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Name: Misshogwarts1125 (Signed) · Date: 02/04/17 17:10 · For: New Moon, New Beginning
Here I am reading this fic again.

Author's Response: I love you for that! I recently edited this story to post on another site, so now I'll have to hurry and update all the chapters so you can read it polished up. :)

Name: Tonksiegirl (Signed) · Date: 12/13/11 3:14 · For: Reaching for the Moon
I love thhat you include ben and Jerry's but thats just my vermont pride :)

Author's Response: You have a right to be proud. Vermont is gorgeous! I made sure the ice cream is popular (and sold!) in the UK before using it.

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 23:58 · For: Heart of the Moon
Okay, well, at least she finally admitted what the rest of us have known since forever and twenty chapters ago! You write more beautifully than a songbird sings. I even forgive you for not killing off Evan.... yet :) (What? There's a sequel isn't there? A girl can dream... Hey, dream, there's an idea. Goodnight!)

Author's Response: I hope you had lovely dreams. Thank you for giving me smiles that made my cheeks ache in a nice way, the way that's abso-bloody-lutely worth it. :)

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 23:37 · For: Shadow Moon
Lol! I would have threatened to neuter him, too. Evan still isn't dead, and there's only one chapter left. I'm thinking it might be bed time! *sighs* I'm just kidding. I know you can't do anything about it now. I'll finish this one, but I probably won't make it to the sequel tonight. It's already 2am!

Author's Response: 2AM and she reviews 'cause she's still awake . . . . I'm happy you read this one. Go to sleep and "Breathe." :)

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 23:26 · For: Bad Moon Rising
I swear, if Evan Rosier doesn't die slowly and painfully, I'll go to sleep right now and you won't read another review from me until I come back from my weekend visit home!!!! Great song, by the way!

Author's Response: He could die slowly and painfully . . . one day . . . .

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 23:13 · For: Moonstruck
I really, REALLY hate that guy! He makes me want to throw things! Anyhoo, I just realized I haven't done my duty as a reader and told you just how amazing this story is! This story is more amazing than pretzel sticks with chocolate fudge icing! (Believe me, that is saying something!)

Author's Response: I love chocolate covered pretzels! I've never dipped them in cake icing, though. *makes mental note*

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 22:47 · For: Tears of the Moon
By any chance, do those purple pustules spell the word "SNEAK"?

Author's Response: They might. :D

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 21:57 · For: Hunter's Moon
Oooh, yay! Overprotective cousin! What? It's more fun when family doesn't approve! Lol!

Author's Response: If Sirius approved he would be OOC, and the story would be boring. Couples need to fight to be together. ;)

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 21:46 · For: Full Moon Rising
I want to reach into your story and kill that evil, cheating bastard for stealing Remus's chance to tell Tonks about his "furry little problem"! I want to subject him to the Cruciatus Curse multiple times, and center it toward one very pain-sensitive area of his vile body!!! *Trails off in a long string of profanity and insults*

Author's Response: Remus might not have told her for months, though, so the cheating bastard did them a favor (which I'm sure annoyed him considerably).

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 21:25 · For: The Serpent and the Moon
You're not just a "cliffie-aholic". You are the queen master of subtle cliffhangers! Lucky for me, I don't have wait for updates! :D

Author's Response: Not waiting for updates is a definite plus, heh.

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 21:01 · For: Dark Moon
I've never been cheated on, but it makes me angry. Sadly, I'm the friend who bites her tongue when it comes to one of my friends. I'll make him feel like crap for it every now and then, but I'm always there when he needs to talk. Remus and Tonks are so cute together. I like that he's there for her, and it's good to know she'll be there for him when he reveals his "furry problem".

Author's Response: Being there for someone is so important. If Tonks was one of those "I love you Remus, but I can't deal with you being a werewolf" girls I've read in a few fics, she wouldn't be Tonks (she'd be what's-her-face, a girl rightfully unremembered).

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 20:31 · For: Blinded by the Moon
I'm going to take a wild guess and say Tonks doesn't know her boyfriend is a werewolf... at least not at this point. I'm also going to guess that Tonks's friends do know! Very interesting.
Happy Writing,
P.S. I'm one of those friends who bites her tongue. It's a thankless job sometimes, but I get the most amazing hugs for it!

Author's Response: I think you probably bite your tongue for good reasons, and if you thought your friend was putting herself in true danger, you'd speak up. You deserve those hugs!

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 13:57 · For: Kiss the Moon
Uh-huh, sure you're not cliffie-aholic. Lol. Besides, it's not really a cliff-hanger, we know he want to her clothes of and make her forget her own name... Sorry, that was a bit... vulgar. It's true, though. After all, didn't take long for her to get pregnant after they were married. (I'm still not sure if I think they waited. If they did, though, it was his idea not hers! I'm sure of that much.)

