Reviews For Ten Years
Reviewer: Dramioneangst
Date: 02/07/08 17:45
Chapter: (one-shot)

You should make this fic LONGER!!!

Reviewer: Wicked_Quill
Date: 09/06/07 23:35
Chapter: (one-shot)

THANK you for not making them fall in love! thats just not going to happen!

Reviewer: orange_crusher
Date: 10/28/06 13:04
Chapter: (one-shot)

I really liked it...But why did Ron and hermy split? Great job with the conversation.

Reviewer: aintcrazy4you
Date: 09/28/06 20:21
Chapter: (one-shot)

heheheheheh.....very good....hahaha....

Author's Response: Hahaha! Thanks!

Reviewer: A_Pink_lady
Date: 09/08/06 15:47
Chapter: (one-shot)

I like the last line, it was a great idea and u wrote it really well

Author's Response: Hee, I like that line too. Thanks!

Reviewer: ginnyp_harryp
Date: 08/17/06 18:57
Chapter: (one-shot)

loved it major

Author's Response: Excellent, thanks!

Reviewer: HarrynHermione_06
Date: 07/29/06 16:19
Chapter: (one-shot)

Loved this story!!! I had read it before, but I just felt like reading it again!!! It's a shame that this was only a one-shot, it looks like you could've gone on. Yes, I know my penname is HarrynHermione_06, but I also shi Draco/Hermione...theres just something in that hate thing between them that makes you wonder if there was something more! Lol!!! Well, great job!!

Author's Response: Hee! I'm glad you appreciate the D/Hr hatred as well as the H/Hr-ness. :)

I'm also glad that you've read this more than once! *beams* I mentioned to someone else below that this actually did come from a longer piece that I had abandoned. I am working on it again hoping to turn it into a much longer D/Hr story. *fingers crossed* It's going very slowly, but it's going!

Reviewer: padfootnflawks
Date: 06/29/06 19:41
Chapter: (one-shot)

I liked it!! do right more!!

Author's Response: Thanks.

Reviewer: hpboy13
Date: 06/28/06 23:23
Chapter: (one-shot)

very nice. i didn't see much point to this one, but it was written nicely.

Author's Response: It was a challenge fic - that was really the only point. :)

The longer piece that spawned this one-shot is what I've been looking at again and trying to work into a much larger D/Hr story. We'll see. . .

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 05/27/06 0:20
Chapter: (one-shot)

this is just begging for more...are you sure this is a one-shot?

Author's Response: Ooooh, funny you should ask! This started out to be more than a one-shot but it really wasn't working. Very observant!

Reviewer: guitarrebelgrl
Date: 05/19/06 16:04
Chapter: (one-shot)

At first I was scared this was going to be a Malfoy/Hermione shipping, but I really liked it. It was short and sweet. Cute.

Author's Response: I will admit, I'm a D/Hr shipper at heart which is why I enjoy writing them together. However, this one just worked out to be a direct reflection of canon a few years down the road. *shrugs*

Reviewer: Starmaiden
Date: 02/01/06 20:06
Chapter: (one-shot)

That's fascinating by mere virtue of originality. This is, as of yet, the one and only challenge I've seen in which Hermione and Draco have both grown up -- really grown up, not just physically -- but still dislike each other. I kept expecting him to ask her out!

I also like how you set your stories in America, but not painfully. There's always a decent reason. I'm really starting to like your work. :-)

Author's Response: When I want to remove the characters from the HP world I tend to pull them across the Atlantic. *shrugs*

I'm glad you found this original. I enjoy trying to put a unique perspective on some pretty well-loved topics just to keep things interesting. I do warn you, though, if you keep reading my fics you will find out that I am actually an D/Hr shipper! :D

Reviewer: LuckyRatTail
Date: 12/12/05 10:27
Chapter: (one-shot)

He he - very good. Love the reference to Ginny/Harry Potter. What is it about Hermione and Malfoy that makes them so almost compatible and yet not at all? I think you got Draco's character just right, here, although I might have expected he'd have grown up a bit by now! But then, I suppose, some things do never change...

Author's Response: Hermione and Draco are my favorite pairing to write, obviously. They are just so close to being good for each other. But boys never quite do grow up, LuckyRatTail, so I suppose it's just not meant to be. *sigh* Hee!

Reviewer: Ginnyrocks
Date: 11/30/05 18:21
Chapter: (one-shot)

you got that right HERMIONE! I'll never like nor understand Malfoy. you did a really good job on the Malfoy carictar ( I speled that wrong didn't I) anyway, you didn't make him like a person who saved someones life an suddnly he becomes the hero! you made him cmpletely Malfoy-ish. so what I'm saying is that i LUV your story. and I REALLY luv that Ginny married Harry!

Author's Response: Awww, see, I like Draco - even in all his nastiness. I'm glad you liked the story, though, Ginnyrocks.

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks
Date: 11/19/05 10:51
Chapter: (one-shot)

That was really good. It's nice to see a story where Malfoy ends up on the good side, but that doesn't make him a good person. Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks, Hermione_Rocks! I adore Draco's character mostly because he is so nasty. Even when I consider that he might go over to the good side, I have a difficult time believing that it would change his character. I'm glad to see you feel the same!

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