Reviews For Through the Fire
Reviewer: erynae
Date: 07/03/05 22:16
Chapter: The Secret Meeting

Oh, I love it! I thought the bit about Snape taking off five points from Gryff because Harry snorted was funny! Although I know I shouldn't wish this, but I do wish that Harry and Hermione would go behind Ron's back in the books...I'd just LOVE to see that!

Reviewer: LuneraLunita
Date: 07/01/05 12:24
Chapter: The Secret Meeting

Hay! Beautiful Story! Im not really a Harry/Hermione shipper, but thats okay, you are an absolutely wonderful writer!

Reviewer: Starmaiden
Date: 06/27/05 13:39
Chapter: Villains Arise

This is interesting. Caitlyn pointed out that Trelawny is a bit different -- I thought her letter was much more coherent than I'd expect from her normally! -- but you've done an excellent job at keeping them in-character. I don't know if I'd consider Ron a candidate for murder or suicide, but then I never figured he'd lose Hermione :-P. Going to read the rest now!

Reviewer: DannieR_luver
Date: 06/26/05 12:28
Chapter: The Ties That Bind

Your shortest yet. 100/10

Reviewer: xxAlainaxx
Date: 06/26/05 9:03
Chapter: The Secret Meeting

This was a great chapter and I did not think it was a filler. I can not wait for the next chapter : ) Amazing writing, keep up the good work! 10/10

Reviewer: king
Date: 06/26/05 1:06
Chapter: The Masked Ball

Good story. Well written. I do feel sorry for Ron but Hermione does love Harry more. Lupin's return as DADA instructor would be great. I think Hermione's parents would think Ron a better choice for Hermione than Harry but they would go along with whatever she wants. I think that Hermione gets what Hermione wants, even if it's not good for her. Nice long chapters. Keep up the good work.

Reviewer: YamiGoku999
Date: 06/24/05 21:51
Chapter: Expect the Unexpected

beautiful keep going and make sure you actually go far in the romance because thats what the story is about

Reviewer: IXIHawkeyeIXI
Date: 06/24/05 21:48
Chapter: Expect the Unexpected

I just found this fic the other day, and I have spent the majority of the days since reading it. This has very quickly become my favorite fic on this entire site. You have a great talent for capturing the characters and drawing the readers in. I am constantly thinking about this story now, and thinking hwo great it is. Please continue to update, and do it quickly, because now that I have read all the chapters, I need more.

Reviewer: mommy4life15
Date: 06/23/05 8:59
Chapter: Expect the Unexpected

Wow this story is great so far! Im sorry I only out one review down, but I simply could not stop reading it. PLEASE update soon! This is my favorite fan fiction, and Im afraid I won't be able to read it soon as my baby is due July 4 but I can have her anyday now. Thanks!

Author's Response: Oh, congrats on your baby! =)
It's okay that you didn't review before, don't worry.
Well, I've certainly updated since you've reviewed. I hope you enjoy the last two chapters, and again, congrats on your baby!

Reviewer: Rachel Potter
Date: 06/20/05 20:41
Chapter: The Secret Meeting

I love this story! It is great. Keep writing!!

Reviewer: xxAlainaxx
Date: 06/19/05 18:03
Chapter: The Secret Meeting

Hey! I absolutely love your story! I started reading it a few months ago, but I lost it, and now I've found it so I'm going to give you a review : ) You capture the characters so well in this story and when I read it I almost feel like I'm reading something JK Rowling wrote [I hope that's the feel you're going for, if not...then I'm sorry] But anyway, I love your story so much and you should really keep writing, you're great at it! Take all the time you want to finish, I love suspense. [H/HR forever ; ) ]

