knew you wouldn't let Harry die. The battle scene was amazing, it left me completely out of breath. I really can't find words to describe it. Every little detail just made it so much more real--little things, like Charlie's injury, Harry's "saving-people-thing", it was all just perfect.

However, what I'm most exited about was the way you've slowly developed the Harry/Hermione relationship. Here we see a little bit more of that, and it's just so perfect--not too rushed, not too slow. Panic, terror, and every emotion that had his heart racing minutes before on Azkaban climaxed as he fearfully scanned her face. The feeling and emotion of this is undescribable. Then there's: But then he felt Hermione’s hand grazing his cheek. Goosebumps ran down his spine. So simple and yet so right. ... but as he concentrated on the warm pressure of Hermione’s hands sweeping through his hair, the noises of the chaotic house died out… the prospect of it all seemed almost tolerable, the knowledge of reality almost endurable, and he felt he could rise above it… maybe… if only he had a few more minutes… a few more minutes lying here, a familiar, sweet scent relaxing his muscles… a few more minutes… I just had to write this whole thing here. It was the most perfect ending I have ever read. Lovely, but heart-wrenching at the same time. The emotion in this chapter was unbelievable. And I don't just mean the romance. The Weasleys' sorrow, Harry's defeated state, Hermione's pain, were all so real, so tangible.

Wonderfully written. I have no more words. *tear* Even if ratig were still working, they would be useless. Bravo!

Author's Response: MSPADFOOT! Oh, I always anticipate what you have to say! You're absolutely fantastic, thank you soooo, so much for your incredible, heartwarming review. I was really quite worried about my Horcrux theory, as there have been so many floating about, and I didn't want this to be the typical "Harry searches for Horcruxes and discovers his feelings for Hermione" plot. There's enough of those. I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how thrilled I am to know you appreciate my particular theory... and! What's more, the HHr progression! I have to tell you, I've been growing extremely anxious about that, because I REALLY wanted it to build up, getting a bit more recognizable each chapter, and part of me has been so worried I haven't done that well enough. But you say I have, and that makes me swell with renewed confidence. Thanks so much for pointing out the specific lines too... really helps me know what you like and what you don't, so I can try and cater to the audience a bit. :) And I'm glad you liked the ending too. *hug* Thanks again mspadfoot, you've been incredible inspiration.

Name: CaptiveQuill (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 8:11 · For: Fall From Grace
Your work is impeccable...if it hadn't been for this story, i might never have joined mugglenet. Your writing is so charged...it makes my insides twist whenever i read it! Dont ever stop writing!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much!! What an incredible compliment! I'm so happy you did join MuggleNet, and ever happier I was able to be part of the reason. :) Thank again, love...

Name: Suz (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 2:07 · For: Fall From Grace
Ah dear Secret Keeper. Again. You did it again. You brilliant wonderful talented soul! There is such emotion in this chapter that I’m sitting here with my throat so tight I can barely swallow. I loved every word.

This sentence – “Muttered demands, incoherent whispers, sinister scoffs, melted into the void that was sound.” – It’s perfect. When Harry cupped Hermione’s face in the midst of the battle it was so powerful, almost more so than when they were desperately searching each other’s injuries. It’s that gift of subtlety that you have that writes more into your stories than words ever could. And when Harry “paused a moment longer to take one final look at his best friend, before the worry morphed into nausea and he had to turn away”…that’s when I think I lost it. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t add that your flair for comic relief is truly inspired! I just love what you do with Ginny’s hair. No one can whip it around corners like she can!

You know, I could spend a very long time filling up a page of exactly why this is perhaps my favorite chapter so far (do I say that each time?), but the fact is, that as a whole, this chapter worked a magic on me. It showcases your talents admirably and you should be very proud of it! Thank you for keeping this story going. I can’t wait for the next installment!

Author's Response: Suz, you could bring tears to my eyes with your reviews! Every time I read your input on my chapters, I have the sudden urge to dedicate the entire story to you. Indeed, it wouldn't be too far off the mark, as you really, truly keep me inspired to write more. I know I say that as a general reply to all reviews, but it holds truest for you. Some part of me is always wondering what it is you'll think of a particular like while I'm writing it. :) It's so good to know I haven't let you down yet. I get increasingly nervous about all my stories, the further into them I get, but you make up for my lack of confidence. Thank you for pointing out specifics, for being so sincere, and for making me proud of this story. I have no doubts that by the time it's finished, you'll have another chapter in your name-- I only wish I could do more. :)

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