Reviewer: tonkzie
Date: 01/24/09 16:04
Chapter: Talks with Friends

actually letting go is the hardest part but in time u have too. not entirely but u can't dwell on the past or your future wont be bright.

Reviewer: tonkzie
Date: 01/24/09 11:32
Chapter: The American

don't worry, my aunt and uncle r americans, so i guess i sort of am but the description was cool! U made it work, shes fiesty! lily may have competition...

Reviewer: Rose Molly Weasley
Date: 01/12/09 16:13
Chapter: Even More Detentions

I liked the whole story but I particularily liked this chapter. I have often wondered what McGonagall's back story is. This was a great way to bring more depth to the character than was ever presented in the books. Good Job!

Reviewer: MissMarieMarauder
Date: 01/05/09 6:46
Chapter: The End

I just finished this story and wow..It was brilliant. It felt real. I also just wanted to tell you that you inspired me to submit the fanfic I started writing 2 years ago but never had the courage to post.

I look forward to reading other works by you!

Author's Response: Awww.. thank you soo much! I'm glad you liked it. And I'm glad you submitted your story. Hope it works out well for you. :-D As for other stories by me... Eh. Not so sure about that. My enthusiasm has drained quite a bit, so a sequel isn't very likely. Maybe sometime later. :D

Reviewer: Flying_Fawkes
Date: 08/28/08 16:15
Chapter: The American

Ok, i'm still loving your story (just read your new chapter) but the 60's and 70's were the era where peircing and hairdying was all coming through - the brotish were very punk and rock - i'm sorry if i seem rude i just always have to fight a debate once i start. and yes they are wizards so the appearance would probably made them think she was a muggle born - not necessarily american

Author's Response: Fair enough, but the accent is still a give away... And to admit- I didn't research very much. ;-S

Reviewer: bellatrix-black-lestrange
Date: 08/22/08 14:21
Chapter: The End

wonderful story i really enjoyed reading it you should consider writing more

Reviewer: ringobeatlesfan4
Date: 08/15/08 17:28
Chapter: A Few Discussions

Ohhh! I get the whole 'they all end in 's'' thing! Maybe it's a way of singling one out as a traitor because he's different in a way, like the name! And forgive me if that wasn't what you were thinking. Great chapter! {BeccA}

Reviewer: ringobeatlesfan4
Date: 08/15/08 17:22
Chapter: Betrayal

I know I said that Stacey was a lot like me, and she was up until this chapter. Why did she have to like Snape? By the way, I think your characterization of Snape is a lot better than other Snapes I've read.

“Did I just hear correctly? The One and Only Lily Evans, Head Girl Lily Evans, ‘do your own homework’ Lily Evans, is allowing me, James Potter, procrastinating, prank-pulling, ‘go-out-with-me-Evans’ James Potter, to use her notes to do my work?”
^^This has got to be one of the best James lines so far in this.

Wow. that was pretty deep. Good job! {BeccA}

Author's Response: Haha. Glad you do. :-D Yeah, it one of my fave quotes too.

Reviewer: ringobeatlesfan4
Date: 08/15/08 17:06
Chapter: The American

Great chapter! And Stacey's a lot like me (again, American), so I'm not that offended with the description of her. And I read the author's note at the end, and something simalar happened to me. I cdid a spell check-or-whatever to change the name 'Nat' to 'Kenley' so 'naturally' became 'Kenleyurally'. It's very annoying, actually. I thought I was the only person that happened to! Great job with this chapter! {BeccA}

Reviewer: ringobeatlesfan4
Date: 08/15/08 16:34
Chapter: The Fight and the Punishment

Ohhhh great chapter! This has to be one of the best writing styles I've ever read. I can't explain it, though. It's just so good. and this is my favorite chapter so far. {BeccA}

Reviewer: ringobeatlesfan4
Date: 08/15/08 16:21
Chapter: The Unbelievable Head

Ooooooh. Great beginning. It's really vivid, and I really like how it begins; you have a way of drawing the reader it. Excellent job, Emily! {BeccA}

Reviewer: xoxoZMHxo
Date: 08/08/08 20:30
Chapter: In Which Lily and James Have a Conversation

hahaha that was soo perf

Reviewer: Flying_Fawkes
Date: 08/05/08 6:58
Chapter: The American

Not to be rude but how you descirbed Stacy doesn't make me think she's not British. A lot of British poeple have died hair and peircings.

Author's Response: But.. in the 70's?... Gotta keep that in mind. I thought that to- but then I remembered that it's not modern times. And remember that these aren't "Muggles", these are wizards....

Reviewer: Lileth_Potter
Date: 07/25/08 3:11
Chapter: Nikeia's Story

that was so beautiful. I love the way you describe exactly what Nikeia went through!!

Lileth_Potter xox

Reviewer: Luna_Lovegood11
Date: 07/19/08 10:33
Chapter: Coming Out of It

Excellent story so far. I didn't have time to review, being as I wanted to keep reading. But your author's note at the end made me.

My mom calls me a smart cookie all teh time.. hehe. She has relatives in Australia. And my sister in law is Australian. I can imagine her saying that.

Lily is QUITE the smart cookie. I love cold water too. This was an awesome chapter, and an awesome story!

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 07/03/08 23:04
Chapter: The End

*is crying too loud to say anything and finally gasps out:* THE END!!! *starts sobbing again*

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 07/03/08 22:52
Chapter: NEWTs

Remus's daydream about Lily gave me that feeling you get when looking through old stuff, or thinking of life after college (if you're just about to leave college) or any of it. When she said something like, "You'll have your friends, Remus John Lupin. You'll have your friends. And they'll be with you no matter what happens."

Actually, all did. Especially the bits about "one last time..." *sighs sadly and holds back tears* Hm. I seem to be getting more sentimental as time wears on. *sighs again and savors the last chapter*

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 07/03/08 22:33
Chapter: It's Nearly Over

Woot. I loved it

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 07/03/08 22:26
Chapter: Studying, Frustration and Fun

Why would it annoy MalfoyLove4 if you said the latter? Ah well. I love Lily giving in ^-^ I would've said something about Remus

Reviewer: Seer_Witch
Date: 07/03/08 22:19
Chapter: Getting Back at the Boys

Just like last chapter, it took me until you said it was soccer to realize it Haha. Loved it (no shock) :P I can't wait for Abbi's idea ^-^

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