Reviewer: iarehampster
Date: 06/19/05 16:03
Chapter: Expect the Unexpected

This chapter rocked!!! Yes it's me, iarehampster, i'm late for my review, but I'm gonna part like it is...1972? No that ain't right, no drugs at my party please. Yes, my review is late and others shall be for a while, I'm in Germany, and I need to find internet access since the place I am staying at doesn't have internet access. Once again Harry and Hermione went half way...dangit!!! Well, this was a good chapter, I lioked Voldemort's darkness, it was so...evil!!! Well my personal dilema isn't over, but is getting close, just need to send some e-mails, do some thinking, and it shall be all over, then I can tell you about it...maybe. I saw scary movie last night, that movie is hilarious!!! Anyway, back to the fic! Harry really explained why he loved Hermione. Most guys just say, "Uhhhh...well, you fill up that sweater real nice!". Not a good answer. Harry was different though, he really stood up and said why, bravo Harry, bravo!!! I can sense the end coming, I'm guessing one or two more chapters and then the epilogue. Keep up the good work, it is summer, so don't feel like you have to update sooner than usual, take your time, the stroy is almost over. I'm patient. I'll just watch movies and hang out while I wait. Update when you can, I'm patient. You rule, as always!!!

Reviewer: hpfannaticalltheway
Date: 06/19/05 3:45
Chapter: Expect the Unexpected

hey, its great! like this chappie cant wait to c more! soz im in msn typing form if u get wat i mean, coz i was talking to ma peeps on msn just now.

Reviewer: DannieR_luver
Date: 06/18/05 18:56
Chapter: Expect the Unexpected

AWESOME!!!!!!Yeah,are you going to have them go a little too far?You keep saying that they go farther with their *cough cough* "romance".Keep writing=) You are a total 0=)!!!!!! ~Jacky~

Reviewer: PhoenixCGandAC
Date: 06/18/05 10:01
Chapter: Expect the Unexpected

That was adorable! Even if you think it was a filler, I saw quite a bit of plot points, or possible plot points, hidden around this chapter. lol. I loved the *ahem* moment between Hermione and Harry. lol. They're so cute when they stop thinking. lol. I just have one question... are you ever going to have them, like, go too far? Not that I want them to, it's just what you've sort of been implying with their steady increase of, erm, passion. lol. Yeah, anyway, I LOVED it! I can't wait for the next chapter! Update really soon! 10/10!

Reviewer: Hermiones_Twin12
Date: 06/15/05 17:57
Chapter: The Secret Meeting

I love it it is great I am on chapter 12 right now and I love it.It is the best one I have read.

Reviewer: hpfannaticalltheway
Date: 06/06/05 6:01
Chapter: Through the Fog

hey brilliant like always, and to do with the brittan easter: im in australia, which is originally a colony of Britain. it follows the same kind of thing for easter it think so this is what happens in australia: easter friday, saturday and sunday are the closest weekend to the full moon in the March/April kind of time thingy. i think britain does the same as australia. ok so i hope that was helpfull.

Reviewer: HPsupporter
Date: 06/05/05 15:05
Chapter: The Secret Meeting

VERY DEEP good job I'm new to writeing, but have read almost all in this section this is diffently one of my favorites

Reviewer: PhoenixCGandAC
Date: 06/01/05 16:18
Chapter: Through the Fog

GREAT Chapter! Allison is actually sitting next to me this time, as apposed to me making up stupid things 4 her 2 say! lol. Allison: God Caitlyn! You're so weird! Caitlyn: So? Yeah so anyway, we loved this chapter! Update really soon! We both {but especially Caitlyn} loved reading the romance aspect of this chapter! lol. It was adorable! Is Hermione's mom's letter going to be in the next chapter? I can't wait to hear what she has to say about Hermione's reaction to her relationship with Harry! lol. Update soon, once again! 10/10... no. 100000000000/10 but I'll settle for a 10!

Reviewer: DannieR_luver
Date: 05/31/05 19:07
Chapter: Through the Fog

Aaahhh! The story is going great! How many chaps r u doing? You r a total 0=)!!! Plz, plz submit again, i can't live w/o ur story! I give this a 100!!!

Author's Response: After chapter eighteen (which is the latest that I've submitted) there will be, approximately, two more chapters plus an epilogue.
Thanks very much! I'm sorry I don't update sooner, but still It's here, and it's almost over. Wow. It's so weird. I've been writing this fic since Christmas. =D

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