Author's Response: I give Tonks some insecurities and emotional baggage from the past (the cheating ex) to work through, but absolutely, in HBP she wanted to get serious (I say married) and he was reluctant due to his low self esteem issues. Silly man.

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 13:28 · For: The Pull of the Moon
Poor Tonks... lusty thoughts can be very destracting. Great chapter. At the end of the last one, and the beginning of this one, "Head over Feet" by Alanis Morissette was playing. I love it when my background music matches up with what I'm reading!

Author's Response: Yeah, it is cool when the radio provides a soundtrack to a story. Yay, for you reading! :)

Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/22/11 13:11 · For: New Moon, New Beginning
Hmm... Very interesting. I like that she grabbed him and kissed him. It's very Tonks-like. :)

Author's Response: I never liked the thought that Tonks had that outburst in the Hospital Wing when she and Remus hadn't even dated. I prefer to think they were in relationship and her outburst was about commitment, about marriage, and had the best time filling in the canon gaps. :)

Name: Cp230 (Signed) · Date: 05/01/10 23:32 · For: New Moon, New Beginning
Your an amazing writer:) I just finished your HBP fic and I am sad that the last story is comming:( I think that you filled in all the empty spaces between remus and tonks very well, with the little detail Jo gives readers through the series.

I was just skimming through the first story of Remus and tonks again, and i was thinking that a song that reminds me if Evan is "cowboy casanova" by Carrie underwood:D ( except for the fact that Evan's not a cowboy) ;)

I never really gave much of a thought of Remus and Tonks' relationship in the books, until about a month ago when I discovered your stories. I have officially become obsessed with them:) they are my all time favorite pairing, with Sirius and Cami as my second. Thanks for the great stories!

Keep up the fantastic work!

Author's Response:

Evan is definitely a snake with blue eyes! I think part of the reason it took Tonks so long to realize she was deceived about him is that he wasn't lying when he said he was busy, and that they'd spend more time together when they were married, and that Priscilla was no threat. He did love Tonks. It just wasn't the kind of love she needed, the kind of love she found in Remus! :)

Thank you so much for rereading and sharing that with me. I'm getting a kick out of the thought of Evan in cowboy gear leaning up against a jukebox. :D

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/05/09 15:35 · For: Heart of the Moon
That was wonderful. Of course, Tonks had to go back to being colorful. I really liked that Tonks was instrumental in getting Mr. Dunne a job. I loved how she handled the nosy old biddy who kept turning in the werewolf next door to magical law enforcement. Sometimes you just have to stop being polite and tell people the honest facts of life. Excellent book. Loved every second of it. I'll see you in a bit in the next one. Thanks for writing this.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading it! Remus is so often portrayed as only down on himself and down on his luck all the time, but the books are from Harry's pov and as a boy he only sees a very limited side of Remus' personality, the encouraging teacher. I wanted to show his romantic side, and I'm thrilled you're going to read the next story in the series! :)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/05/09 13:29 · For: Shadow Moon
Actually, I smiled at the neutering comment. I say that to Fynn at least once a week. Although I was charmed that Snuffles seemed to be trying to interfere in Tonks' relationship. I also chuckled when Tonks leaned over the side of the bed to grab her hangover potion, that the bartender had thrown in for free. She must have really looked like she was going to get pissed. Again, I'm struck by what a gentleman Remus is. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

And what does Fynn do to deserve the "Bob Barker Treatment" ? :D

I bet there is a look on people's faces a bartender can read, heh. 

Thank you!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/05/09 12:42 · For: Bad Moon Rising
I know why Tonks didn't share her "mission" with Remus, but maybe it would've been better if she had. I'm sitting here cringing because I can just imagine the hurt look on Remus' face and the pain in his voice. And even if you try to tell the truth after the fact, it's still hard to rebuild that trust. I really like that CCR oldie by the way and I really liked this chapter, aside from the fact that Remus got hurt feelings.

Author's Response:

Absolutely, it would have been better, but Tonks has to learn the hard way, sometimes, like the rest of us. :D

Yay for you liking CCR!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/05/09 10:44 · For: Moonstruck
Somehow, I didn't quite expect that. It appears that Tonks didn't either. I guess I expected Evan to come on like a raging Death Eater, but as you said before he's in love with himself and his business. It's so sad that what gave Tonks away was the look of pity in her eyes. Sadder still, is the fact that Evan knows she pities him. To answer one of your questions, my Sampson never had a Delilah. He had a big heart full of love and he was totally devoted to me. He died way too young, we'll never know why, and he's still missed. Great chapter by the way. I was just looking up where to go next in this series. I'm so glad your Scorpius/Rose story was featured and I became familiar with your work.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you read featured stories! (I've sometimes wondered how many people actually do, :D) The next story in this series, A Wolf in the Moonlight was a featured story once upon a time.  It's more of a mystery/romance that takes place over a couple of weeks in December. Had to have a Christmas ending. :D

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